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<nettime> new radio product

Just added to my radio archive 

March 11, 2004 Robert Fatton, author of Haiti's Predatory Republic, 
on the roots of Haiti's current predicament * Hilary Wainwright, 
editor of Red Pepper and author of Reclaim the State, on how popular 
movements can engage with state power without losing their innocence

it joins:

March 4, 2004 Corey Robin on the militarized worldview of the neocons 
* Laura Flanders on her new book on the women of the Bush 
administration, Bushwomen

February 26, 2004 Susie Bright on sex, politics, and her new book, 
Mommy's Little Girl * Frida Berrigan on who's making money from the 
war in Iraq  * Mark Levitan on the crisis of employment in New York 

February 19, 2004 Sara Roy, senior research scholar at the Harvard 
Center for Middle Eastern Studies, on the social crisis among 
Palestinians in the occupied territories and Israel's intentions 
behind building the wall * George Soros, speaking at the Council on 
Foreign Relations, on the Bush administration and the Bubble of 
American Supremacy * Christian Parenti on his January in Iraq, spent 
with the 82nd airborne and members of the resistance, which he wrote 
up in The Nation

February 12, 2004 Keith Bradsher, author of High and Mighty: The 
Dangerous Rise of the SUV, on the ravages of that vehicle and the 
mindset of its buyers * Michael Mann, author of Incoherent Empire, on 
the Bush administration's lust for domination

along with

* Nina Revoyr on the history of Los Angeles, real and fictional
* Bill Fletcher on war and peace
* Barbara Ehrenreich on Global Woman
* Slavoj Zizek on war, imperialism, and fantasy
* Susie Bright on sex and politics
* Anatol Lieven on Iraq
* Lisa Jervis on feminism & pop culture
* Faye Wattleton on a poll of American women
* Joseph Stiglitz on the IMF and the Wall St-Treasury axis
* Joel Schalit, author of Jerusalem Calling, on the Counterpunch 
collection, The Politics of Anti-Semitism
* Naomi Klein on Argentina and the arrested political development of 
the global justice movement
* Ursula Huws on the new world of work and why capitalism has avoided crisis
* Simon Head, author of The New Ruthless Economy, on working in the 
era of surveillance, restructuring, and speedup
* Michael Albert on participatory economics (parecon)
* Michael Hudson, author of a report on the sleazy world of "subprime" finance
* Hamid Dabashi on Iran
* Marta Russell on the UN conference on disability
* William Pepper on the state-sponsored assassination of Martin Luther King
* Sara Roy on the Palestinian economy
* Christian Parenti on his visit to Baghdad, and on his book The Soft 
Cage (about surveillance in America from slavery to the Patriot Act)
* Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, and Cynthia Enloe on the then-impending 
war with Iraq
* Michael Hardt on Empire
* Judith Levine on kids & sex
* Richard Burkholder of Gallup on polling Baghdad
* Walden Bello on the World Social Forum and alternative development models
* Christopher Hitchens on Orwell and his new political affiliations


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