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<nettime> Announcements [12x]

Table of Contents:

   Crisis Media: Iraq Journal providing daily reports                              
     dhalleck <dhalleck {AT} weber.ucsd.edu>                                              

     x {AT} avu.cz                                                                        

   Resolution to Authorize Artistic Acts of Mediation                              
     US Department of Art & Technology <press {AT} usdept-arttech.net>                    

   Fw: November Film Schedule                                                      
     "Geneva J. Anderson" <geneva {AT} iscweb.com>                                        

   textz.com has been relaunched today                                             
     "textz.com" <sebastian {AT} rolux.org>                                               

   Curriculum Online/Culture Online UK                                             
     "Lachlan Brown" <lachlan {AT} london.com>                                            

     josephine starrs <starrs {AT} autonomous.org>                                        

     lele luchetti <lele {AT} observatori.com>                                            

   Job Opportunity  {AT}  London                                                        
     "Lachlan Brown" <lachlan {AT} london.com>                                            

   Migrant Navigator / Home  project . Darko Fritz                                 
     <fritzd {AT} chello.nl>                                                              

   DAC call for works                                                              
     Adrian Miles <adrian.miles {AT} uib.no>                                              

   Live streaming!                                                                 
     "netzspannung.org redaktion" <redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org>                       


Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 16:22:11 -0400
From: dhalleck <dhalleck {AT} weber.ucsd.edu>
Subject: Crisis Media: Iraq Journal providing daily reports

Jeremy Scahill, Jacquie Soohan are in Iraq and are providing a series of
audio, video and text reports.  The site (iraqjournal.org) has simplicity
and clarity and on-the-ground reporting from this beleagured country.  
This morning they covered the opening of the Iraqi prisons. Amazing. It
will be posted this afternoon.



Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 02:28:28 +0200
From: x {AT} avu.cz

"EXHIBITION"   by Michael Bielicky        http://exhibition.avu.cz/

WHEN : 25.10.2002 -3.1.2003       WHERE  : Paris  Espace Electra   and  in
the Web

"EXHIBITION" is an online project. A web cam and an old bread mill are
installed on a table. The visitor enters the room and sits on the chair.
She/he turns the handle of the mill and with this she/he creates an image
of her/him self. This image is automatically up loaded to the web page
where all images of the visitors will be stored. Each of the images will
be framed by an old frame. The spectator see on the wall a projected image
of that web site. The visitor generally comes to a gallery or to a museum
to see an art piece.  Instead of seeing a piece of art he/she him/her self
becomes an object of an EXHIBITION in another cultural space which is the
Web. Anybody who has an access to the net will see the "album" of the
images. The Internet connection is made by ADSL link. The interface (the
mill) was made by Milan Gustar. The software and the web design was
created by Vaclav Vancura.

"Exhibition" is a contribution to a show "Laterna Magika" (historical and
contemporary electronic media art from Czech Republic)  in Paris at Espace

Opening:  25.10.2002  at 7pm

EDF - Espace Electra
6 rue Recamier - 75007 Paris
tl: 01 53 63 23 45
Metro: Sevres-Babylone



Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 21:25:48 -0400
From: US Department of Art & Technology <press {AT} usdept-arttech.net>
Subject: Resolution to Authorize Artistic Acts of Mediation

US Department of Art & Technology
Washington, DC
press {AT} usdept-arttech.net

Press Secretary
For Immediate Release:  October 23, 2002

Secretary Packer Pushes for Resolution to
Authorize Artistic Acts of Mediation

Washington, DC - Secretary Randall M. Packer of the US Department of Art &
Technology has offered a ground-breaking resolution: the Secretary has
called for Department Staff and the Artist-Ambassadors of the Global
Virtualization Council to consider and vote on the Joint Resolution to
Authorize Acts of Artistic Mediation (US DAT J.  Res. 1).

The Covenant for the Articles of Artistic Mediation, collectively
co-authored by artists and critics from around the world, was originally
transmitted on June 19th, 2002 to the US Department of State at the World
Mediation Summit in Washington, DC. The resolution now under debate would
effectively carry out authorization of the Articles of Artistic Mediation
in this historic resolve to help bring about world peace.The resolution
reaffirms the power of art to prevent war, it promotes artists to act in
emergency, and it specifically calls for the artistic action as an
alternative to military force against Iraq.

"There is a need for the American public to understand the dangerous
tendencies of the Bush Regime," Secretary Packer stated in his office in
Washington, DC. "There has been some public discussion, but relatively
little. This resolution calls for regime change in America by authorizing
acts of artistic mediation in an effort to bring the artist message to
center stage of the political process."

The Joint Resolution of the US Department of Art & Technology and the
Global Virtualization Council, would provide a basis for international
understanding of the artist's position on cultural conflicts, which are of
great concern in our increasingly apocalyptic world.

According to Secretary Packer, "Approving this resolution means that
artistic action is imminent and unavoidable. If this authorization of the
use of artistic mediation is supported by thoughtful and experienced
members of our Staff and the Council of Artist-Ambassadors, the
international community might well be reassured that artists speak with
one voice and are determined to make the demands of the civilized world
mean something. We will be sending a message to President Bush: his only
choice is full compliance, and the time remaining for that choice is

"The President's actions have put us on notice," Packer stated, "and there
is no refuge from our responsibilities. We did not ask for this present
challenge, but we accept it. As Marshall McLuhan said, 'To prevent undue
wreckage in society, the artist tends now to move from the ivory to the
control tower of society.'"


The US Department of Art & Technology

The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States principal
conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry
into the broader culture where ideas become real action. It also serves
the psychological and spiritual well-being of all Americans by supporting
cultural efforts that provide immunity from the extension of new media
technologies into the social sphere.

Covenant for the Articles of Artistic Mediation

The Covenant for the Articles of Artistic Mediation was officially
transmitted on June 19th, 2002 to the US Department of State at the World
Mediation Summit in Washington, DC. The World Mediation Summit was
convened under the theme "Artist as Mediator on the World Stage,"  held at
the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes, the German Cultural Center in
Washington, DC, as a signal of the cultural community's determination to
tackle head-on the extraordinary challenges faced by the world after the
attacks of September 11th.

Contact: Press Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology
press {AT} usdept-arttech.net


Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 22:40:42 -0700
From: "Geneva J. Anderson" <geneva {AT} iscweb.com>
Subject: Fw: November Film Schedule

- ----- Original Message -----
From: Karen V Schell <dragonflygraphics {AT} earthlink.net>
To: Film Series Announcements <dragonflygraphics {AT} earthlink.net>
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 9:18 PM
Subject: November Film Schedule


Hello everyone,
Join us in November for a another great lineup of films! We begin the films
at at new time this fall, 7:30pm at the Petaluma Coffee Café.

Examine modern America's most controversial political contest with the
Independent Filmmakers' latest offering, "Unprecedented: The 2000
Presidential Election"; laugh and learn with Sustainable Petaluma,
presenting "Blue Vinyl"--the cinematography winner at Sundance and
audience favorite at Bioneers; and delve into the historic rebellion in
Mexico with the Petaluma Progressives' showing of "Zapatista". We will be
closed for the Thanksgiving weekend.

As an added feature, some of the films this season will have speaker
contact information added to the listing after the film, so if you have
more questions on the subject, you can follow up later. We have added
contact info to the Bio-diesel film page and The Shaman's Apprentice film

Come a little early for coffee, tea and snacks! The counter will be open
until the film begins at 7:30pm. Check out the listings below and the
Sustainable Petaluma website which features an ongoing schedule of the
films. See you there!

Karen Schell
Friday Night Film Series
2nd and H Streets at the Foundry Wharf, Petaluma

Friday, November 8, 2002 7:30pm FREE
Independent Filmmakers Present:

Directed by Richard Ray Pérez and Joan Sekler; Narration by Peter Coyote;
2002; 50 minutes

Berkeley Film Festival award winning documentary, Unprecedented: The 2000
Presidential Election, narrated by Peter Coyote, is the riveting story of
the battle for the Presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in

Filmmakers Richard Ray Pérez and Joan Sekler examine modern America's most
controversial political contest: the election of George W. Bush. What
emerges is a disturbing picture of an election marred by suspicious
irregularities, electoral injustices, and sinister voter purges in a state
governed by the winning candidate's brother.

In one memorable scene, the filmmakers freeze-frame a 'protest' against the
ballot recount, identifying participants as staff members of Republican
elected officials.


Friday, November 15, 2002 7:30pm FREE
Sustainable Petaluma Presents:

*BLUE VINYL* With Special Guests

Directed by Judith Helfand and Dan Gold; 2002; 90 minutes

Judith Helfand's parents have just installed vinyl siding on their home,
much to her dismay. She tries to convince them it's bad for the environment,
but her mother thinks she's over-reacting, while her father praises its

A smash hit at Bioneers and winner of the Sundance Film Festival's
documentary cinematography award, Blue Vinyl, billed as a "toxic comedy",
follows filmmaker Judith Helfand as she takes the viewer (and her parents)
on a hilarious world-wide journey to discover the destructive life-cycle of
one of our most popular substances: vinyl.

You'll laugh, you'll cry. Helfand tells a story so complex and shady, we
could never have known it otherwise, leading us to wonder why we have
products with such complex stories in the first place.

Will her parents remove the siding after knowing the real story? Come find
out for yourself!

Friday, November 22, 2002 7:30pm FREE
Petaluma Progressives Present:

*ZAPATISTA* With Discussion to follow

1999, 54 minutes

Zapatista was filmed over two years while the filmmakers lived in Mexico
with the Zapatistas, and is the definitive look at the civil war in Mexico.

It combines first hand footage with extensive interviews and testimonies
from campesinos, rebel leaders, activists and intellectuals working on both
sides of the border.

Zapatista shows how this revolt grew out of 500 years of indigenous
resistance and how it addresses the current intolerable conditions of the
Mayan people in Mexico. It is the most realistic look at this historic
rebellion that you will ever see on film. Don't miss it.


FOR MORE INFO: (707) 763-8134
For full calendar listing:


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:00:10 -0400
From: "textz.com" <sebastian {AT} rolux.org>
Subject: textz.com has been relaunched today

|                                       |
|  textz.com has been relaunched today  |
|                                       |
|  --> http://textz.com     ... thanks  |
|                                       |
|  o__o   |_ /) \/ |_ ^/   /^ /\ |/|/|  |
|  /::\_  \_ \_ /\ \_ /_ o \_ \/ | | |  |
|  we  are  the  &  in  copy  &  paste  |
|                                       |


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 02:00:39 +0000
From: "Lachlan Brown" <lachlan {AT} london.com>
Subject: Curriculum Online/Culture Online UK

for announcements L X

Dear E-group members.  Sorry to send you two e-mails in one day, but you
may find the following seminar of interest.  As usual, please contact the
person listed below for further details and only respond to me if you wish
to be removed from the group.  The seminar is on the 28 October
 Dear All

Here is information about a seminar that you may find interesting. It is a
workshop addressing issues relevant to registration, self-certification of
resources and tagging of resources, to make sure that you get it right
first time with minimum extra effort, and understand how to make the most
of the opportunities offered through Curriculum Online.

Digital Content Seminar 
Victoria Park Plaza, Victoria, London SW1V 1EQ 
Monday 28 October 2002 
Curriculum Online - What is it? 

Curriculum Online is an exciting new educational service paving the way
towards a new generation of innovative, media-rich learning resources. It
offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve step changes in
teaching and learning by delivering high quality digital learning material
directly into the classroom. It is being developed through a unique
partnership between government and industry to create a new market place
bringing together users, suppliers and materials. An independent showcase
for all educational digital resource providers, it is provider
independent, offering teachers a reliable one-stop shop for certified
resources, searchable by Key Stage, subject and topic.

Why get involved? 

Curriculum Online will provide major opportunities for all those involved
in education to benefit not only from the overall investment we are making
in educational Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - £1.8bn
from 1998-2004 - but also from the specific resources available to schools
to purchase public and private sector products showcased though the portal
- £50m to be made available to all schools in England for the school year

This same opportunity is available to public sector organisations who also
want to encourage the use of their freely-accessible materials in schools.
Curriculum Online will be a key tool for teachers in encouraging the use
of all types of electronic learning resources - either on CD-ROM or

What do you need to do? 

All content providers will be required to register to become Curriculum
Online registered content providers. There are parallel arrangements for
retailers also. Details of how the registration process will operate are
available at <http://register.curriculumonline.gov.uk/> . Content
providers are required to self-certify and tag the digital resources they
wish to appear on the portal in line with the guidance contained at the
above site and on www.dfes.gov.uk/curriculumonline
<http://www.dfes.gov.uk/curriculumonline>. By special agreement with DfES,
registered museums, publicly funded archives and public libraries already
meet the 'due diligence' criteria to be included in Curriculum Online.

How can we help you? 

The DfES Curriculum Online team, working with technical partners BECTa,
Simulacra Media and Parity, have developed and tested the BECTa Tagging
Tool to help you tag your resources against the required Curriculum Online
metadata scheme. We have teamed up with the Department for Culture, Media
and Sport and are now writing to invite you to attend a workshop
addressing issues relevant to registration, self-certification of
resources and tagging of resources, to make sure that you get it right
first time with minimum extra effort, and understand how to make the most
of the opportunities offered through Curriculum Online. An outline
programme for the seminar is attached and presentations will include:

· an update on Culture Online outlining progression as to how Culture
Online and Curriculum Online may complement each other 
. illustrations as to how education is being prioritised for the cultural
sector and how that work is being supported; 
· feedback of user testing of the Tagging Tool and technical guidance; 
· Portal search functionality overview; 
· feedback of user testing from teachers in relation to Curriculum Online; 
… · open sessions with technical support teams to address individual enquiries. 

To attend, please complete the attached registration form and return it to the conference organisers by either e-mail to c-online {AT} pauljamesassociates.co.uk or fax on 0115 943 5520 as soon as possible. Joining Instructions, including a location map will be sent to you shortly. Should you have any queries or require any further information about arrangements for the seminar, please telephone the organisers on their helpline number: 0115 943 5579. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 28 October. 

Yours sincerely 

Doug Brown                                              
Divisional Manager      
ICT in Schools  
Department for Education and Skills     
Ruth Shaw 
Project Development Officer 
Culture Online 
Department for Culture, Media and Sport 

Lachlan Brown
T(416) 826 6937
VM (416) 822 1123



Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:01:22 +1000
From: josephine starrs <starrs {AT} autonomous.org>
Subject: sydneyjob

Lecturer in 2D and 3D Visualisation

Sydney College of the Arts

Reference No.  B43/003111

College of the Arts, is the Contemporary Visual Arts Faculty of the
University of Sydney and the Faculty seeks an experienced academic who
will take the lead in developing the integration of digital technology
into all of the Studio based programs of the Faculty.

This full-time position is designed to assist researchers, staff and
students in gaining digital visualisation and production skills
appropriate to visual arts practice. It is envisaged that this position
will enable developments and linkages in digital research and teaching
through the 3D studio programs of Sculpture and Object & Art Design as
well as between Painting, Printmedia, Electronic & Temporal Art and
Photomedia, including facilitating 2D and 3D output.

For full advertisement, please refer to the University's web site at
http://www.bull.usyd.edu.au/personnel/  For further information and the
full position description contact: Mirabel FitzGerald, Associate Dean
Academic Administration (02) 9351 1060 or e-mail:
<underline><color><param>0000,0000,00FF</param>M.Fitzgerald {AT} sca.usyd.edu.au</color></underline>
or Mr Geoff Weary Associate Dean Research (02) 9351 1055 or e-mail
<underline><color><param>0000,0000,00FF</param>g.weary {AT} sca.usyd.edu.au</color></underline>

<bold>Closing:	</bold> 14 November 2002

</bigger></bigger></fontfamily>Josephine Starrs


Lecturer Media Arts

Sydney College of the Arts

University of Sydney

tel 61 2 9351 1035


Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 13:42:48 +0200
From: lele luchetti <lele {AT} observatori.com>
Subject: www.observatori.com/_llenameelsite_

     al loro
warning !! warning

la siguiente convocatoria
the following call for proposal
os invita a participar en una copia de
invites you to take part to a copy of
<http://www.infomera.net/informacion-efimera> >
desarrollado, developed, _infomera.net_,
por/by arcangel constantini
y promovido, and supported, _infomera.net_,
por/by <http://www.laagencia.org <http://www.laagencia.org/> >
_fill up my site_/_lléname el site_
está desarrollado por
it's been developed by
LeLE & casares
aka _los machín_
aka _latino lovers_
en colaboración con
powered by
alex y paco de adev.es
warning !! warning
      al loro

:::festival of art investigation:::
festival de investigación artística
:::nov(i)emb(r)e(r) 1, 2, and/y 3::
:::::::valencia (e/spain/ña):::::::
_fill up my site_/_lléname el site_
net.art open space
espacio abierto para arte enredado
_fill up my site_
_lléname el site_
with everything you can!
¡con lo que quieras!
it's an open call for proposal for online art pieces
una convocatoria abierta para obras en línea
observatori'02 opens to you from november 1st to 3rd
observatori'02 se abre a ti y desde el 1 hasta el 3 de noviembre
you can introduce the most art you can
puedes introducirle todo el arte que desees.
you just have to follow the very easy steps explained in
basta con seguir las fáciles indicaciones presentes en




acceso abierto ftp ,

username : infra01. pW : b0207

 > crea - destuye - transforma >

acceso abierto a la informacion >

+ data is to use,

+ data is not to wear < * respect *

la data se usa , no se pone < * respeto

" el lenguaje es un virus "

< < abrir canales , continuar el flujo . > cambiar conciencia

generar discurso

http://www.infomera.net/                                colectivo individuo <




LeLE & Casares aka _los machin_ aka _latinolovers_


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 02:18:39 +0000
From: "Lachlan Brown" <lachlan {AT} london.com>
Subject: Job Opportunity  {AT}  London

for announcer

Job Opportunity at London Arts
Education Officer

4 month fixed term contract (Dec 2002 to March 2003

Salary in range £22,527 - £26,640 pa (pro rated)
(Officer, spinal points 28 - 34)

Based in the London Arts offices, 2 Pear Tree Court, LONDON EC1R 0D

London Arts are looking to appoint an Education Officer to join our Access
Unit on a fixed term contract commencing in December.  This position
involves the design, monitoring and maintenance of the Access Unit’s
education services.  In this role you will be required to liaise with
client organisations and repond to requests for information and advice
from artists, arts organisations, schools, and other representatives.

The main areas of the Access Unit’s work are social inclusion, education,
training and disability.

 More specific details about the role are contained in the attached job
description and person specification.

 Applications must be received by midday (12.00pm) on Friday 1 November
2002. To apply by post please mark your envelope “Application - Education
Officer” and send to Sarah Cowles, London Arts, 2 Pear Tree Court, London

Interviews are provisionally set for Wednesday 13th November.

We accept applications in a range of formats:

- - You can apply by email; send your application to
recruitment {AT} lonab.co.uk. (It is your responsibility to make sure the email
has arrived; we always acknowledge receipt so please check if you don’t
hear from us. There is no need to send a hard copy; if you are shortlisted
you will be asked to sign your application at interview.)

- - Faxed applications can be sent to 020 7340 1087.

- - Disabled applicants are welcome to apply in other formats, for example
on tape or braille. If you need help or advice please email or call us
(020 7608 6164/6165).

The application form, job description and person specification is
attached.  If you have any job related queries, please contact Adrian
Chappell, Head of Access, on 020 7608 6118.

London Arts is committed to equality of opportunity. We positively welcome
applications from Black and Asian people and deaf and disabled people as
they are currently under-represented in our workforce. Disabled applicants
who meet the person specification will be guaranteed an interview.


London Arts, 2 Pear Tree Court, London EC1R 0DS.  Tel: 020 7608 6100
Direct Line: 020 7608 6110

London Arts joined with the other regional arts boards and the Arts
Council of England on 1 April 2002 to create a new, single arts funding
and development organisation.


Lachlan Brown
T(416) 826 6937
VM (416) 822 1123


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 0:47:49 +0100
From: <fritzd {AT} chello.nl>
Subject: Migrant Navigator / Home  project . Darko Fritz

. announcement
. Home project . Darko Fritz

. 01 - 15. 11. 2002 . posters at billboards close to Croatian borders
. 01 - 04. 11. 2002 . posters at billboards in Zagreb

. 31 . 10. 2002 . 12 h . Migrant Navigator project presentation  {AT}  mama . Preradoviceva  18 . Zagreb . participants: Darko Fritz [artist] . Iva R. Jankovic [Motel Jezevo] . Leila Topic [Motel Jezevo]

. Migrant Navigator project . Darko Fritz
. http://artefact.mi2.hr/migrant/navigator.htm

How many people living at the places they were born? The Migrant Navigator project deals with the issue of migration, the notions of home, identity and nostalgia. It consists of three parts:

  . Home - poster project
  . The Future of Nostalgia - flower installation
  . illegal immigrants dis.information - on-line project

. illegal immigrants dis.information . on-line project since April 2002

Recently is included at low-fi list [http://www.low-fi.org.uk] where is described: <We are lead into 'home' by repeated iconography of the home button from Netscape including a fantastic page where the icon has grown to a square meter. Once you get beyond the 'home' icon, this 'dis.informative' site about illegal immigration issues was built by '[mis]using TraceNoizer software'. This process renders pages which are less than helpful and a sort of representation of confused and second hand information. The project develops to question notions of home and displacement.>
illegal immigrants dis.information is listed at Open clone projects by TraceNoizer. [http://www.tracenoizer.org]
Included works by: Netscape, Jo van der Spek, TraceNoizer, Kein Mensch is Illegal

. The Future of Nostalgia . Jun - October 2002

The 'home' icon was planted as a 9 x 9 meter flower bed at the city park close to railway station in Linz, Austria. This work is part of the Talking the City project.

. Home . 1 - 15 . 11 . 2002

3 x 4 meter posters with a black/silver Home button icon only are displayed at the commercial billboards close to Croatian borders.
1 - 5. 11. 2002. posters will be displayed at billboards in Zagreb as well. Billboards locations: railway station, main city square and Savska Street.
This work is part of the Jezevo Motel project.

- ---
darko.fritz.propaganda . http://members.ams.chello.nl/fritzd 
- ---


Participating artists: Hsyein Alptekin (TUR), Olaf Arndt & BBM (GER), Maja Bajevic' (BIH), Miroslaw Baka (PL), Jovan Balov (MK), Sokol Beqiri (K), Luchezar Boyadjiev (BUG), Boris Cvjetanovic' (HR), Tanja Dabo (HR), Danica Dakic' (BIH), Uros Duric' (YU), Vadim Fishkin (RUS), Darko Fritz (HR), Ghazel (IRR), Grady Gerbracht (USA), Igor Grubic' (HR), Aleksandar Battista Ilic' (HR), IRWIN (SLO), Sanja Ivekovic' (HR), S(ejla Kameric' (BIH), Shalva Khakhanashvili (GEO), Ivana Keser (HR), Svebor Kranjc (HR), Andreja Kuluncic' (HR), Anton Lederer & Margharette Makovec (A), Kristina Leko (HR), Pia Lindman (USA), Marko Lulic (A), Dalibor Martinis (HR), Dan Oki (HR), Tanja Ostojic' (YU), Bertha Jottar Palenzuela (USA), Danica Phelps (USA), Marjetica Potrc (SLO), Oliver Ressler & Martin Krenn (A), Sandra Sterle (HR), Nedko Solakov (BUL), Nebojsa Seric' Soba (BIH), Slaven Tolj (HR), Milica Tomic' (YU), Luca Vitone (I), Manuela Vladic' (HR), Zelimir Zilnik (YU).

Curators, critics, theorists involved in the project: Carlos Basualdo, Nada Beros, Boris Buden, Ana Devic', Zoran Eric', Branko Franceschi, Markita Franulic', Marina Grzinic', Natasa Ilic', Silva Kalcic', Zelimir Koscevic', Dejan Krsic', Shkelzen Maliqi, Suzana Milevska, Tihomir Milovac, Rastko Mocnik, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Zarko Paic', Sabina Sabolovic', Branka Stipancic', Leila Topic', Nevena Tudor, Iva R. Jankovic.

At the end of the nineties, newspaper articles about Jezevo, that is, the
Reception Centre for Foreigners, a waiting-room of the detention centre
type for illegal migrants from the whole world, appeared occasionally and
unobtrusively in the local press. At the beginning of summer 2000, the
theme of Jezevo intruded all by itself into the consciousness of a small
group of artists, curators and critics from Zagreb. We had no doubt
whatsoever about the question of "why Jezevo?", but for months we had
acrimonious discussions about the methods, manners, objectives... agreeing
at the end, in line with the aspiration to start off an artistic project
based on the work-in-progress principle, that the ideas and the approaches
would necessarily and unremittingly be formed through concrete and common
work. <http://artefact.mi2.hr/web/pix/project_jezevo_paper.jpg> ...
Several thousand migrants a year go through Jezevo, the number of them
constantly rising. In 2001 the motel got an annexe to meet at least
partially the growing needs - now Jezevo can take about 180 people a day.
In four years, about 4,000 illegal migrants have passed through Jezevo.
They come from some fifty countries, and about 84% of them are men, 12%
are women and 4% children. However, the statistics are still more
relentless: in 2000, more than half a million illegal migrants entered the
EU, only in Croatia more than 23,000 being arrested. There is hardly a
border crossing in Croatia at which illegals are not arrested. ... Jezevo
is just one of the many reception centres of illegal immigrants along the
borders of Fortress Europe. Unlike that in neighbouring Bosnia and
Herzegovina, for example, in Bosanski Petrovac, which can receive up to
2000 people a day, in hard facilities or in tents, where the problems are
exacerbated and the contrasts of black and white dominant, in Jezevo
everything is in shades and transitions. We decided on Jezevo as the real
and symbolic point of departure for a multimedia and multidisciplinary
project, the Jezevo Motel, for several reasons. At first glance we were
intrigued by the form and one-time function of the building in interaction
with its current purpose. The motel building is a typical example of the
way modernist architecture was brought down to ground in the former
Yugoslavia in late socialism. The modest prefabricated building is an
excellent witness of the economy and aesthetics of a time, and of the
general belatedness of "peripheral structures", in which the great ideas
from the world are facilely accepted and still faster watered down, but
still have a remarkable ability to survive, to be transformed and take on
new substance. The Jezevo Motel then is a metaphor for life on the
periphery, at the darkling edge of things. A motel, of course, always
symbolises transit and motion. But its guests, the stowaways, the wretched
of the Third World, the Romanians, Iranians, Turks, Yugoslavs, Iraqis,
Moldavians, Albanians, Macedonians, Tunisians, and those from even more
distant lands like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Burkina Faso,
Sierra Leone, Zaire, Afghanistan?. are stopped here, held, before their
movement, this time forcible, continues in an unwanted way - into the
neighbouring state from which they illegally crossed the border. This is
not the end however. Their journeys continue "across seven seas and seven
mountains", setting up, in spite of their wishes, a big domino effect of
successive deportations from one country to another, until they arrive at
their point of origin, where they are most often awaited by an
impoverished and disappointed family, quite frequently by jail, and
sometimes the death penalty. We are convinced that no one can be left
unmoved by this domino effect, like the butterfly effect.
<http://artefact.mi2.hr/web/pix/project_jezevo_paper2.jpg> In the
ambivalence of movement, forced halting and sojourning, and then again of
unwanted movement, it is also possible to recognize symbolic figures of
civilization such as the Wandering Jew or Sisyphus, but also the paradigm
of lasting un-ease that defines the artist per se. For after all, but not
last of all, illegal migrants in many ways resemble the world of the
contemporary arts: that large international fraternity, ever at the edge
of existence, on the edge of the laws, often placed in a ghetto in a
society that is profit-oriented, is ever in motion, ever dissatisfied,
searching for the as yet untried, ready to put everything it has on the
roll of the dice. Hence there is no wonder that the many artists, critics
and theorists who have joined us have seen a new "ethics of solidarity" at
work in the Jezevo Motel project. The Jezevo Motel, started off in summer
2000, is an independent, low-budget project by local and international
artists, critics, curators and theoreticians, developing while bypassing
establishment cultural institutions and guaranteed sources of financing.  
Since the project is conceived as work-in-progress the list of
participants is constantly growing and being added to. For objective
circumstances, many of these will never have the opportunity to be in
Jezevo. Their participation in the project is based on the experience of
similar problems in their own societies, and on theoretical and media
acquaintance with the problem area. A large number of the artists, on the
other hand, carry out their ideas, and will do so, in direct work with the
Jezevo migrants, the process of mutual learning doubtless having a
therapeutic effect for both sides (Boris Cvjetanovic', Dalibor Martinis,
Andreja Kuluncic', Kristina Leko, Manuela Vladic', Hsyein Alptekin Pia
Lindman, Grady Gerbract, Danica Phelps, Roman Ondak, Marko Lulic, Darko
Fritz, Shalva Khakhanashvili, Nedko Solakov, Uros Duric'?). Some of the
works included in the project were created ostensibly independently of
Jezevo (if we forget the lesson about the domino-effect) but are without
any doubt spiritual kin to the Jez(evo Motel, for which reason we have
called on a number of artists to get involved in the project with works
that already exist (Zelimir Zilnik, Tanja Ostojic', Marjetica Potrc, Tanja
Dabo, Roman Ondak, Sokol Beqiri, Oliver Ressler and Martin Kren, Anton
Lederer and Margarethe Makovec, Sandra Sterle and Danica Dakic',
Aleksandar Battista Ilic'?) Alongside the continued sequence of artistic
workshops and encounters at Jezevo, where during spring and summer 2001
the greatest number of works (photographic, film and video, drawing and
painting workshops) will be accomplished, the Jezevo Motel projects will
be available to the general public on the pages of art-e-fact, on the
pages of local papers and journals, and in the public areas of cities -
posters, neon lights, and in shop windows, at info-points, in travel
agencies and in hotels.


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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:32:38 +0200
From: Adrian Miles <adrian.miles {AT} uib.no>
Subject: DAC call for works

Apologies for any cross posting that may occur.
This announcement may be of interest to some list members.

begin announcement

conference url http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/dac/
cfw url http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/dac/cfw.html

+playengines+ MelbourneDAC exhibition

OCTOBER 25 2002:

Exhibition categories (one category per work):
computer games, interactive film/video, streaming media, hypermedia

what genre(s)/category(ies) your art might nearly just about go in:
online game, browser game, interactive film/video, streaming fiction, 
streaming nonfiction, streaming other, text game, interactive graphic 
narrative - fiction , interactive graphic narrative - nonfiction , 
interactive graphic narrative - other , interactive text narrative - 
fiction, interactive text narrative - nonfiction, interactive text 
narrative - other, Flash fiction, Flash nonfiction, interactive 
fiction, (other?)

entry is open to:
independent artists, students, researchers, producers and/or small 
teams, computer game artists, real timers, 3D on-line gamers , 
interactive film/art creators, Flash artists, word players, 
interactive fiction creators

adrian miles
Adrian Miles Conference Chair | Antoanetta Ivanova Conference Producer
adrian.miles {AT} rmit.edu.au | antoanetta {AT} novamediaarts.net
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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 18:43:44 +0200
From: "netzspannung.org redaktion" <redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org>
Subject: Live streaming!

Live streaming des Workshops "Online Archive - Perspektiven vernetzter
Wissensräume" sowie der Preisverleihung des Hochschulwettbewerbs digital

Am kommenden Freitag, den 25.10., ab 12:00 Uhr sowie am Samstag, den
26.10., ab 10:00 Uhr wird der Workshop "Online Archive - Perspektiven
vernetzter Wissensräume" auf netzspannung.org in deutscher und
englischer Sprache live gestreamt: 

Der Workshop wird seinen Fokus auf Entwicklungsperspektiven und
- -potentiale medienkultureller Plattformen legen. Mehr zu den einzelnen
Themen sowie die Liste der Referenten unter:

Die Preisverleihung des diesjährigen Hochschulwettbewerbs digital sparks
02 mit  Vorstellung der prämierten Arbeiten wird ebenfalls am Freitag,
den 25.10., ab 19:00 Uhr live auf selbiger URL gestreamt.

- -------------------------------------------------

Live streaming of the workshop "Online Archives – Perspectives on
networked knowledge spaces" and the awards ceremony for the digital
sparks academy competition!

This Friday, October 25 at 12.00 noon and Saturday, October 26 at 10.00
a.m., the workshop "Online Archives – Perspectives on networked
knowledge spaces" will be streamed live on netzspannung.org in German
and English: 

The workshop will focus on the developmental prospects and potential of
media-cultural platforms. Find out more about the individual topics
under discussion and the list of speakers at:

The awards ceremony for this year's digital sparks 02 academy
competition with a presentation of the winning entries will also be
streamed live at the same URL on Friday, October 25 at 7.00 p.m.

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Kontakt: redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org
MARS - Exploratory Media Lab |
Fraunhofer Institut für Medienkommunikation
D-53754 Sankt Augustin | Germany |  
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