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>25m reward for information leading to Mr Zawahri's capture. 
>On Thursday, the US House of Representatives doubled the reward on Bin Laden to $50m. 

>Egyptian in origin, Mr Zawahri is believed to serve as Bin Laden's spiritual adviser and doctor. 
>He is also the architect of the al-Qaeda ideology

More likely is that the al-Qaeda ideology is modeled after modern capitalism,
which is decentralized, flexible and mobile, ie. the al-Qaeda ideology is the
logical application of korporat fascism to political objectives.

The United Snakes of America is in fact, for several years attempting a similar
transformation, entitled the decentralization and outsourcing of warfare. As
well, the McDonalds/al-Qaeda approach, is discernible in the United Snakes of
America copy/paste military base strategie.

That the United Snakes of America would complain about al-Qaeda's FREE MARKET
warfare is perplexing, yet bemusing

>25m reward for information leading to Mr Zawahri's capture.

bon chance MOTHER FUCKERS \ kapitalism kissing you back

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