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Re: <nettime> 'IANA' to revoke .su ccTLD?
Morlock Elloi on Fri, 25 Oct 2002 13:12:29 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> 'IANA' to revoke .su ccTLD?

I should have been more precise: the real issue is centralised addressing
mechanism. Vanity remapping within it to ascii names is a parasitic sub-issue.

The computing resources needed for distributed addressing are here. Witness
802.11b developments - self-configuring mesh networks a la wikiwiki and
similar. The point is to use whatever pipes are available to run addressing
system, but not the one managed by pipe owners. 

This is crucial. Pipe owners should do routing within their domains, moving
bits from A to B. Like dialing a telephone number, the telephone system doesn't
care about the name of the person you call. That is resolved in your phone

Imagine if AT&T and baby Bells managed names instead of numbers ... and if
Ronda Hauben didn't pay the monthly tax she would become unreachable.

Imagine unmarked streets and roads and no house numbers, but if you pay you get
directions "... on third street turn to the left, enter 5th house and knock on
the second door from the right."

Same thing.

Right now, the addressing system is closely intertwined with the routing. What
is needed is public knowledge of routing endpoints, and then each member of the
public maps addresses over that. Like road signs.

Transistors are small enough and cheap enough to handle this today. The reason
for centralised addressing is no more technical - it's only a tax-collecting
issue. A toll gate.

This is important to understand - technology is at the point where the biggest
concentration nodes and huge corps based on them are about to become
irrelevant. We will drive our own bits the way we see it fit.

In the meantime, transportation companies are smashing private cars. As more
users learn how to drive that will become the needed annoyance point.

> Unfortunately, the real issue is *not* how to sidestep the current DNS 
> with its root servers controlled by people that didn't quite managed 
> to become politicians, but thanks to this internet thingie got some sort 
> of power anyways.
> The *real issue* as I understand it is that the IP numbers are critical
> for the tcp/ip protocol and those have been put into ICANN's hands.
> The IP numbers must be unique for the messages to have a destination
> on the Internet.

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