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Table of Contents:

   Subtle Technologies 2003 : Call for Proposals                                   
     Jim Ruxton <cinetron {AT} passport.ca>                                               

     JSalloum {AT} aol.com                                                                

   Lecturer in CyberStudies, GU, Gold Coast, Australia                             
     komninos zervos <k.zervos {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au>                                    

   k-n) Ethnic Cleasing at the Museum of Civilization, Hull                        
     JSalloum {AT} aol.com                                                                

     guide <guide {AT} life.a-domesticguide.com>                                          

   ~e; call for works: EM Assemblage                                               
     human being <human {AT} electronetwork.org>                                          

   Call for Papers // Soundtoys                                                    
     u e d a <ys {AT} soundtoys.net>                                                      

   Violence Version 3.0                                                            
     "ViolenceOnlineFestival" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>                             

   teaching opportunities at MICA                                                  
     "Rachel Schreiber" <rschreib {AT} micamail.mica.edu>                                 

   Call for Contributors: 'fight' and other M/C issues in 2003                     
     "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>                

   netblokade against EU's Fortress Europe                                         
     "ricardo dominguez" <rdom {AT} thing.net>                                            

   Please Post!                                                                    
     Chris Csikszentmihalyi <csik {AT} media.mit.edu>                                     

   live stream from netzspannung.org on 12th December at 19:00                     
     "netzspannung.org redaktion" <redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org>                       

     dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org                                                          


Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 17:14:11 -0500
From: Jim Ruxton <cinetron {AT} passport.ca>
Subject: Subtle Technologies 2003 : Call for Proposals

Please pass along to anyone you know who may be interested. Thanks!

Subtle Technologies Conference
"blurring the boundaries between art and science"
May 23 - May 25 2003
University of Toronto
Toronto Canada

2003 Programs Seeking Proposals :

General Symposium: Throughout the three days of presentations, we aim to 
cover a wide variety of subjects. In the past, topics addressed include  
quantum physics , quantum computing and other unconventional computing 
technologies, music, dance, consciousness research, holography, 
animation, genetics, sonic explorations, sensing systems and devices, 
social systems, complexity theory, and artificial intelligence.The 
programming of the general symposium is shaped by the submissions of 
each year and is meant to broaden the scope of disciplines or areas of 
research for those who attend. People who have attended the conference 
remark that although the individual topics at the conference are 
extremely interesting it is often the threads that are woven between the 
various presentations made by speakers from varied disciplines that make 
the conference a unique experience .  We strongly encourage interested 
applicants to submit proposals that are outside the topics mentioned 
above if they feel their proposal fits into the general mandate of the 
festival. Please visit the archives at: 
http://www.subtletechnologies.com to acquaint yourself with the history 
of our programming.

This year we will also be presenting a themed session during the 
conference."Ground? is a program exploring new technologies in 
architecture and urban planning. Topics may include but are not limited 
to, intelligent buildings, smart materials, alternative energy systems, 
surveillance, the effect of architecture on traffic flow, architecture 
and its affect on mood,organic architecture and nano-structures.

The festival is open to the public and presentations must be accessible 
to a non-specialized audience.
Each presentation is 40 minutes, followed by a ten minute question and 
answer period.
It is strongly recommended that parties interested in submitting a 
proposal visit our archives at http://www.subtletechnologies.com to get 
a better idea of our programming. Presenters are responsible for paying 
for their accomodations and transportation to Toronto. All presenters 
receive an honorarium and their conference registration fees are waived.

Deadline for Proposals:   January 15, 2003. How to Apply
Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure accurate and timely 
consideration of your proposal. Proposals must include:
Cover Sheet (see directions below)
A one page proposal or summary of your presentation
Your C.V. or resume ( no longer than 3 pages)
Do not send additional material. We will contact you for more 
information if needed.

Cover Sheet must include:
Phone Number (include area code)
E-mail address (web site if available)
Program you are submitting to: (described above)
Title of Your Presentation:
Basic Topic:
Technical Requirements:

We prefer to receive proposals by email. Please send proposals to  
cinetron {AT} passport.ca

If you prefer, you can mail your proposals to: Subtle Technologies 
258 Salem Avenue, Toronto ON
Canada, M6H 3C7


Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 22:46:25 EST
From: JSalloum {AT} aol.com
Subject: job

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (Competition #F008-2002)

Integrated Media

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design invites applications for a

full-time regular faculty position to teach film in the Integrated Media

curriculum area starting 1 August 2003. Integrated Media combines study

in a variety of media, including film, video, installation, performance,

sound and interactive digital media.

The successful candidate will teach all aspects of film, including 16 mm

film production (pre-production, cinematography, lighting, both linear

and non linear post production) and new media informed by a

comprehensive knowledge of the variety of techniques and applications of

film in contemporary art practices, as well as film and media theory.

The candidate will provide instruction to students at all levels, from

Foundation to fourth year, and will be expected to make a major

contribution in shaping the future of the Integrated Media curriculum

area. It is also expected that the candidate will participate in

planning, administrative and committee meetings, and will be an active

participant in the Institute community.

The position requires a Masters’ degree in Film, Media Arts, Fine Arts

or related disciplines, and a minimum of three years of successful

post-secondary teaching experience. The candidate will also demonstrate

evidence of an active professional practice in film with accomplishments

at the national or international levels. Candidates with exceptional

professional experience without a Masters’ degree may be considered.

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design is a post-secondary institution

primarily devoted to a studio-based education offering Bachelors degrees

in visual arts, design, and media arts. This studio-based program is

informed by a rigorous complement of academic courses in art, design and

media history, humanities, social sciences and sciences.

Letters of application should address the candidate’s expertise in the

areas of professional practice as these relate to the position,

including a philosophy or approach to teaching and professional and

community involvement. The applicant should include current curriculum

vitae and supporting materials such as CD ROMs, DVDs, URLs, films,

videos, slides or other materials. Submissions should include the name,

address, telephone number and email address of three references from

whom letters commenting on the candidate’s experience and professional

status can be solicited.

Please send applications (quoting competition #F008-2002) by Friday, 17

January 2003 to:

Valerie Ninnis, Human Resources Manager

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver BC V6H 3R9

Phone (604) 844-3824 Fax (604) 844-3885 Email hr {AT} eciad.bc.ca

For additional information about Emily Carr Institute please see the

website www.eciad.bc.ca

In accordance with the Canadian Immigration requirements, this

advertisement is directed in the first instance to Canadian citizens and

permanent residents of Canada. Emily Carr Institute is committed to the

principle of employment equity.





Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 14:23:45 +1000
From: komninos zervos <k.zervos {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au>
Subject: Lecturer in CyberStudies, GU, Gold Coast, Australia

- --=======6D992028=======
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Position Advertisement
search available jobs view all positions
Key Accountabilities / Duties Conditions Selection Criteria
Application Process Further Enquiries Related Documents
CyberStudies , Assoc Lect or Lecturer
Continuing , Full Time , Gold Coast
VRN ART13320/02
Closing Date 13.12.02
The School of Arts seeks to appoint an Associate Lecturer or Lecturer in=20
CyberStudies. This is a new position to expand the team in a rapidly=20
growing area of the School=92s activities. The CyberStudies major has an=20
emphasis on advances in global technologies and their creative applications=
within the context of communities. It services Communication, Arts and=20
Creative Arts degrees at the Bachelors and Masters levels. The position=20
requires the capacity to convene and teach in a number of CyberStudies=20
courses. The appointee will have a background in both information=20
technology and creative uses of digital technologies; and demonstrated=20
knowledge of cyber theory and current issues regarding technological=20
development, especially in relation to the Web and Web-based applications.=
S/he will have the ability to teach, including in flexible modes; to=20
produce high-quality research; to attract competitive research/consultancy=
funding; to work productively with the community and industry, including=20
assisting in community/industry placement programs; and to supervise=20
Honours and/or Research Higher Degree students. A PhD or progress toward a=
Research Higher Degree is essential. There is scope for contribution to=20
other creative arts practice and digital media production areas.
Appointment will be made at either Associate Lecturer or Lecturer Level=20
depending on qualifications and experience
Key Accountabilities / Duties
1. Convene and teach in CyberStudies including using flexible modes
2. Contribute to community and industry links, and to community/industry=20
experience programs
3. Research and publish in areas of expertise
4. Seek external research funding oppurtunities
5. Supervise Honours and/or Research Higher Degree students
6. Consult with undergraduate students
7. Assist in course administration, planning for equipment, resources and=20
infrastructure, and general administration of the School (including=20
committee service)
8. Engage in supportive collegial relationships that promote=20
cross-disciplinary study and equal oppurtunity within the School and across=
other elements of the University
9. Undertake other duties as designated by the Head of School
Conditions e.g. Salary, Superannuation(AUS $)
Annual Salary Lecturer: $53,451 to $63,474 per annum. (Salary package=20
including 17% employer superannuation contribution: $62,537 to $74,265 per=
annum) Associate Lecturer: $37,416 to $50,777 per annum. (Salary package=20
including 17% employer superannuation contribution: $43,777 to $59,409 per=
Selection Criteria
1. Completed PhD or demonstrated progress toward a Research Higher Degree
2. Demonstrated practical experience in information technology and its=20
creative applications
3. Demonstrated ability to convene, teach and co-teach courses in=20
CyberStudies, including using flexible modes
4. Demonstrated knowledge of cyber theory and current issues regarding=20
technological development
5. Capacity to supervise Honours and/or Research Higher Degree students
6. Ability to contribute to the School's research profile through=20
publication and the attraction of research funding
7. A significant personal Web presence and/or demonstrated advanced Web=20
development skills
8. Demonstrated capacity to work productively in a cross-disciplinary arts=
and media team environment
9. Ability to work productively with the community and industry
10. A capacity to contribute to other areas of the School's activities such=
as digital broadcast applications, digital video production and new media=20
in creative and performing arts practice
11. A developed academic teaching and research profile which may include=20
course development, creative practice, non-traditional publications and=20
research consultancy
12. Established community and/or industry links
Application Process
For any informal discussions about this position, please contact
=B7 Dr Patricia Wise, Head of School, Arts
=B7 facsimile (07) 5552 8141
=B7 telephone (07) 5552 8620
=B7 email P.Wise {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au
Applicants should ensure:
=B7 all of the selection criteria are addressed;
=B7 quote the job title and reference number
=B7 include evidence of experience, qualifications, teaching evaluations;=
=B7 the names, addresses, email, phone and fax numbers of three referees.
Whilst the position is continuing, applicants should indicate if they would=
prefer the appointment to be on a secondment basis, full-time, fixed-term=20
or part-time. Applicants should include a CV and should reach Mr Jason=20
Stephensen, Human Resources Officer, Griffith University, nathan Queensland=
4111, Australia by the closing date. Applicants may submit their=20
applications by email attachment to j.stephensen {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au. (Please=
run an up-to date virus check before dispatching.)
Each page should be numbered and have the applicant's name on the top=20
right-hand corner. If forwarding a hard copy by mail, applicants are=20
requested to submit all documents single sided.
Applicants should also refer to the following Summary Conditions of=20
=B7 Associate Lecturer (Level A)
=B7 Lectuer (Level B)
=B7 Position Classifications Standards Associate Lecturer (Level A)
=B7 Lecturer (Level A)
Further Enquiries:
Ms Michelle Seeto
Phone: (07) 3875 6549
Fax: (07) 3875 3770
Email: m.seeto {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au

Further Useful Information:
Web Sites to Visit:
Faculty/Office information
Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan Environment Information
Discovering Griffith
21 Service Standards
Frequently asked questions

- ---
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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 23:03:00 EST
From: JSalloum {AT} aol.com
Subject: k-n) Ethnic Cleasing at the Museum of Civilization, Hull

apologies for cross posting (version français suit):
- ---

Protest letter against the
Museum of Civilization's recent actions:

We, the undersigned artists, are dismayed at the decision by the Canadian 
Museum of Civilization to terminate the contract of Dr. Aïda Kaouk, curator 
of the important exhibition "The Lands Within Me: Expressions by Canadian 
Artists of Arab Origin", and to close entirely the Museum’s Southwest Asian 
and Middle East program. 

We feel both acts are extensions of the Museum’s controversial decision in 
2001, under its president Victor Rabinovitch, to postpone the exhibition of 
"The lands Within Me" following the events of September 11. You may recall 
that an overwhelming grassroots protest, followed by Prime Minister Jean 
Chrétien’s denunciation of the Museum’s decision in the House of Commons, 
permitted the exhibition to go on as planned. The exhibition was 
enthusiastically received by the Canadian and international visiting public.

It appears that the museum has terminated Dr. Kaouk’s contract in retaliation 
for last year’s controversy. Dr. Kaouk, a loyal and hardworking employee for 
10 years, refrained from criticizing her employer throughout last year’s 
events. Her expertise is needed to supervise the unfinished production of the 
"Lands Within Me" publication, to speak on the exhibition, and to follow up 
on interest by Canadian diplomats to tour the exhibition internationally.

We note three especially troubling aspects of this decision:
1. The museum continues to aggravate an unhealthy nationwide atmosphere of 
racism and political aggression against the Arab community, while it is in a 
position to help heal this attitude by promoting "The Lands Within Me"
2. The museum is targeting the only female worker from a non-European 
3. The museum justifies its decision to close the Southwest Asian/Middle East 
program on the grounds of "get[ting] out of ethnic categorizations," yet 
other programs, such as Southeast Asia or Southwest Europe, are exempt from 
this closure. Thus the decision amounts to an "ethnic cleansing" of the 
Museum, a final closing of its ears to Arab and other Southwest Asian voices.

We invite you to protest these actions of the Museum, and to request the 
reinstatement of Dr. Kaouk, by contacting the officials listed below. We also 
invite you to circulate this petition. Thank you.

Laura Marks, Ottawa/Beirut
Rawi Hage, Montréal
Jayce Salloum, Vancouver

- ---

Victor Rabinovitch, president and executive director of the CMC : 
victor.rabinovitch {AT} civilisations.ca 
Prime Minister Jean Chrétien: pm {AT} pm.gc.ca
Minister of Canadian Heritage, Sheila Copps: Copps.S {AT} parl.gc.ca
NDP Leader, Alexa McDonough: McDonough.A {AT} parl.gc.ca

these Members of Parliament:
Marcel Proulx: proulm {AT} parl.gc.ca
Sarkis Assadourian: assadourian.s {AT} parl.gc.ca 
Svend Robinson: robinson.s {AT} parl.gc.ca
Libby Davies: daviel {AT} parl.gc.ca
Mark Assad: Assadm {AT} parl.gc.ca
Your own MP

Alex Himmelfarb, Private Council Office: info {AT} pco-bcp.gc.ca

Outside Canada: your local Canadian Embassy.


Protestation contre l'éviction de la curatrice Arabo-Canadienne Aïda Kaouk du 
Musée Canadien des Civilisations


Nous, sous-signé(e)s artistes, sommes consterné(e)s par la décision prise par 
le Musée Canadien des Civilisations de mettre un terme au contrat de Dr Aïda 
Kaouk, curatrice de l'importante exposition "Ces pays qui m'habitent, 
Expressions d'artistes canadiens d'origine arabe," et d'abolir entièrement le 
programme de l'Asie du sud-ouest et du Moyen-Orient au musée.


Nous croyons que ces deux actes font suite à la décision controversée prise 
par le musée en 2001, sous l'instigation de son président Victor Rabinovitch, 
d'annuler l'exposition "Ces pays qui m'habitent" après les évènements du 11 
septembre. D'aucuns se souviennent de l'indignation que cette décision avait 
provoquée, notamment de la part du Premier ministre Jean Chrétien qui l'avait 
vertement critiquée aux Communes. C'est ce qui avait permis l'ouverture de 
l'exposition à la date prévue. Nous tenons à rappeler que le public canadien 
a réservé un accueil fort enthousiaste à l'événement.


Il nous semble que la mise à l'écart de Dr Kaouk représente une revanche 
qu'on a voulu prendre contre elle pour la controverse de l'année dernière. Dr 
Kaouk, une loyale et consciencieuse employée du Musée depuis dix ans, s'était 
retenue de critiquer son employeur pendant les évènements de l'année 
dernière. Le musée a besoin de son expertise pour superviser la publication 
du catalogue sur "Ces pays qui m'habitent," ainsi que pour accompagner les 
visiteurs et répondre à leurs questions sur l'exposition, et enfin pour 
donner suite aux nombreux diplomates canadiens qui souhaitent que 
l'exposition soit reprise dans d'autres pays. 


Cette décision nous inspire trois remarques particulièrement troublantes : 

1. Le musée ne fait qu'envenimer une atmosphère nationale déjà malsaine de 
racisme et d'agression politique contre la communauté arabe, iranienne, et 
contre d'autres communautés de l'Asie du sud-ouest et du Moyen-Orient, alors 
qu'il était attendu du Musée qu'il participe à travers « Ces pays qui 
m'habitent » à détendre cette atmosphère ;

 2. Le musée porte atteinte à la seule employée d'origine non-européene

3. L'argument du musée d'abolir le programme de l'Asie du sud-ouest et du 
Moyen-Orient par un prétendu souci d'"éviter les catégorisations ethniques," 
sauf que l'abolition ne touchera pas d'autres programmes comme celui de 
l'Asie sud-est ou de l'Europe du sud-ouest. Nous nous croyons donc fondés de 
croire que la décision a les allures d'un "nettoyage ethnique" au musée, une 
fin de non recevoir radicale opposée aux expressions artistiques 


Nous vous invitons à protester contre les agissements du Musée et à demander 
que Dr Kaouk soit reconduite dans ses fonctions, en écrivant aux 
personnalités officielles dont vous trouverez plus bas les coordonnées.


Merci pour votre attention,

Laura Marks, Ottawa/Beirut

Rawi Hage, Montréal

Jayce Salloum, Vancouver

 Miloud Chennoufi, Montréal.



Victor Rabinovitch, président-directeur général du MCC : 
victor.rabinovitch {AT} civilisations.ca

Premier Ministre Jean Chrétien: pm {AT} pm.gc.ca

La ministre du Patrimoine canadien, Sheila Copps: Copps.S {AT} parl.gc.ca

La chef du NPD, Alexa McDonough : McDonough.A {AT} parl.gc.ca 


les députés 

Marcel Proulx : proulm {AT} parl.gc.ca

Sarkis Assadourian: assadourian.s {AT} parl.gc.ca 

Svend Robinson : Robinson.S {AT} parl.gc.ca

 votre député fédéral


Alex Himelfarb, Bureau du Conseil privé: info {AT} pco-bcp.gc.ca


Hors du Canada: votre ambassade canadienne locale


Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 21:43:26 -0500
From: guide <guide {AT} life.a-domesticguide.com>
Subject: life.a-domesticguide;$sneezy+2

life.a-domesticguide   or, a concatenated practice of living

what goodness hath wrought
      what badness hath wrought
          what attitude hath wrought
              what latitude hath wrought
                  what nature hath wrought
                      what day hath wrought
                          what domestication hath wrought

& that which is to the pleasure of eyes
      & that which is to the pleasure of ears
          & that which is to the pleasure of cerebrum

sneezy + 2


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 20:43:45 -0600
From: human being <human {AT} electronetwork.org>
Subject: ~e; call for works: EM Assemblage

  Electronetwork.org is creating an online gallery of
  electromagnetic art & artifacts, and work is currently
  underway to present works from various vantages of art,
  science, and technology, across timespans and mediums.

  Thus far work is being collected and compiled according
  to those works, whatever they may be, that explore the
  realm of electromagnetism in a way that helps one to
  better understand or question it. Where the line between
  electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic art & artifacts
  is drawn is still an unknown. Thus, this is an experiment,
  and an open-development of sorts.

  With copyright restrictions, few if any famous artworks
  can be shown, such as Warhol's Electric Chair screen prints
  or Jasper Johns' brass lightbulb sculptures. So there is
  some difficulty is using museum work in related to other
  works, because of the restriction on educational fair-use
  of imagery for raising public awareness of electromagnetism.

  Thus, one of the questions is works people have experienced
  which relate to electromagnetism, consciously or not, yet
  meaningful and substantial exploration and interrogation of
  the electromagnetic realm, in some significant way. Second,
  is to ask for those artists whose work focuses on this realm
  to consider participating in the show and to make contact.
  Works are sought to represent major mediums, to demonstrate
  how an electromagnetic context transcends present-day issues
  about the interaction of New Media and Digital Art with that
  of traditional artworks and collections. These works will
  be juxtaposed with artifacts of the electrical infrastructure
  in addition to inventions such as cathode ray tubes, equations,
  and experiments such as the first transistor.

  The hypothesis being utilized is that there has been a gradual
  incorporation, more and more so, of electromagnetism in artworks
  and artifacts, and that this lineage can be seen in various ways
  and at various stages. Works in pottery, sculpture, installation
  art, video art, poetry, dance, music, weaving, and other mediums
  where electromagnetism is a central idea are currently sought.

  Please e-mail if you know of work that relates to this idea, and-
  or if you are interested in participating in this online show.

  brian thomas carroll, founder

  more information on phase 1 available at:

  the Electromagnetic Education Initiative

  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization


Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 23:13:34 +1100
From: u e d a <ys {AT} soundtoys.net>
Subject: Call for Papers // Soundtoys

SOUNDTOYS call for papers and texts for 2002 - 2003.
We are seeking writers and texts on the aesthetics of interactive media, 
computer - mediated communication and sound etc....This material will be 
published here and may be used in our planned book. Alternatively, if you 
have any other information you would like to contribute or help in any way, 
then mail us.

Soundtoys journal has set out to address the following themes:
1. a history of interactivity, towards convergence
2. generative arts...the art of code. software art
3. toys or serious art. aesthetic and philosophy
4. culture versus commercial applications.
5. audio visual synthesis.
6. software for new artistic environments
7. interactivity,technology , networks
8. Net art and new media
9. Reviews - events, publications, software, news etc.
Please send your texts, papers, essays, reviews etc to info {AT} soundtoys.net
These are just a general outline of themes if you have something else then 
send it in....
Any queries, contact ys {AT} soundtoys.net


From: "ViolenceOnlineFestival" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>
Subject: Violence Version 3.0

Violence Online Festival - Version 3.0
Version 3.0 of Violence Online Festival includes following new artists:
Christina McPhee, Raphael Lyon and Andres Ingoglia,
Jane Fenton Keane, Jason Sweeney, Emilie Pitoiset, Antoine Schmitt
Patrizia Alemanno, Luca di Gregorio, Joerg Piringer, Andre Zogholy
Todd Jokl, Nicolas Economos, Adam Beebe-Infanticide,
Danielle E. Lee  and Bang-Geul Han, Dylan Graham
Tautvydas Bajarkevicius, Ego, panoptica,
Ruediger Axel Westphal, Matze Schmidt
'Art and violence both seem to stem from the abstract: that place beyond
logic, the realm of the emotion. When they intersect we are simultaneously
repelled and attracted, frightened and excited. Historically this meeting
has been wrought with complexity, and as cultural violence in every society
increases, we are prevented by paranoia, censorship and ethical demands from
asking, and sometimes even posing, some of the most important questions
violence and art together and separately produce: how is violence
represented, and what or how much of it do we need to resist the cultivation
of fear and the encouragement of dependency? Is violence a tool, a process
or a result? When are artistic portrayals of violence justifiable? As
intellectual exercise, ritual, or spiritual enhancement? For other purposes?
Or are they never justifiable? Is violence in art an action, reaction, or
reflection? '  (quotation: festival statement).

In reaction to the key role (mass) media plays by displaying and even
violence, a new environment (interface) has been created for Violence
Online Festival, which houses and hosts the art works within a virtual media
company named "Violence Media Incorporated".
By dividing the company into different departments (eg.
"Violence for Happiness" , "Violence Marketing" or "Violence Broadcasting"),
it becomes clear that their meaning
has a rather ironic or sarcastic character, which gives
the embedded art works a new meaning.

Violence Online Festival
is an ongoing New Media art project
including more than 180 artists reflecting the phenomenon of Violence.
For each new presentation a new project version
will be created including new artists and other major changes.
Violence Online Festival presentations until now:
** Version 1.0 : Online part of Violens Festival Tbor (Czech Republic) 17 -
31 August 2002
* Version 1.1 : Featured Project in September 2002 on A Virtual Memorial
** Version 2.0:  Computer Space Festival 2002 Sofia (Bulgaria) (18-21 Oct
2002) and
Liberarti Festival /Liverpool Biennale 2002 (10 Oct - 01 Dec 2002)
**Award:  Special Prize of Computer Space Festival Sofia (Bg)
**November 2002 feature/review on faf - Fine Art Forum
**previous reviews on Neural.it, Random, NOEMA, El Pais, etc.
**recently presented on "e-magic cybermedia events"
43rd International Filmfestival Thessaloniki (Greece)
12-16 November
Violence Online Festival
text, conception, programming, visalization
curator, organizer = Agricola de Cologne - copyright  2002 . All rights

NewMediaArtProjectNetwork - the experimental platform
for the arts in Intenet is founded and created by
Agricola de Cologne.
copyright  2000-2002 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to:

Fatima Lasay -
DMF2002 Festival/University of the Philippines
Nisar Keshvani
fineArt forum = art + technology netnews


technical requirements
optimized for VGA resolution 1024x768
PC Pentium III 600 Mhz or better or comparable MAC
Soundcard, recommended 56K or 64K modem or faster,
browsers: MS Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape Navigator 6.0+
Players/Plug-ins: essential the latest Flash 6,
Shockwave, Real Player, Quicktime

press {AT} newmediafest.org
Violence Online Festival


Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 14:57:56 -0500
From: "Rachel Schreiber" <rschreib {AT} micamail.mica.edu>
Subject: teaching opportunities at MICA

Searches are being conducted for the following full time teaching positions
at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), Baltimore, MD:

Interactive Media
Graphic Design

Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested. The details on how
to apply can be found on the MICA web site (http://www.mica.edu), follow the
links to "career opportunities." Short job descriptions below:

Position: Interactive Media. 
The Maryland Institute College of Art invites applications for this
full-time permanent position with an initial two-year renewable contract and
continuing 3 and 5 year contracts in a non-tenure institution.
Begins:Fall, 2003. The College seeks a creative individual with the skills,
experience, and personal commitment necessary to teach one or more of the
following: 2D or 3D Interface design; programming/scripting for Internet and
building interactivity w/micro-controllers. Teach 9 credits per semester of
intro to advanced technology courses; develop advanced level classes;
participation in departmental operations including advising, committee
service departmental and student activities. Required qualifications include
a MFA degree or equivalent professional experience; knowledge of contemporary
issues; outstanding portfolio of professional work; three years college level
teaching experience beyond Teaching Assistantships or equivalent professional

Position: Full-time appointment to the Department of Photography.

The Maryland Institute College of Art invites applications for this full-time
permanent position with an initial two-year renewable contract and continuing
3 and 5 year contracts in a non-tenure institution.
Begins: Fall, 2003. The College seeks a senior level
photographer/artist/educator to teach 9 credits per semester Successful
candidate will teach intro to advanced level, in the undergrad photography
and foundation programs, including computer-related courses. (Min. 2 sections
of Photo Digital classes and 1 section of foundation EMAC) Seeking
experienced candidate who can build strong digital photo curriculum to
complement existing program, and develop new advanced level classes in
computer related photography areas. Additionally, position will require
involvement in departmental operations, student advising, serving on
committees, and participation in department and student activities. Must be
able to teach basic to advanced, conventional and digital photographic
imaging using Macintosh platform.Requirements include: MFA or equivalent;
Minimum of 3 years teaching in relevant fields beyond Teaching Assistantships
or equivalent professional experience.

Position:Full-time appointment to the Department of Graphic Design. 
The Maryland Institute College of Art invites applications for an initial
two-year renewable contract and continuing 3 and 5 year contracts in a
non-tenure institution.
Begins:Fall, 2003. The College seeks a graphic designer who will bring
strong visual and critical abilities to a vibrant, growing graphic design
department that emphasizes typography and encourages students to explore old
and new media across the disciplines of art and design. In addition to
teaching nine credits per semester of courses that can range from the
introductory to the advanced, including foundation and graduate levels, the
successful candidate will actively participate in all aspects of departmental
operations including curriculum development and advisement. Required
qualifications include an MFA degree or professional equivalent; strong
interest in design for multimedia and the Web; knowledge of digital design
techniques and the aesthetics and production values of print media; and
excellence in creative work as evidenced by an outstanding portfolio and
professional practice. The ideal candidate will be a committed, practicing
designer; an exciting colleague; and a nurturing mentor. 3 Years teaching
College level teaching experience beyond TA preferred.


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 08:54:59 +1000
From: "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>
Subject: Call for Contributors: 'fight' and other M/C issues in 2003

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 11 December 2002

                          M/C - Media and Culture
             is calling for contributors to the 2003 issues of

                                M/C Journal

The award-winning M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a
crossover journal between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and
peer-reviewed journal.

To see what M/C Journal is all about, check out our Website, which contains
all the issues released so far, at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>. To
find out how and in what format to contribute your work, visit

Below, you'll find the issue topics we're planning for 2003, along with the
article submission and issue release deadlines, and a call for contributors
for the first issue of the year, 'fight'. Please check the M/C Journal site
for further calls and topic descriptions coming soon.

Please spread this call far and wide, and remember to archive it for future

                         Call for Papers: 'fight'

Countless histories, films, novels, and song lyrics are built around the
all-powerful narrative device of the fight - very often the "timeless"
fight between good and evil. How is such conflict depicted in the media -
in fantasy (The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Buffy, Xena, Star Wars),
martial arts cinema (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) or in war films (Black
Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan)? Just as this metaphor is used to urge us
forward in the fight against terror, is the epic battle between good and
evil beginning to dominate our screens (again)? And do our movie heroes
still fight for love?

And how do contemporary crusaders from the left or right of politics go
about fighting the good fight when the binary opposition between good and
evil seems to melt away under scrutiny, and when it is becoming so
difficult to determine just who the adversary is? Is it possible any longer
to fight with honour and conviction? What about the fight against global
poverty? Against AIDS? Against crime, drugs, and moral decay? The fight for
women's rights or an end to racial discrimination? Or even the fight for
family values?

And the fight has always been a form of entertainment - "going to the
fight", over-the-top wrestling, big-ticket boxing events, martial arts as
suburban family pastime, not to mention the mediated glory that was Ali,
and the darker mixed messages of Fight Club. Other forms of sporting
entertainment are organized by fight metaphors too - the football field is
always a battlefield. Meanwhile, talkshow guests publicly fight with the
ones they love, or relate the tales of fights they have won and lost with
themselves: their battles with the bulge, with drugs, or with sex addiction
- - their inner fight between good and evil.

Deadline for Submissions: 20 January 2003
Length: 1500-2000 words & 2000-3000 if you want your work to be considered
for the feature article (Rich Text Format Preferred)
Issue Release Date: 26 February 2003

Issue Editors: Jean Burgess, Joy McEntee, and Emma Nelms
Email: fight {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

We look forward to hearing from you.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                     2003 M/C Journal Issue Deadlines

'share'      editors: Axel Bruns & Alex Burns
             share {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 3 March 2003
             release date: 23 April 2003

'logo'       editor: John Pace
             logo {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 28 April 2003
             release date: 18 June 2003

'fibre' - a collaboration with :: fibreculture ::
             editor: fibreculture group
             fibre {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 23 June 2003
             release date: 13 August 2003

open - suggestions: 'beast', 'trick', 'oral', 'medium', 'veil', 'skin'
Would you like to edit this issue? Contact us at: mc {AT} media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 18 August 2003
             release date: 8 October 2003

'text'       editor: Catriona Mills
             text {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 13 October 2003
             release date: 3 December 2003

Please note that the topic for issue five is still open for discussion:
contact us if you'd like to suggest an issue topic! We're also interested
in co-editors for a number of the other issues.

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       M/C Journal is online at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>.
     All issues of M/C Journal on various topics are available there.
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  M/C Reviews is now available at <http://reviews.media-culture.org.au/>.
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                                                  Dr Axel Bruns

- -- 
 Supervising Production Manager          production {AT} media-culture.org.au
 M/C - Media and Culture                http://www.media-culture.org.au/


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:33:52 -0500
From: "ricardo dominguez" <rdom {AT} thing.net>
Subject: netblokade against EU's Fortress Europe 

To all political friends.

The Danish activist network Global Roots is running a net-blocade as a
protest against EU and Fortress Europe. It's a legal action and it will have
a big effect if many people join. The details follow. We hope you'll join
and - very importantly - that you'll link to the site www.disobedience.dk

Global Roots
- -------------------------

Read, take action and forward!

Join the net-blokade against EU and Fortress Europe on www.disobedience.dk

EU politicians are hiding behind barbed wire and roadblocks, and the police
want to prevent demonstrators from coming to Copenhagen to voice their
disagreement with EU's politics. If you can't make it to Copenhagen the
13-15th of December to show your resistance, you can do it here,

The action is legal. When you join, a so called WebScript starts running. As
long as the script runs, resources are used on the server targeted and at
worst - or best -the machine will break down or at least will "answer"

The action will ONLY work if a lot of people participate at once. In this
way the action gains legitimacy. This is not destructive hacking by single
individuals. The action can best be compared to a blokade of, for example, a
factory. If only a handful of people show up, it will have no effect - and
probably not much support. If thousands stand in the way, no one can get
through, and the case gains wide appeal from the people.


Electronic civil disobedience. It rocks!


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 23:53:38 -0500
From: Chris Csikszentmihalyi <csik {AT} media.mit.edu>
Subject: Please Post!

Tenure Track Faculty Positions within The Media Laboratory

The MIT Media Laboratory is seeking new Faculty. We are looking for 
candidates who would thrive in a collaborative, innovation-driven research 
environment that integrates multiple disciplines. Candidates should have 
demonstrated expertise in the design and exploration of emerging 
technologies in areas such as: arts and invention, learning and 
intelligence in people and machines, technologies for communities and 
development, and the interface between the physical and digital worlds.

Responsibilities include: starting up a research program, supervising a 
team of graduate students and undergraduate researchers, and teaching 
(graduate and undergraduate). Candidates should have a doctorate (or 
equivalent), a strong record of research, and teaching experience at the 
university level. Appointments will be within the Media Arts and Sciences 
academic program, and will be principally at the Assistant Professor level.

Qualified candidates should submit a resume, representative materials or 
portfolio, the names of three references, and a concise summary of their 
research interests by January 15, 2003 to:

Faculty Search Committee
MIT Media Laboratory, E15-401
20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Inquiries should be sent to: search {AT} media.mit.edu.  For additional 
information about the Laboratory, see http://www.media.mit.edu

The Media Laboratory and the Program in Media Arts and Sciences are 
dedicated to the goal of building a diverse faculty and strongly encourage 
applications from qualified women and members of under-represented groups.

MIT is an equal-opportunity/affirmative-action employer.
MIT is a non-smoking environment.

Chris Csikszentmihlyi
Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
MIT Media Lab

email:  csik {AT} media.mit.edu
group: http://compcult.media.mit.edu
self:   http://www.media.mit.edu/~csik


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 15:30:43 +0100
From: "netzspannung.org redaktion" <redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org>
Subject: live stream from netzspannung.org on 12th December at 19:00

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
live stream from netzspannung.org on 12th December at 19:00
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

	Lecture from Prof. Dr. Semir Zeki
	Professor of Neuroscience
	University College, London
	"Neural Concept Formation and Art: Dante, Michelangelo , Wagner"
	Lecture in English


- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The lecture is part of the ICONIC TURN series, which is organised by the

Burda Akademie zum Dritten Jahrtausend (Burda Academy of the third 
millenium) in collaboration with the Humanwissenschaftlichen Zentrum of
Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, in co-operation with
netzspannung.org, the internet platform for media art, media design,
science and technology.  http://iconic-turn.de/

netzspannung.org was conceived and developed by the MARS Exploratory
Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication and is supported
the Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung (Ministry of Education
Research). http://netzspannung.org/
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Contact: Katja Heckes 
Email: redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org
MARS - Exploratory Media Lab |
Fraunhofer Institut fr Medienkommunikation
D-53754 Sankt Augustin | Germany |
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 20:15:01 +1100
From: dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org
Subject: anarchogeek.com

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in case you hadn't seen it.


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