Alan Sondheim on Sun, 21 Mar 2004 14:21:21 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> collaboration


la the enemy, espionage, each reading the other, of public arrive at
everything through collaboration, discussion, lb you'd be surprised
collaborative work series into a hypertext collaboration  list or
co moderate or begin or end collaborations    inside of me it /*in*/
where i work alone  i collaborate badly  i bristle  my thoughts
lc among my jews, collaboration
   ld among my jews, collaboration
   prolegomena   against collaboration
   collaboration  take it or leave it
   collaboration  take it or be taken
   the violence of collaboration
   collaboration as 'grappling'
   collaboration with the enemy
   because one is a collaborator and one's hair is
   a role is  always  a collaboration
   in the sense of  collaboration with the enemy
   collaborative exchange is void of value
   value in its limits
   the emptiness of collaboration   pure labor
   collaboration is always better than working
   collaboration sublimates   subsumes   desire
   structured collaboration has its limits
   indeed, this is collaboration with the enemy

collision collusion maybe collaboration maybe colloidal
collaboration between two dying writers
collaboration on the lam from the law
collaboration marching from kosovo
collaboration wounded in east timor
collaboration of iraqi dead
collaboration beneath earthquake
in free fire zone, collaboration
in mountain fire zone, collaboration
collaboration among prisoners
collaboration between rival gangs
the last breath, you against the light, collaborating
collaborating with friends
collaborating with the enemy
to collaborate among the ruins of the atomic bomb
insistent on the lyric after auschwitz, collaboration
among my jews, collaboration
among my neo nazis, collaboration
collaboration in the last words ever spoken
collaboration among the last tears, the last sigh
collaboration at a loss for words
war time and collaboration
and of great beauty and moons wheeling, collaboration

 s the book really dead
another world,  'd love to collaborate with you on a creative work where
its precisely because other people are setting up the collaborative
making substitutions all over the place,   and   have collaborated
                                         i     i


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