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<nettime> The NEUROGREEN manifesto

The NEUROGREEN manifesto


The end of the world is not an event. It's a process. Currently=20

Neurogreen is born out of the conviction that destruction of the
biosphere, devastating inequality and global civil war are the three
dimensions of an epochal crisis in global society and in its
institutions presiding over economic value, political sovereignty and
democratic legitimacy.

After 5 years of global movement, a new radical identity, both
cultural and political, has yet to emerge. It should be able to go
beyond the appeal and the symbols of past heretic generations. Whereas
marxist organizations inherited from the cold war are basically a
eurolatino thing, political environmentalism is fully global, and just
like socialism a century ago, is able to accommodate both reformists
and revolutionaries in their respective diversities.

Neurogreens means to be at the same time euro and not to be euro,
neuromantic and ecopoietic. Neurogreen learns from feminism and
engages in globalism. It is as green as a chloroplast in a ganja leaf
or as an ecowarrior ready to strike against an environmental threat.

Aware of living in the cataclysmatic 21st century, neurogreens want to
bring to life an ecoactivist identity which is to be egalitarian
against social precarity and libertarian against digital monopoly, and
is to feed upon the experiences and practices of the
Seattle-Genoa-Mumbai movement. Neurogreens look at and absorb latest
developments in environmental science, neuroscience, social science,
media technology, in order to be able to fight back resolutely and
effectively against global war and environmental destruction, both for
our sake and our children and grandchildren's.

In the age of genetic cloning and genomic therapy, neurogreen wants to
be the stem cell of political and social change in europe. A stem cell
is not omnipotent, but is totipotent: the debates and actions
triggered by neurogreens on the net and in the metropolis will
determine what kind of social tissue we will be able to form for the
benefit of and within the peace movement fighting for global justice
and ecological salvation.


Markets and corporations unbound have triggered the crisis of global
society and environment: economic inequality and global warming
reinforce each other. According to zoologists, geologists,
climatologists and oceanographers we have already entered
Anthropocene, the geological era brought into being by man-made
activities which make the climate unstable by burning fossil fuels,
and thus endangering the lives of all species, including ours.

Neuroreen works at the intersection of ecology of the mental
environment and ecoactivist practices in the metropolis. All
information, analyses, conceptualizations concerning identity and
objectives of a new social environmentalism find fertile ground on
Neurogreen. Neurogreen is an ungated playground open to discussion and
planning of direct action campaigns opposing the flows and needs of
transnational, neoliberal capital in the urban environment: the
struggle is to be launched on both the semiotic and biotic fronts.

Neurogreen actively defends the water and air of all, the habitats and
ecosystems of all, the streets and squares of all, the ether and the
net of all. Neurogreen innovates linguistic and cultural codes, fights
for global commons, takes cue from critical mass and reclaim the
streets, employs subvertising tools, trains guerrilla gardeners,
fosters wind and solar energy. To these ends, neurogreens practice
direct action either Seattle- or Buenos Aires-style: our acts of civil
disobedience shall be everywhere.


The net is the message, activist is the messenger. Language is the
plurality of idioms and jargons from the five continents and the seven
seas. Body is the fusion of senses/tastes and gender/ethnic
identities. Neurogreen aims at merging futurist language, european
cosmopolitan identity (hence neuropean), ecology of the social body,
and liberation of the collective mind, so to activate a project of
rebellion and emancipation.

The absolute scarcity of the natural environment is contrasted by the
infinite abundance, reproducibilty and sharing of information and
knowledge. Knowledge progresses if it remains free and open to the
mental work of all. In the global, informational economy based on
immaterial labor, the minds of networkers and of the networked are
indentured by the global elites: emancipation is then the free
exchange of information and conflict knowhows. Neurogreens intend to
sabotage the domination of the few over the may and communication of
the few to the many.


People have the same right to circulate freely over the planet that
information, technology, and overall money enjoy today.
Transnationalism is the political form of global activism in the 21st
century: all borders are our enemies.

War between sunni fundamentalism and neoliberal fondamentalism takes
humanity hostage. Cosmodemocracy is the global political space
opposing both, and neurogreen is the political strategy enabling
european activists to defeat both in alliance with Latin-American and
Anglo-American movements.

Europe is a gerontocracy in precarious balance between New Europe's
atlanticism and Old Europe's sovereignism; eurosclerosis is its
condition, technocracy its vocation. Neuropa is then the continent of
the multitude cooperating and struggling against eurocrats' market
conservatism and nation-states' authoritarianism. The neuropean
cognitariat is in conflict against proprietary, predigital elites
still prisoners of the cold war mindset and allied of american
imperial projects. The post-1989 generation must occupy europe to make
it a continent of global democracy. Neurogreens proposes to the
European movement to raise a new flag: black as Anarchy, with a circle
of twelve stars like Europe's, twinkling with dayglo green hues like
the metropolitan Ecologism we are to unleash.
Neurogreen fights for a cosmodemocratic, non-neoliberal and
antigerontocratic europe. Let's take back Stasbourg and Brussels!


Insurgent netwokers and cognitarians, first-generation europeans from
all lands, critical mass bikers, militant gays and radical lesbians,
biodynamic vegans, lovers of chlorophyll and good living,
retroengineers of reality, p2peekers of the net, psychotropic
libertarians, barefooted economists, committed thermodynamicists,
atheists and pantheists fairly tolerant with monotheists, neuropeans
of all sizes and genders are all warmly invited to post on the
neurogreen mailing list.

To participate in neurogreen, you don't have either to be green, vote
green, or vote at all. The list is public, unmoderated and open to
postings adding to the spirit and flesh of this manifesto: a bramdnew
biopolitics capable of pulling the movement out of its current
doldrums and out of reach of backward-looking communist and socialist

neurogreen [at]

ecologia mentale, attivismo sociale
X sovvertire l'europa zerozero

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