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Marc Bishop - Publicist of American Chapter
Phone:  (760) 214-6607
"The Resistance Manifesto" announces 
the Declaration of Resistance
 to the New World Order

 	San Diego, CA ? A  book titled, "The Resistance Manifesto" (ISBN: 
0967346630) will be released March 21st from a large nationwide subculture of 
Christians fighting the tyranny and oppression of the growing New World Order.
  This official Declaration of Resistance from the Resistance for Christ 
includes an in depth analysis of the Satanic influences in the ideologies, and 
political institutions forging the one world government.   Extrapolated is the 
covert message and origin of the Georgia Guide Stones, as well as the dangers 
of the VeriChip, and explanations of disturbing satellite photos of Satanic 
symbols in Washington D.C.'s street layout.  Included are specific strategies 
for Resistance to tyranny and oppression.  Also included is a history of The 
Resistance, and an outline of the lifetime commitments of it's members and 
it's global goals, spanning generations. It is difficult to conclude how many 
members The Resistance has, due to the fact that there is no central 
leadership, official member roster, and many members have maintained anonymity 
to non members.
Founder of The Resistance and author, John Conner says, "We are simply a group 
of Christians who analyze all facets of infrastructure, ideology, and 
technology involved in the New World Order and the inevitability of the 
isolation of power being abused in ways previously inconcieved and 
inconsistent with it's original intention, ultimately yielding to the 
anti-Christ when he seizes control in possibly the next few generations."  
Conner and legions of others have been speaking at Churches and Bible studies 
for years, bringing  awareness to the disturbing Satanic influences in America 
and the New World Order.  "We?re not perceived as lunatics, what much of 
secular America doesn't understand is many Christians take these things very 
seriously.  Due to editorial and political censorship our voices are often 
stifled."  He says.  "What the Manifesto shows, is that God's plan is 
unfolding like magic, but there are going to be challenges ahead, and tough 
decisions to be made."  Conner insists, "The Resistance doesn't aim to blame 
people or institutions, rather, it maintains the belief that by seeing these 
events unfolding in our world today, people can retain a sense of peace in a 
chaotic world."  Although, with the rapid erosion of privacy and the 
continuous exchange of our personal liberties for so called security, The 
Resistance calls upon formal organization through legislation and PAC's to 
sustain our spiritual rights while balancing our civil ones.  
With the release of VeriChip, the Pandora's box of the Mark of the Beast, and 
the world rapidly advancing towards a one world governed, cashless, 
privacyless world, it is time to stand together, and not let tyranny and fear 
force us to our knees!  We must Resist!  Resist the propaganda perpetuating 
ideologies!  Resist the hegemony of lies that keep you spiritually enslaved!  
Resist the Satanic forces that rule this world!  Power to the Resistance!  
Fight the New World Order!  
The Resistance Manifesto will be available at;; and on 
March 21st 2005, and in bookstores nationwide June 21st 2005.  The Resistance 
Manifesto is a shocking analysis of the Satanic influences and practices in  
every facet of society from the main stream media, to the private practices of 
the American elite. It is a blueprint of the organization?s objectives,  
goals, membership requirements, and outlines a detailed analysis of end times 
prophecy. 				 #   #   #

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