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<nettime> two recent auskadiworks


I am going away for the weekend so I thought I would leave you with some 

The first was an attempt to order my thoughts after some doubts I raised 
about the GPL, SCO etc etc last year here and on the ill fated oekenux 
list. It was recenetly published in sarai and  would like to try and get 
someone to talk to me about it. Maybe here I have put a little clearer 
what I was troubling me earlier....

"Floss and the Crisis: Foreigner in a Free Land?"

The second is from my non nettime life (in one of my other lives I am a 
correspondent for It's another step in my continuing 
education of myself and maybe others concerning things Basque. It has 
been written for a Tour de France issue of an Australian bike magazine. 
Yeh I know Nettime is not a sports list but maye some of you will find 
it interesting.

La Marea Naranja - The Orange Tide

if it does interest you there is much more here in this vein 


and don't forget the aerogard

"the riddle which man must solve, he can only solve in being, in 
being what he is and not something else...."

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