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<nettime> Senator Wellstone is dead
human being on Sat, 26 Oct 2002 03:48:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Senator Wellstone is dead

  for those who do not already know, U.S. Senator
  Paul Wellstone (Democrat- Minnesota) died this
  morning in a small plane crash in a rural area
  of the state. The cause of the crash is unknown.
  It has been raining, possibly sleet, in the 30s
  Fahrenheit. The Senator's wife and daughter also
  died in the plane crash, along with 3 other staff
  and two pilots, as far as has been reported.

  Minnesota's Senate race has been vicious up to this
  point, with the full forces of the Republican party
  backing the challenger for the Senate seat, Norm
  Coleman. allegations have been flying throughout
  the election season, and knock-down, drag-out tactics
  have been used in this election campaign. supporters
  of Mr. Coleman have been reported to dress up as
  Wellstone supporters who are communists, with masks
  and signs. this week the newspaper has reported the
  repeated destruction of lawn signs for the Wellstone
  campaign, likely from zealous undemocratic opponents.

  Senator Wellstone has been considered the furthest
  towards the Left (branded 'far' or 'radical' left by
  the extreme Right Wing) but with the pragmatism of
  common Minnesotans, being balanced and also moderate.
  for how horrible the campaign has been, it is hard not
  to imagine those demonizing the voices of difference in
  what remains of our democracy to find joy in this moment.
  this is likely not the case, and yet it seems that the
  universe is conspiring to make everything seem sinister,
  even if it is a simple twist of fate.

  people in the state of Minnesota are deeply in shock,
  from all political parties and persuasions. the U.S. flag
  is at half-staff on the White House, also. incredible.

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