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RE: <nettime> Nettime is dead

Anna Balint's list of complaints about nettime and its moderation trends
points to the inherent problems and strengths of moderation, filtering, and
focusing.  People, ideas, announcements are excluded.  She bundles those as
examples of abuse.

However, in list after list, where there is a very diverse and volatile
group and no moderation, you can have a small number of people  who can
drive large numbers away.  The membership may grow, but the cohesiveness of
the group (if that's a goal) suffers. 

 My guess is that nettime  moderators are trying to balance this. Balint
thinks they have failed (and tells us why). I think nettime has worked
quite well, though I have come and gone a couple of times.

In 2003 there are so many choices for group interactivity besides mailing
lists (which are still the most important basic tool).  Web-based ones like
scoop and drupal allow voting and self-organizing.

And there are wikis, and blog wikis, and other new hybrids surfacing each
week.  Populating those with interesting ideas and people remains the
ongoing challenge.


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