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<nettime> Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: One Day Left

At 9:32 AM -0500 1/15/03, Mark Tribe wrote:

>this isn't about profit. it is about survival. rhizome is a nonprofit organization. nobody is getting rich.

'survival' & 'rich' are relative terms.

you paid yourself $47,260 in 2000

alex galloway was paid $36,692 - and he is listed as a part-time employee.


i could live more than comfortably off of your salary, mark.

>that said, you may be right about our policy. maybe we *should* offer free memberships to those whose work is included in the artbase, in digest, etc.

sorry - you *need* to offer much more than that.

everyone who is actively producing the very material whereby you pay yourself
$47,260 a year needs to be receiving a share of the wealth.

this includes the regional editors, those who write reviews of festivals and
shows and artworks, those whose writings are included in the digest...

and here's a novel concept :

perhaps even the artists - the ones actually producing the stuff that the
entire rhizome community supposedly revolves around - could actually see some
of that money.

perhaps the money collected from the community
could actually be put back into the community itself
in the form of direct financial support for the artists.

perhaps one modest commission a month,
or a fee for inclusion in the artbase.

... instead of :

rhizomes office space, - $10,176
rhizomes travel expenses, - $8,049
rhizomes office expense, - $8,175
rhizomes legal fees, - $25,444

your .org has become bloated.

you have a number of things generating considerable expense
that are providing little or no benefit to the majority of the list members.
in addition - you are asking for us to pay for them
while providing no financial support for those generating the very content
that IS of benefit to the majority of the list members.

that is not survival, it is exploitation.

sorry - before you receive a dime from me,
i need to know that my money is going to be spent much more wisely
and distributed much more fairly.

>i'd be curious to hear from others on this. feel free to email me directly if
your membership gets suspended.




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