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<nettime> Announcements [10x]

Table of Contents:

   Video "Disobbedienti": upcoming presentations 
     Oliver Ressler <oliver.ressler {AT} chello.at>                                       

   Call for submissions                                                            
     "Le Musee di-visioniste" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>                             

   Ausstellung im SCHNITTRAUM in =?ISO-8859-1?Q?K=F6ln?=                           
     Sabine Oelze <Sabine.Oelze {AT} onlinehome.de>                                       

     webmaster {AT} pulsation.com                                                         

   Workshop: "Phisical interface and creativity"                                   
     Kepa Landa <kepa {AT} medialabmadrid.org>                                            

     ATA Cultural <cultural {AT} ata.org.pe>                                              

   Fwd: Fri May 16th-Jun 22: 'OneTrees' by Natalie Jeremijenko in collaboration wit
     chris bassett <chris {AT} robot138.com>                                              

   Symposium at FACT Liverpool                                                     
     Andrea Zapp <zapp {AT} snafu.de>                                                     

   PAVILION 1: Skillshare, Forum, Picnic HAPPENING NOW!                            
     "Nathan Hactivist" <nathan {AT} hactivist.com>                                       

   Peter Lunenfeld  {AT}  the MIT Media Lab 5/13/03                                     
     Peter Lunenfeld <peterl {AT} artcenter.edu>                                          


Date: Sat, 03 May 2003 15:10:16 +0200
From: Oliver Ressler <oliver.ressler {AT} chello.at>
Subject: Video "Disobbedienti"=: upcoming presentations /  aktuelle Vorfuehrungen


A video by / Ein Video von Oliver Ressler
In cooperation with / In Kooperation mit Dario Azzellini
Video, 54 min, 2002

Upcoming screenings / Kommende Videopraesentationen:

Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin (D), 30.04.03 - 31.05.03 (show)

"re: Leviathan", Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (D), 13.04 - 10.05.03 

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo (USA), 03.05.03

Forde, Genf (CH), 02.06.03

Impakt Festival, Utrecht (NL), 03. - 09.06.03

Star Shoes, 6364 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles (USA), 16 - 30.06.03

(for a German video description and a video still please scroll down)

The video "Disobbedienti" thematizes the Disobbedienti's origins, 
political bases, and forms of direct action on the basis of 
conversations with seven members of the movement.
The Disobbedienti emerged from the Tute Bianche during the 
demonstrations against the G8 summit in Genoa in July 2001. The "Tute 
Bianche" were the white-clad Italian activists who used their bodies - 
protected by foam rubber, tires, helmets, gas masks, and homemade 
shields - in direct acts and demonstrations as weapons of civil 
disobedience. The Tute Bianche first appeared in Italy in 1994 in the 
midst of a social setting in which the "mass laborer," who had played a 
central role in the 1970s in production and in labor struggles, was 
gradually replaced in the transition to precarious post-Fordist means of 
production. By forcing the closing of detention camps through specially 
developed acts of dismantling the Tute Bianche became involved in 
protests against precarious working conditions and the immigrants' 
struggle for freedom of movement. The Tute Bianche were part of the 
demonstration against the WTO in Seattle in 1999 and the IMF in Prague 
in 2000. They sent delegates to the Lakandon rainforest in Chiapas and 
accompanied the Zapatist Comandantes 3,000 kilometers to Mexico City.

At the G8 summit in Genoa the Tute Bianche decided to take off their 
trademark white overalls that had given them their name and instead 
blend in the multitude of 300,000 demonstration participants. The 
transition from the Tute Bianche to the Disobbedienti, the disobedients, 
also marked a development from "civil disobedience" to "social 
disobedience." The repressive actions and massacre by the police force 
in Genoa brought the practice of social disobedience in from the streets 
to the most diverse social realms. In the video, the Disobbedienti 
spokesperson Luca Casarini describes the Tute Bianche as a subjective 
experience and a small army, whereas Disobbedienti is a multitude and a 
Disobbedienti maintains the political form of the Tute Bianche and 
attempts to create a better legal justice for and from the people. 
Spectacular actions are still being carried out against detention 
centers, such as the dismantling of the detention camp in the Via Mattei 
in Bologna on 25 January 2002, as shown in the video. Additionally, 
attempts are being made to further develop "social disobedience" as a 
collective practice of various groups, to block the flows of goods and 
communication, to make general the strikes of individual groups, and to 
plan and carry out general strikes.

The conversations with the Disobbedienti were carried out in Italian in 
Bologna and Genoa in July 2002. There are two versions of the video 
"Disobbedienti," one with German and one with English subtitles.

Concept, interview preparation, editing, realization: Oliver Ressler
Interviews, conceptual work, translation: Dario Azzellini
Camera: Claudio Ruggieri
Sound: Rainer Antesberger
Interview partners: Luca Casarini, Ulia Conti, Gianmarco de Pieri, 
Enrico Ludovici, Federico Martelloni, Francesco Raparelli, Francesca Ruocco


Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 09:49:59 +0200
From: "Le Musee di-visioniste" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>
Subject: Call for submissions

Call for submissions
Deadline: 30 June 2003


Le Musee di-visioniste

is looking for submissions of net based art projects going down to the theme
of artistic self-representation.

In 2002, le Musee di-visioniste realized a first version of "[self] -
representation" which can be visited on www.le-musee-divisioniste.org
(Edition 5 of Featured Artists series, including the exhibition "Mirror at
the Bottom - artists portraiting themselves").
The new version will be extended by a selection of new exciting projects.

What is wanted:
Projects, in which artists reflect themeselves in very individual ways of
presentation by using digital media.

What is not wanted:
A simple artists' portofolio
on a homepage or a single, separate images.

Please submit only one single project
in following accepted digital formats:

1. URL (no size limit)
2. media files (size limit: a single art work may not exceed 2Mb)
2.1) webpage: HTML
2.2) text: plain email, .txt, .doc, .rtf
2.3) image: .jpg,.gif,.png (max. dimensions 800x600 pixels)
2.4) video/animation/movie:
   .mpeg, .mov (Quicktime), Flash .swf, Shockwave .dcr (max. dimensions
800x600 pixels)
2.5) sound: .mp3

Please include in your proposal (in English language):

1. firstname/name of artist, email, URL
2. title and URL of the project/work,
3. a short work description (not more than 300 words),
4. a brief bio (not more than 300 words)
5. a screen shot (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)

Deadline: 30 June 2003

Please send your submission to
info {AT} le-musee-divisioniste.org
subject: self-representation

Le Musee di-visioniste
info {AT} le-musee-divisioniste.org

corporate member of


Date: Sat, 03 May 2003 14:41:49 +0200
From: Sabine Oelze <Sabine.Oelze {AT} onlinehome.de>
Subject: Ausstellung im SCHNITTRAUM in =?ISO-8859-1?Q?K=F6ln?=

An der Linde 27         50668 Köln         www.schnittraum.de           
info {AT} schnittraum.de

Kerstin Cmelka

Ausstellungseröffnung am Samstag, 17.5.2003, 19 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 17.5. - 14.6.2003
Geöffnet Samstags von 15 - 18 Uhr
(und nach Vereinbarung)

Ab Mai 2003 führen Lutz Becker und Sabine Oelze das Ausstellungsprogramm 
im SCHNITTRAUM weiter. Präsentiert werden in einem etwa 6-wöchigen 
Turnus junge Künstler aus Deutschland und Europa.
Den Auftakt bildet die Künstlerin  Kerstin Cmelka (geb. 1974 in Mödling, 
Österreich,  seit 1999 Studium an der Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, 
1999-2002 Klasse für Film, seit 2002 Klasse für freie Grafik bei Thomas 
In ihren 16mm-Filminstallationen arbeitet Kerstin Cmelka mit 
Endlosschleifen. Ohne Anfang und ohne Ende werden die Zeit- und 
Raumebenen in ihrer Kontinuität zerstört und wieder neu collagiert. Dazu 
montiert die Künstlerin Bildfragmente und Mehrfachbelichtungen von 
Landschaftsaufnahmen. Die permanente Wiederholung und der Rhythmus der 
Bilder tragen dazu bei, dass sich die Zeit nicht linear, sondern 
zirkulär auszubreiten scheint.
So entsteht in der in Köln präsentierten Dreifach-Projektion die 
Möglichkeit einer synchronen Wahrnehmung der in kreisenden Bewegungen 
ablaufenden Szenen. Das Tempo der Wahrnehmung wird extrem gedrosselt und 
wieder beschleunigt. Durch die Asynchronität verändert sich das 
Gesamtbild immer wieder und die drei Filmszenen werden mal 
ungleichzeitig, mal gleichzeitig neu kombiniert. Durch das Prinzip der 
gegeneinander versetzten Spuren entsteht der Film erst während der 
endlos laufenden Projektion.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung:
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln
Kunst- und Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf

S A B I N E   O E L Z E
Kleiststr. 6, 50825 Köln
Tel.  + 49 +221 - 94 04 769
Fax.  + 49 +221 - 94 04 768
Mobil: +179/2073986
Sabine.Oelze {AT} onlinehome.de


Date: 6 May 2003 20:49:34 -0000
From: webmaster {AT} pulsation.com

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi House & Techno addicts. After some weeks of internet hosting troubles, Pulsation comes back and is pleased to feature six new mixes! 
First of all, some deep, soulful & sexy vibes with 2 mixes prepared by Norm Talley & Mike Clark from the Detroit's Beatdown crew. A third mix set by Norm Talley and composed of dance music classics. Two techno and tech-house mixes by french Dj/Producer Hip.Noise from NRV Records. And a new mix by Dj Frankie Vibe, resident DJ of Club Praize in East Orange, NJ, USA. Also, you will find some photos from the last Winter Music Conference 2003 in Miami. 

Be careful! To have a better quality of sound and a better compatibility, now the mixes will be available in Microsoft Windows Media WMA file format. All old mixes will be soon converted in this format. 

DJ FRANKIE VIBE - Something for the believers
Music style : Soulful House - Garage
Length : 78:22 

MIKE CLARK - Deep Reflections
Music style : Soulful House 
Length : 77:43 

Music style : Soulful House 
Length : 61:17

NORM TALLEY - Old Skool Klassics
Music style : Dance Music classics
Length : 45:45

HIP.NOISE - Next Generation
Music style : Tech-House
Length : 60:28

HIP.NOISE - Love Dance Floor
Music style : Techno
Length : 58:45

And don't forget to go to the archives and listen to all mixes 
broadcasted previously on Pulsation.com, by clicking on this link: 

All questions can be addressed to tvs {AT} pulsation.com
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more news on Pulsation.com!!!

And thanks to Olivier for his precious help!


Tom Van Steen (Webmaster)
Gateway to Electronic musics
"Deep into the vibe of House"

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Pulsation.com does not wish to promote unsolicited or spam e-mail.
Your address was added to the list because you are involved in dance 
music in one way or another or have expressed interest in our music 
and activities. If this information is not useful to you or wish be 
removed from this list , you must click on this link: 



Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 14:30:47 +0100
From: Kepa Landa <kepa {AT} medialabmadrid.org>
Subject: Workshop: "Phisical interface and creativity"

>Este mensaje tiene formato MIME. Al no reconocer su lector de
correo este formato, puede que todo o parte del mensaje resulte ilegible.

Taller: "Del interface físico a la creación."
Dirige: Álvaro Rey
Fechas: 19.05 - 24.05
Horario: 16,30 a 20,30
Inscripción: enviar curriculum resumido en 10 lineas y un breve mensaje
explicando los motivos por los que se quiere participar a
info {AT} medialabmadrid.org . Fecha límite 15.05. Se efectuará una selección.

Descripción: durante el taller se experimentarán posibilidades de creación
de nuevos interfaces mediante el  reciclado de componentes, de interfaces
tradicionales como el teclado o el ratón. Estos se adaptarán a objetos de la
vida cotidiana, como una bicicleta estática, dándole funciones de control de
un ordenador.

Nuestra evolución social y técnica ha provocado la dependencia social de
complejos sistemas técnicos. La evolución histórica de estos sistemas ha
sido posible gracias a la implantación en ellos de nuevos sistemas de
comunicación máquina-máquina, más sencillos y rápidos que los sistemas
humanos. Esta nueva forma de comunicación entre máquinas ha provocado
territorios de comunicación independientes entre las máquinas y el hombre.
El estudio de la interfaz como la frontera que separa estos dos mundos y la
migración de un mundo a otro será la finalidad de este taller.

Las formas que posibiliten una comunicación más natural entre hombre y
máquina, sin tener que educarnos en nuevos sistemas para entender a las
máquinas y que ellas nos entiendan, ocuparán nuestro tiempo. Creemos que la
reutilización de elementos cotidianos, ya asimilados por el hombre, serán
los interfaces del mañana, alejándose de complejos mandos a distancia,
pequeñas pantallas con miles de botones o inmensos manuales de usuario.

Así, el dominio de estas fronteras, la interfaz, posibilita un ámbito
inmensamente extenso para la creación tanto artística como en el campo del

La base de este taller es generar los conocimientos técnicos necesarios para
poder crear interfaces, espacios o instalaciones interactivas a partir de
elementos comunes, sin la necesidad de complejos sistemas de programación y
electrónicos. Así, el taller tendrá un enfoque práctico en el que se
producirá un espacio interactivo que reaccione con el espectador, notando su
presencia y generando elementos multimedia hacia el mismo. Nunca será un
programa teórico ya que, salvo escasas excepciones, se intentarán explicar
los temas mediante la práctica.

Se explicarán los diferentes sistemas que existen en la actualidad para
generar este tipo de interfaces y se profundizará especialmente en el
sistema más sencillo. Se estudiará la utilización de elementos cotidianos
para generar nuevos sistemas interactivos, como son los sistemas internos
del ordenador: teclados, ratones, lápices ópticos, micrófonos, altavoces,
monitores, impresoras, escáneres, etc. y los sistemas externos: sensores
ultrasonido, infrarrojos, sonido, movimiento, fotosensores, alarmas
domésticas, LEDs, sistemas simples electrónicos, teléfonos móviles, etc.

Álvaro Rey

Kepa Landa

www.medialabmadrid.org     www.cibervision.org       www.banquete.org
T: (34) 91 559 85 21  - 91 588 55 94
Centro Cultural Conde Duque.   C/Conde Duque 11.   Madrid  28015


Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 15:39:23 +0200
From: ATA Cultural <cultural {AT} ata.org.pe>


El 8 de mayo se inaugura la 20va. Edición del World Wide Video Festival,
considerado uno de los Festivales más importantes y de mayor trayectoria del
mundo.  Por su 20 aniversario, la locación principal de este evento será el
edificio PTA (Terminal de Pasajeros de Amsterdam), una inmensa y
transparente edificación a orillas del mar.  El evento será inaugurado por
el Dr. C.H.J. van Leeuwen Ministro de Estado del Departamento de Educación,
Cultura y Ciencia de Holanda.
El evento central del festival es la espectacular exposición retrospectiva
que ofrece una selección de fascinantes instalaciones de las ediciones
anteriores que han sido desarrolladas y/o coproducido por el World Wide
Video Festival a través de los años.  La exposición dará una amplia vista
del desarrollo del arte electrónico de los últimos veinte años.  El programa
ha sido preparado por Tom van Vliet, director y fundador del festival, en la
colaboración con el curador Remco Vlaanderen y curadores invitados.  Las
instalaciones incluyen entre otros a:  Juan Downey (Chile/USA), Gustzáv
Hámos (Hungary/Germany), Komiko Kushiyama (Japón), Jiangwei Wang (China),
Minnette Vári (Sudáfrica), Nalini Malani (India), Francesc Torres
(Spain/USA), Rita Myers (E.E.U.U.), Keith Piper (GB), Anne Quirijnen,
An-Marie Lambrechts y Peter Missotten (Bélgica), Francisco Ruiz de Infante
(España / Francia) y Jem Cohen (E.E.U.U.).  También en el festival será la
premier mundial de 'Vumbuludéo' una instalación de Marie-Francia Giraudon y
de Emmanuel Avenel (Francia / Canadá) así como tres exhibiciones
individuales con nuevos proyectos por los renombrados artistas Eder Santos
(Brasil), Marina Abramovic (Holanda) y Walid Raad (Lebanon/USA)

El World Wide Video Festival ha tomado una atención especial en nuevos de
artistas jóvenes de América Latina: en conjunto con Hivos ha colaborado en
la producción de nuevos trabajos que serán presentados durante el Festival.
Los artistas seleccionados son: Iván Esquivel, Angie Bonino, Diego Lama,
Iván Lozano y José Carlos Martinat, todos ellos de Perú.  Una selección de
trabajos ha sido preparada por los curadores invitados José Carlos
Mariategui de Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA) en Lima y Solange Farkas,
directora de Asociación Cultural Videobrasil.  La selección ofrece un
acercamiento a los progresos en el arte electrónico en América latina,
principalmente de Perú, Brasil y Argentina.

Para mayor información visite: http://www.wwvf.nl/

Enviado por ATA Cultural a nettime-l {AT} bbs.thing.net


Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 20:02:00 -0700
From: chris bassett <chris {AT} robot138.com>
Subject: Fwd: Fri May 16th-Jun 22: 'OneTrees' by Natalie Jeremijenko in collaboration with Pond

Thought this may be of interest to the list (more so the project than 
the show, but if you're near San Francisco, come by)

By the way, the OneTree(s) site is http://onetrees.org


Begin forwarded message:

> Fri May 16th Sun June 22nd, 2003
> OneTrees: The Propagation Phase
> ByNatalie Jeremijenkoin collaboration with Pond
> Opening Reception: Fri May 16th,7-10 pm
> w/ Remarks byNatalie Jeremijenko:8 pm
> & Release ofOneTrees Request for Proposals
> Youth Arts Collaborative Reception
> OneTrees-Related artwork created by youth
> from the Boys & Girls Clubs ofSan Francisco
> and the San Francisco Art Institute
> Fri May 16th,5:30 =96 7 pm
> Funded by theSan FranciscoFoundation
> Location: Pond: a place for art, activism, and ideas
> 324 14th Stb/wMissionandValencia St,San Francisco
> Tell: 415.437.9151 | fax: 800.867.2839
> pondpeople {AT} mucketymuck.org | www.mucketymuck.org
> Exhibition Open Hours: Sat/Sun3-8 pm
> Many thanks to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for their continual =20
> support of Pond &OneTrees.

                   _g {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} #M_
                 _ {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} H%
                _#g {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} #A
q              #| {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} ##|             p
'p              {AT} q {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} p {AT} #|            g
  #p             {AT} # {AT} * "# {AT} F  =3D%#!           g {AT} 
  ' {AT}  {AT}            P {AT} !   g {AT} ,   Mg           q {AT} 
   # {AT}  {AT} _         *#p  _ {AT} ' {AT} _  i          _ {AT}  {AT} F
    # {AT}  {AT} p        q {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} P ] {AT} # {AT} \#        g {AT}  {AT} #
     # {AT}  {AT}  {AT} _      'W*# {AT}  {AT} p {AT} gW {AT} *        _# {AT}  {AT} #
      ## {AT}  {AT} p        {AT}  # {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} M ,       q {AT}  {AT}  {AT} F
       7 {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} _     #p  ||L  M     _# {AT}  {AT}  {AT} *
        '# {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} _   # {AT}  ,,_  g {AT}     q## {AT} #
          * {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} _  # {AT}  {AT}  {AT}  {AT} gM#   _#*# {AT} *
            # {AT}  {AT}  {AT} # {AT} _ ## {AT}  {AT}  {AT} # _g#"_##
              # {AT}  {AT} m# {AT} m_   _q#_apP
          _q,  '# {AT}  {AT} p"# {AT} p_* A#7       _
          " {AT}  {AT}      * {AT}  {AT}  {AT} p_# {AT} m__      _ {AT} #+
           # {AT} p _g## _## {AT} H__"##Wm_,_##
     __ ___, {AT}  {AT} p _g {AT}  {AT} W*  *# {AT}  {AT} p___ q {AT} #_qgpH {AT} m
    _ {AT} # # {AT}  {AT}  {AT} # {AT}  {AT}  #"           "4#  {AT}  {AT}   {AT}  {AT}  {AT} #q {AT} #
    #m_ "   ' {AT}  {AT}                    {AT}  {AT}     a,*
             "# {AT}  {AT} E           q {AT} H {AT} #

arrrr matey, there be booty here...


Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 11:45:36 +0100
From: Andrea Zapp <zapp {AT} snafu.de>
Subject: Symposium at FACT Liverpool

FACT in association with MIRIAD/Manchester Metropolitan University presents

as imaginary spaces of being

10.30 - 17.00
The Box  {AT}  FACT Media Centre Liverpool

A one-day symposium investigating how emerging media forms are 
inspiring new models of audience participation and production of 
content. The event features contributions from leading international 
artists, writers and curators as well as demonstrations of key 
artists' projects and initiatives relating to the theme.

Concept: Andrea Zapp, AHRB Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University

Susan Collins
The Slade School of Fine Art London
Manfred Fassler
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
Erkki Huhtamo
University of California Los Angeles
Margarete Jahrmann
Academy for Art and Design Zurich
Paul Sermon
University of Salford
Andrea Zapp
Manchester Metropolitan University

The event is chaired by Eddie Berg, Executive Director of FACT

Via various forms of audio-visual communications, from chat protocols 
to immersive telepresence, artists are using a wide range of 
technologies to explore this new narrative space as an exchange 
between the public and digital zone. Human presence is increasingly 
subject to a constant flow of contributions, material and data. How 
does this reposition our collective understanding of both the 
physical and the virtual, as well as the real and the imaginary?

The symposium will be streamed via the Internet to the Holden Gallery 
at MMU in Manchester where a related exhibition takes place from 22 
May - 5 June.
An illustrated documentation, to be published in October 2003, will 
extend the talks and research on the cutting edge of art and the new 
audience role in the network.

Live Web cast URL:
http://www.superchannel.org/Home/Schedule (then follow link Networked 
Narrative Environments)

Booking Information:
Ticket prices: =A310 and =A35 (concessions) incl. refreshments
Telephone: 0151 707 4422
E-mail: thorn {AT} fact.co.uk
Post: NNE, Hilary Thorn, FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ

- -- 
Andrea Zapp
AHRB - Postgrad. Research Fellow
Manchester Metropolitan University
Tel. 44 (0)161-2476224
=46ax. -2476870
mobile: 07753 167630

Networked Narrative Environments
A One Day Conference and Exhibition
23rd of May 2003
=46ACT Centre Liverpool and Holden Gallery  {AT}  MMU Manchester

M. Rieser/A. Zapp, eds:
New Screen Media. Cinema/Art/Narrative - Book and DVD
BFI, London/ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2002

Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 15:54:14 -0400
From: "Nathan Hactivist" <nathan {AT} hactivist.com>
Subject: PAVILION 1: Skillshare, Forum, Picnic HAPPENING NOW!

PAVILION: Skillshare, Forum, Picnic
May 2,3,4 Troy NY
51 3rd Street and Riverfront Park

read about the event in Metroland...thanks to Kate for spreading the word

For directions and details about what is currently scheduled at the event go

PAVILION is designed to be a very loosely organized event to stimulate
discussion among local and regional groups about very specific practices,
techniques, tactics, and strategies for having fun and promoting human

The structure that is in place is an established set of events in the form
of Workshops, Discussions, Videos, Open mic performances, and Tables. Most
groups scheduled to participate so far have opted to position themselves in
onbe or more of these categories.

How the Saturday event will function is that participants and presenters
will show up at the park, meet at the designated START area, then move to
any location they choose to conduct their workshoips or discussions. Videos
will be running in a semi-loop fashion in a small VIDEO TENT in the
amphitheatre area. Performances will occur in that same area. Tables will be
set up as a semi-circle around the ampitheatre.

People and groups that want to participate but are not already scheduled are
HIGHLY encouraged to just show up and do there thing. Do not be intimidated.
You can talk to 5 people or 50 about what you do and it can last 5 minutes
or go on for years. We are not militing any discussions times. Start times
for discussions and workshops pre-planned are staggered but no end time is
assigned so everything will be going on simultaneously.

If you want to just show up and do your thing, then show up and find the big
chalkboard and sign your name or group up yourself! If you need help, we
will be there to assist you.

Right now the event is scheduled to take place at Riverfront Park. If it
rains (which it shouldn't), we will move 2 blocks down the street to 51 3rd
Street. Thanks to those people for volunteering their space as well.

This is done as a group effort. Everyone has pitched in and we are about to
pull off a fabulous event with the help of all of you. PARTICIPATE. That is
what will make this event great. It is for you not us. Spend the day meeting
strange and interesting people with very unique ideologies and see what
conversations you can get yourself into.

The event is FREE, but we will be accepting donations to go towards next

Thanks and we hope to see you there. Its starts at 11:00 AM sharp and we
will have free coffeee available in a BIY (brew it yourself) fashion.

To kick off the event there will be a show tonight at 51 3rd Street. A
donation only show of course featuring
Struction, Denim and Diamonds, and Amazing Plaid as well as the
electro-stylings of The Jesse Stiles 3000
that event starts at 9:30pm sharp and will end around 1:00am

Take care and smile - summer is almost here!

Here is a list of some of the participants:

AnnMarie Lanesey
Burlington Biodiesel
Carbon Defense League
Cathy Shive
Center for Land Use Interpretation
Critical Art Ensemble
Department of Experimental Services
Eric Daille
Eric Schenke
FELIX: Journal of Art and Communication
Food Not Bombs Albany
Freebird Didgeridoo
Hudson Mohawk IMC
iEAR Studios MFA Students
Institute for Applied Autonomy
Ironweed Collective
Jason Martin
Myriam Hammani
Naomi Ture
Paper Tiger
Rekall Inc
Rowan Paul
RPI Electronics Club
Stephan Moore
The Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy
The Vote Bush Out! Company
Troy Bike Rescue
Whirl Mart
Women Against War
Women at the YWCA Making Social Movement (WYMSM)


Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 14:02:20 -0700
From: Peter Lunenfeld <peterl {AT} artcenter.edu>
Subject: Peter Lunenfeld  {AT}  the MIT Media Lab 5/13/03

"Visual Intellectuals and Networked Ideals"
Peter Lunenfeld 
Media Design Program | Art Center College of Design
MIT Media Laboratory
Colloquium Series
Tuesday, May 13, 2003, 4:00 PM EST
Bartos Theatre, MIT Media Lab (E15)

We are witnessing the wide-scale emergence of visual intellectuals ‹ people
simultaneously making, pondering, and commenting on culture, but in a way
that doesn't always begin with words. We all understand that digital tools
and information technology networks contribute to this trend, but the big
question is how to develop media design strategies to make the dissemination
of critical thinking and informed opinion both more seductive and more
rigorous. A test case will be the "Mediawork Pamphlets" from the MIT Press,
which can be described as being somewhere in-between 'zines for grownups and
transmedia theoretical fetish objects. http://mitpress.mit.edu/mediawork

A preeminent critic/theorist at the intersection of art, design and
technology, Dr. Peter Lunenfeld teaches in the graduate Media Design Program
at Art Center College of Design. He is the author of Snap to Grid: A User's
Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Culture (MIT, 2000), editor of The Digital
Dialectic: New Essays on New Media (MIT, 1999), and editorial director of
the Mediawork Pamphlet Series (MIT, 2001-). A collection of his "User"
columns from the international journal artext is forthcoming.

Colloquium hosted by Judith Donath

The link will become active on the date and time scheduled for this event.


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