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<nettime> CFP: "Global Polity: 2005"

special issue--"Global Polity: 2005"

>Kritikos: an international and interdisciplinary journal of postmodern
>cultural sound, text and image (ISSN 1552-5112),
>is currently accepting submissions for a special issue entitled "Global 
>Polity: 2005"

>Volume 2, Summer 2005.

What is at stake in Polity?  Is Polity as we know and live it a diverse and 
inclusive endeavor and structure, or perhaps, is it that Polity as we know 
it is largely a non-recombinative and exclusionary device?  Is Polity an 
issue?  Or has Polity been decided?  Is Polity undecidable?
         How do we check and balance a networked Polity that perhaps, 
refuses to reconcile and balance its differences, instead functioning on 
imbalance and withholding? What might be needed for balance? In the U.S.-- 
a Fox News of the Left?   Or, a new branch of governance, as Ethan Leib has 
proposed?  Is egalitarian Polity the goal, or are there other sorts of 
Polity that we seek to cultivate?
         How important is the media in the structure and execution of 
Polity?  Does Polity still matter, or is Polity ossified, and simply a 
matter of aristocratic maintenance and reproduction? Is Polity still 
conflicted, if not conflated with Deity?  Is Polity merely a function of 
Capital?  Does Culture inhibit egalitarian Polity?  What are the 
relationships between Polity, the State and Aristocracy?  Is Global Polity 
desirable or homogenizing?

All contributions that hold Polity as their central concern are welcome.
Deadline: May 15, 2005

>The purpose of the journal is to publish work that materializes theoretical
>renderings of, and practical approaches to culture. In particular, Kritikos
>seeks to publish work that is focused upon the currency of the postmodern
>period. Kritikos publishes material continuously; please allow 1-3 months for
>Articles should be submitted in MSWord or .RTF format and be between 3-6K
>words in
>length; book reviews should be between 1000-2000 words. Video and images
>should be submitted in commonly utilized formats. (e.g., .SWF,
>MP3, AVI, Real Media, MPEG, Windows Media, .JPG, .GIF, .WAV, etc.)
>Send submissions via email or post:

Nicholas Ruiz III
GTA/doctoral student
Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities
Florida State University
205P Dodd Hall, CPO (#1560), Tallahassee, FL 32306
Editor, Kritikos

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