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Re: <nettime> whatever Nettime is, is alive
"Károly Tóth" , {AT} amsterdam.nettime.org on Mon, 2 Jun 2003 18:16:17 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> whatever Nettime is, is alive

hear hear a.,

she is a corporate business identity, disguised as a feminist cyber guru

she has 'followers'

she is from new-zeland

she is selling crappy software for an awfull lot of money

she is insulting people who are in her way, she is insulting her clients
as well

she was trying to ruin the reputation of a whole community

she was exploiting the corporate brand: 'eastern european web artist'

she is kicked out of steim in amsterdam as well

she is a myth, a soap bubble

she was used by others and later droppen when not needed anymore

who cares anyway, she had her 15 minutes fame

good, the next irresponsible wannabe please

this is my last desinfo about her

some people on this list now her real name

> (it is _very funny_ for me that anna still believes that netochka
> nezvanova is an east european artist - long live the cyborg!)


grtnx -k

zeroglab rotterdam
karoly toth

<citaat van="Andreas Broeckmann">

> folks,
> it is worth checking out the list that anna balint and others maintain to
> get an idea of what kind of list she has in mind when putting forward her
> criticism to nettime:

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