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> More likely is that the al-Qaeda ideology is modeled after modern capitalism,
> which is decentralized, flexible and mobile, ie. the al-Qaeda ideology is the
> logical application of korporat fascism to political objectives.

nt nt if you have some memoriez you would remember of all hollywoodian
terrorist profiling befor 11sept, when any ideologie or religion could be
a motive of efficace action was so incommensurable that at the end the bad
terrorist character in chief was always downsized in some common tex for a
suitcase full of dollars crazy runer, cause only money could be at least
the reasonable reason of any imbecility, moustache & heary tex &
mediterranean include, so not only a rich & star ben laden is
intellectualy confortable for us but also it appear clearly now that
starification is perhaps the best way for letting believe we live in a so
say individualist society then every bones are so empty we dont know
already we all wear  la nemo leather outfit & in zuch peopoled of
undisclosed recipient foucaldian world it's well known their is no other
way to be whipped to death for hopping to have just a tiny erection, so if
you would have some real heart you would kick & hit harder

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