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<nettime> endo-colonisation; also Jamie King 'Sovereign and Multitude'
nettime's miscellany on Tue, 22 Oct 2002 08:19:44 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> endo-colonisation; also Jamie King 'Sovereign and Multitude'

Mod note: Normally we don't fwd these sorts of posts, but as they are generated
from activity on nettime I felt kinda obliged to send on. Please excuse this
'miscellaneous' digest (with special reference to what John Ralston Saul had to
say about the category). SM.

From: lagadu <lagadu {AT} altern.org>
Subject: endo-colonisation

Sorry to bother the list with a personnal message but cannot reach Armitage
through his adress.  I wanted to ask him where he took this quote from Virilio.
I'd like to developp that idea, and interview him .But I must re-read him first

Any other clue or quotation refering to endo-colonisation is welcome



John Armitage wrote:

> Hi all, here's an interesting proposal from Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft:
> let's build camps for U.S. citizens he feels are "enemy combatants".
> Ashcroft's is of course a practical proposal for what Virilio calls
> "endo-colonization". 

From: Jamie King <jamie {AT} jamie.com>
Subject: Re: Jamie King: The European Social Forum: Sovereign and Multitude

hey nettimers

just a brief note to say that my article, title above, posted to the 
list by geert lovink a couple of days ago, was commissioned by Mute 
magazine <www.metamute.com>. since Mute paid for all the travel and a 
good deal of the research that went into this piece, I feel I should 
point this out. It wasn't made clear in the post to interactivist info 
exchange at which Geert found it, unfortunately!




jamie king

jamie {AT} jamie.com

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