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<nettime> Sharereactor down - SimonMoon sacked?

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March 12, 2004

>From buckTV forum

OFFICIAL STATEMENT (or as official as it gets at the time)

As of now you probably noticed that the main page (www.sharereactor.com) and
the forums (forum.sharereactor.com) is offline. However our IRC server is
still running, although you CANNOT connect to it through the DNS, so use instead, and feel free to join #ShareReactor if you want

Now enough of this babbling.. Why is ShareReactor down? You're all asking.
The truth is, none of us knows. However it's seems to be DNS problems, since
jigle.com and a few other sites is online which is running on the same line
as ShareReactor is/was. SimonMoon has been offline for almost 2 days at the
time you are reading this, so nothing can and have been confirmed, so please
don't jump to any conclusions.

Now you all probably wonder when ShareReactor will be back up. Again none of
us knows, however the core and some of the users still hang around at IRC,
and when the page gets back online, that's the first place it will be

If you wish to contact anyone from the crew and are unable to get on IRC,
you can use the mail addresses at the bottom of this post. If the person you
seek is not listed, send the mail to someone else and tell him/her to pass
it on

- The ShareReactor



ShareReactor is DEAD DEAD, and will MOST LIKELY NOT be back,,, - READ: MOST

The KING is dead, so where is the new king?  This is serious guys.  We've
lost FN and SR in the same month and the ed2k link site hanging in there -
just, linkless but still alive for now.  So what is the future now for ed2k.
The sites left are good but can they hang in there?  I'm worried, really I


ShareReactor : at the throne of the ED2K Empire

1) Bullet : From the first day of SR to the present day, what has changed in
one word? 

--Simon Moon: Gowenna. She started it, with her loss, some 'afterwaves'
occured. That is the biggest change.The other was for the crew, its not the same
anymore as when it was small, but thats only for the 'veterans' really. 

2) Bullet : We had a hot summer with the p2p enemy, the RIAA. The RIAA
menaces forced many users to find new solutions to keep them safe and sure about
file-sharing. Could you describe how or why the eDonkey2000 (ed2k) network
will remain safe? 

--Simon Moon : In short, it doesnt. It is as attackable as about every other
network, so called secure ones included. The problem with this is first,
pages like SR cant be attacked, since they do not supply sources. Second,
spreading of partial files is as of yet not illegal, it is hard to define who is
the source of the file. Also you could be downloading something called 'my
holiday pictures' while the actual file is the latest hardcore porno. So you have
a lot of traps in the system already that make it hard to spot people, and
to prosecute them. 

3) Bullet : I would like to know your opinion about sites that host torrents
... I hate to compare things, but can you give us a reason to choose ed2k
instead of Bit Torrent (BT)? 

--Simon Moon : Well, you dont know my opinion about BT really. Our policy is
no BT on our page or forum. The problems are very easy spotted. First,
delivering a file to people is more traffic intense then a meta data link (*waves
at those out of traffic messages some sites have*). Second, you have to
include a tracker in those files, which can be counted under some applications of
law as 'direct source' that is equal to sending it to the people yourself.
Next you have a tracker, a central source optimizing the spread of the file.
Take out the tracker, all torrents with it are fucked up. Take over the tracker
and all users using it are fucked up. The high plus with BT is its speed.
Thats about it. The high plus in ed2k is that you can get files that have been
shared 2 years ago. Go dig some OLD OLD releases from SR. Most of them are
still fully available. They are no fast downloads anymore, but still there.
Torrents have a lifespan of 2 - 14 days. Donkey links that spread well, multiple
years. In other words, if you find something fast on BT, go get it. If you
want to dig for things that are a BIT back, go for ed2k. In total, you can
download more and more reliably from eDonkey than from BT unless you only
download the latest torrents. I like BT. BT is fun. But BT is nothing I can support
as the admin of ShareReactor as we stay in a greyzone of law, that isnt
illegal (yet?). 

4) Bullet : What did you think about Sharmans warning message to Slyck.com
in which Slyck.com can not post info about other Kazaa clients not directly
related to Sharmans society, because this would violate the DMCA? 

--Simon Moon : Bullshit. The DMCA is the biggest pile of crap ever thrown at
people. In the darkages people screamed WITCH when they didnt like someone,
today you have corporation that can act like persons, (i never saw a big
corporation drinking a coffee somewhere) and scream DMCA and everyone has to
react swift and harsh. The DMCA is a paradox in a democratic law system, guilty
until proven unguilty is the lead there. In my opinion, this is just another
marketing thing to make them look 'better' then the rest. As in 'we do
something against those evil pirates' while they could just block stuff, like
napster did. Good it would be the end of Kazaa, but thats another story. 

5) Bullet : In your opinion as a P2P user (rather than an admin), there is
one probability that file-sharing could a some day become a payment service,
(avoiding mentioning Hemming and Fannings major label adoration!) What do you

--Simon Moon : I used P2P to download music in napster time. Today i buy my
music or listen to radio. The new services like itunes are interesting, but i
think the real idea would be if you could download what you want for a small
cost. A real good concept for this would even satisfy the MPAA and RIAA if
you do it the right way. After all the radio works somehow too for them,
without them knowing exactly how many users listened when and what song, nor where
they live and breathe. I believe that something like this is the future, and
that it might be 
included in future ISP costs. Like they intergrate it as 'hidden cost' and
voila, everyone is served. Imagine $2 per month more. That wouldnt be asking
too much for the service you could deliver that way. 

6) Bullet : What are the next new features we can expect to be integrated in

--Simon Moon : ShareReactor is currently being rewritten by me. All code
except one database part is completly new written. Nothing copied from the old
ShareReactor code (this will be ShareReactor V3 already). Together with a new
design, that and the new system in where we put all releases, called
categorytree, will be the biggest changes. The categorytree allows us to assign one
release to multiple categories. So you can browse for example all movies that
are released in 2003 (offical release dates, not when we put them online) or
go for all PC games that are from the Action/Adventure genre. Enhanced
searches, filters, favorite lists and more will come then later after the initial


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