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<nettime> RASTA SOFTWARE - dyne:bolic 1.2 codename "DYNE:TRAX"

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     dyne.org laboratorio di software libero autoprodotto, presenta:

           _                    _           _ _        _   ____  
        __| |_   _ _ __   ___ _| |__   ___ | (_) ___  / | |___ \ 
       / _` | | | | '_ \ / _ (_) '_ \ / _ \| | |/ __| | |   __) |
      | (_| | |_| | | | |  __/_| |_) | (_) | | | (__  | |_ / __/ 
       \__,_|\__, |_| |_|\___(_)_.__/ \___/|_|_|\___| |_(_)_____|
             |___/                            codename DYNE:TRAX 

    this is RASTA SOFTWARE, Jah Rastafari Livity bless your freedom!

                FREE DOWNLOAD of the RAW ISO CD IMAGE
             ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
             ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
             ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
             ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
              612 MBytes of free software operating system
                (see the download instructions below)


   Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable cd, containing a whole
   operating system working straight from boot, without the need to
   install or change anything on the hard disk. You can try it out very
   easily and if you like it you can simply copy a directory on your
   harddisk and run it locally.
   Dyne:bolic is user-friendly, recognizes your hardware devices (sound,
   video, firewire, and USB), and offers a VAST range of free software
   applications for multimedia production, audio and video streaming,
   sound composition and synthesis, 3D modeling, photography, peer2peer
   filesharing, web browsing, desktop publishing, word processing, cd
   burning, email, encryption, remote conferencing and even more.
   It also includes many games and a world atlas navigator.
   It does automatic clustering, joining the CPU power between any other
   dyne:bolic on the local network.
   Last but not least: it works on modded XBOX game consoles.

   Dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists and artists to
   stimulate the production and not only the fruition of digital and
   analog informations. It takes birth as a grassroot effort to spread
   free software and the spirit of sharing information and knowledge.


   The new release 1.2 codename "DYNE:TRAX" is a milestone fixing many
   outstanding bugs of the previous version, while it also implement
   some major features enhancements:
   - lots of new software for musicians - and you can connect in/out
     between all music applications with the JACK CONNECTION KIT, with
     professional quality and low-latency results!
   - the possibility to run dyne:bolic from harddisk, simply copying a
     directory inside your partition and that's it! it runs BLAZING FAST
   - new software functionalities for desktop publishing, video
     manipulation and live audio/video conferencing via multicast
   - wider device support and revamped startup scripts and SDK

   and here is the complete ChangeLog:
   = 1.2 milestone "DYNE:TRAX"
   - dockable system: dynebolic can run from harddisk, simply copying
     the /dyne dir on your partition.
     It goes much faster then, especially on xbox.
   - [dyne:trax] sound production suite: native ALSA + JACK low latency
     rackable sound studio audio software included: alsa-patch-bay-1.0,
     freqtweak-0.5.3, jack-rack-1.4.3, ladcca-0.4, qjackctl-0.2.4,
     Soundtracker-0.6.7, spiralsyntmodular-0.2.2, pd-0.37-1test6 with
     iemlib, zexy and GEM, Hydrogen.
   - new software: JahShaka-1.9a5, jack-0.94 (dyne:trax) Scribus-1.0.1,
     Firewallbuilder-1.1.2, potrace-1.2, Mutt-1.5.6i, OpenMash (mbone
     conferencing tools), xvidcap-1.1.3, Transcode-0.6.12,
   - updated software: Mpeg4Ip-1.0, RDesktop-1.3.1, Rezound-0.9b,
     Palantir-2.5.4, FreeJ-0.6.1-cvs, Firefox-0.8, Gtk-2.2.4,
     GnuPG-1.2.4, Gpa-0.7-cvs, Sylpheed-0.9.9, xmms-1.2.9, qt-3.3,
     AbiWord-2.0.5, TerminatorX-3.81
   - more devices supported: usbvision, scpca5xx, acx100 and all other
     vanilla upgrades in Linux kernel 2.4.22
   - new games: Liquidwar-5.6.1, Wesnoth-
   - video and audio extras
   - removed software: Trommler (subst with Hydrogen)
   - rewrite of startup files, taschino2 nesting utility

   all users are encouraged to upgrade to this new version!


   If you are wondering where this all comes from and why is it free,
   and where it is going: here is the answer!
   This software is about Resistance ina babylon world which tries to
   control and limit the way we communicate and we share informations
   and knowledge.
   This software is for all those who cannot afford to have the latest
   expensive hardware to speak out their words of consciousness and good

   This software has a full range of application for the production and
   not only the fruition of information, it's a full multimedia studio
   and has nothing to envy to other proprietary systems, because freedom
   and share of knowledge are solid principles for evolution and that's
   where this software comes from.
   This software is free, Jah Rastafari Livity bless your freedom!
   You should share this software for the good of yourself and your
   people, respect others and let them express, be free and let others
   be free. You are welcome to redistribute dyne:bolic in any way you
   like, to your friends and neighbours, to anybody who needs.
   Live long and prosper in Peace.
   But remember there is no Peace without Justice!

   The roots of Rasta culture can be found in Resistance to slavery.
   This software is one step in the struggle for Redemption and Freedom.
   This software stands up in the fight for digital rights!
   And Much blessings in Jah luv to all those who still resist. Selah.


   To run dyne:bolic from your harddisk you just need about 600MBytes of
   free space on one of your partitions, then you put the CD inside
   while running your usual installed operating system (even winblows)
   and then you copy the /dyne directory inside your partition (at the
   root of your harddisk, like in C:\).

   That's it! now every time you boot from CD it will find the locally
   stored system and will use that, ejecting the CD as it is not needed
   anymore - so you'll also have a CD reader that you can use!


   Dyne:bolic it's the FIRST GNU/Linux distribution including the state
   of the art in terms of GNU/Linux based free software for musicians:
   using the professional device support offered by the Advanced Linux
   Sound Architecture drivers, it includes the low latency daemon
   JACK-IT to connect together input and outputs of various sound
   applications, in fact offering a multiple audio rack composed of the
   great variety of free software available.

   Take care: that's where free software will beat proprietary systems!
   Interoperabilty between the many and different applications available
   in the GNU/Linux world, which instead of competing against each other
   they cooperate and work perfectly together to give you the widest
   range of possibilities ever. 

   Spotlights on included multimedia software in this release:
   - PD in its latest version, complete with jack support and externals
     (iemlib, zexy and the video openGL GEM) thanks to the support given
     by the PD-stammtish crews in Graz: big up to IOhannes Zmoelnig,
     Tomas Musil and Michael Pinter for their help!
     see http://http://pd.iem.at
   - SpiralSynthModular is an object orientated music studio with an
     emphasis on live use.  You can use it in a fairly straight forward
     way to make tracks with, or get very experimental. Audio or control
     data can be freely passed between the plugins. Data can also be fed
     back on itself for chaotic effects (all with JACK support!)
     see http://www.pawfal.org/Software/SSM/

   - FreqTweak, ZynAddSubFx and JackRack to take the best out of your
     midi signals and render them into any possible combination of
     syntetized sounds.... see http://jackit.sf.net for more
     informations on how to use the JACK CONNECTION KIT

   Audio on GNU/Linux is a whole GNU world :) explore it from the great
   wsebsites and communities on http://www.linux-sound.org
   Dyne:bolic is also member of the linuxaudio.org consortium, expect
   more development and great attention on the field in the future of
   this distribution, which is allready employed by a growing number of
   musicians around the world.


   Dyne:bolic was first born as a tool for network radio streaming, as a
   slick application for setting up free internet radios. Right now this
   keeps being a well supported functionality of dyne:bolic, besides all
   the rest. There is an increasing number of radios employing this
   software for streaming, among the others radio OndaRossa, radio Lora,
   radio Muda, radio Cybernet, radio Patapoe ... I'll do my best to keep
   it a steady and useful tool for that purpose! of course any comment
   and contribution, bugreport and more generally a collaborative and
   friendly approach to dyne:bolic features and bugs is very welcome.

   For more informations about the audio streaming software included
   inside dyne:bolic see __ _  _ http://muse.dyne.org


   During the last period also FreeJ development made a leap forward
   towards usability, with a new GTK+-2 interface which you can see now
   in dyne:bolic, that lets you easily load movies, text and png images.
   This development was supported by the Netherlands Instituut vor
   Mediakunst / Montevideo Time Based Arts - where i'm currently hosted
   as an artist in residence. Also the involvement of Silvano
   "kysucix" Galliani and Christoff "mr.goil" Rudorff in the development
   has been a significative contribution - thanks to them you can be
   sure you'll see even more in future. Last but not least Anne-Marie
   Skriver also contributed with testing and good insights to the video
   functionalities you find in this version, while she is redacting also
   a FreeJ tutorial - soon on your screens!

   Please note the presence of XVidCap (desktop movie capture) software
   in this dyne:bolic release: now you can easily do movies out of your
   desktop! record everything you see in mpeg4 and other video formats.
   You are very welcome to contribute short movies as dyne:bolic demos
   and tutorials as well! the whole user community will surely benefit
   from that.

   for more informations about FreeJ see __ _  _ http://freej.dyne.org


   This CD includes the work of several hundreds of people all around
   the world developing free software and GNU/Linux applications.
   without the efforts of this big communities dyne:bolic would have
   never existed, among the others are rastasoft.org, dyne.org, gnu.org
   and the Free Software Foundation, kernel.org, xfree86.org and more!

   I'm jaromil, you can visit my homepage at http://rastasoft.org
   I'm author and mantainer of dyne:bolic and the other dyne.org
   software included in it.
   For this release i received significant contributions from the
   community forming the dynebolic mailinglist (BIG UP to all of you
   guys, JAH bless you) with valuable feedback, bugreports, suggestions
   and documentation.
   Individual contributions came from Martin Guy for his precise and
   experienced bug hunting on the previous version, David Santinoli also
   author of the included video streaming software Palantir, Grzesiek
   Sedek for his support in setting up Open Mash mbone tools, Andraz
   Tori for his experience and his speedups to Cinelerra, Andrea Mayr
   for her precious intuitions.
   Special thanks also to my Mother and my Father helping me to
   manufacture by hand dyne:bolic cds which we'll soon make available
   for online order to anybody wanting to give us some little money for
   My development activity for dyne:bolic 1.2 codename "DYNE:TRAX" has
   been financially supported by the KUNST bundeskanzleramt of Austria
   thanks to an artist grant i received (nov 2003 / apr 2004).
   Important support was also contributed by ESC.mur.at (Graz),
   PUBLIC Voice Lab (Vienna); thanks also go to medien.KUNSTLABOR
   (Graz) for the residence and facilities offered as well to the
   Netherlands Instituut vor Mediakunst/Montevideo Time Based Arts
   (Amsterdam) where i'm currently artist in residence, leading my
   research in video streaming and realtime manipulation.
   Also special thanks to the following hacker communities:
   Freaknet Medialab in Catania - http://freaknet.org
   Metro Olografix in Pescara - http://olografix.org
   ECN/Isole nella Rete - http://www.ecn.org
   For their moral support, their political activity and solidarity.

   Greets and best wishes to the squats XM24 (Bologna) and Ashyl
   (Zurich) for their ospitality, to the Platoniq.net and the
   Hackitectura crews, to Armin Medosh, Reni & Jogi, Alex "Acme" D'Elia,
   Rastislav, Simone & Lella, Katha & Jakob & Hannah & Lilo & Paula
   and.. sorry if i'm not mentioning everybody here, all the kind people
   that hosted me and helped me to find my way in this babylon world,
   but i think much about you even if you see me most of the time
   rushing with my fingers in front of the computer screen.

   Last but not least, i'd like to send a special salute to Kgabo Sepuru
   another Rasta Coder from south Africa: his blessing gave me much of
   the strenght and good will needed to finish this new release.
   Jah bless Iya disa way. Jah shewn Iya dis creation fe coding en him
   luv using gnu/linux and contributing fe GPL'ed software and all dem
   opensource. I luv to create as HIM Jah blessed deh earth, to witness
   HIM trot this way, conquering de ways of Babylon, Jah guidance and
   blessings Iya feel. Selah.


   IF dyne:bolic can be useful for you, you can also be useful to
   dyne:bolic! consider the possibility to get involved with
   development, contribute artwork and ideas, help with debugging and
   documenting and anything else can come to you in mind.

   ->>>> NEW BUG REPORT ONLINE INTERFACE: http://bugs.dyne.org
   ->>>> JOIN OUR MAILINGLIST: mailto:dynebolic-subscribe@dyne.org
   ->>>> CONTRIBUTE DOCUMENTATION: http://lab.dyne.org/DyneBolic (wiki)

   Furthermore, please consider that the dyne:bolic project is an
   indypendent effort relying on support from non-profit, grant-making
   and business organizations willing to sustain development of free and
   opensource software like this.

   Dyne:bolic relies on support from individuals like you to preserve,
   protect and promote the freedom it gives to its users.

   If you find dyne:bolic useful, please make a donation today.

   If you have a job (the author of dyne:bolic doesn't!), please
   encourage your company to become a patron of the dyne:bolic project.

   If you redistribute it, please give us some shares on sells: you'll
   be happy to see the new versions coming out.

   If you work for a grant-making, cultural or non-governmental
   organization, please consider the use you can make of dyne:bolic and
   the help you can give to free and open source software development by
   supporting it.

   We hope you understand the importance of all this to keep ongoing our
   ecosystem of generosity, after all not much is needed to make it
   exist and even a small contribution thru paypal is good - just
   imagine that if all users give just 5$ to the author he could be
   surviving one year developing full time!
   if you want to be one just click the DONATE button on dynebolic.org

   Thanks! a thousand flowers will blossom! 

- -- 
 jaromil,  dyne.org rasta coder,  http://rastasoft.org

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