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<nettime> Indecency on NPR

Neighborhood Public Radio... that is.

The Superbowl is coming up. Now normally we could care less about the
Superbowl, but some of you may have noticed that last year's Superbowl

featured, in addition to a couple of football teams, Janet Jackson's

breast. Like Helen of Troy whose face =85 ". . . launched a thousand
ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium." (heh heh =85 he said
topless) Janet Jackson's breast spawned unprecedented FCC fines and
caused Howard Stern to move to satellite (or was it Justin's hand? ,

  In honor of this famous moment of indecent exposure, Neighborhood
Public radio will be celebrating the theme of Indecency at Artist's
Television Access at 992 Valencia St in San Francisco
( The next three Saturdays
Feb. 5th, 12th, and 19th NPR will broadcast from noon until the end of

Craig Baldwin's "Other Cinema" screenings. We will also be =
the audio from these screenings. Best of all... our broadcast booth
will be in the front window of ATA's street level space. We will be
broadcasting from the street!!!

  There are a whole host of things in the works, but I don't want to

jump the gun by making unconfirmed announcements. Just rest assured
that NPR will provide the best in indecent programming from
SanFrancisco's Mission District on 88.9FM.

  And remember to check in to our web site at for the latest news on our programming

and downloadable files.=

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