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Fw: Re: <nettime> police is breaking the doors to l'usine (G8/geneva)
Fred Heutte on Mon, 2 Jun 2003 17:44:23 +0200 (CEST)

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Fw: Re: <nettime> police is breaking the doors to l'usine (G8/geneva)

In response to Geert's previous note about the law enforcement
attack on the l'Usine media center in Geneva.  I would only note
there is a lot more in the tangle of indymedia and other sites
that i didn't find in a quick search.  

It appears that after a couple of unsuccessful assaults on l'Usine 
one squad of police entered and used a key previously provided
to get into to the media center area.  However, in the event,
no serious damage was done though there were a couple of
arrests.  This was a Black Bloc pretext raid, but apparently
word came from upper echelons to withdraw.  See:
The coverage on BBC is predictably framed: "anarchists" are
responsible for all the fuss:
The pics of German police in Switzerland in some of the reports
are very disheartening.

Without giving up on the importance and necessity of street
demonstrations, this just further underlines that "law enforcement"
forces have caught up in the endless cycle of tactic and counter-
tactic.  It seems to me public demand for accountability and
participation in global decisions needs to evolve rapidly into a
new tactical space, with a particular focus on more effective use
of the net.  

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