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Re: Re: <nettime> WAS The Limits of Networking

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> From: "porculus" <>
> Date: 2004/03/16 Tue AM 02:18:55 CST
> To: <>
> Subject: Re: <nettime> The Limits of Networking
> Of course it is right to say that "protocols", "standards", "languages" or
> whatever we call them are systems of control in the sense of what
> theoreticians such as Lacan and Foucault

i would say to so metadigitaly paint in my mind cruising together these 2
bikers by the road of all human brain as lacan & foucault are is more
beautiful than a duchampian's urinal

>>>>>>>>>>.not until the proles say so... ( as they have with Duchamps )

> I also note that your own push for a "counterprotocological practice"

i collapse, i am so sensible that too much beauty cause double bind in my
current vital protocol, only one beer or two could call me back for sharing
again any ordinary earthling life

>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Speak for yourself! Only one beer or two could call _ME_ back for sharing again any ordinary earthling life. Not you.

ps - pourous proctologists prognosticate, porculus

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