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<nettime> From Mail Art to Net.art (studies in tactical media #3)
anna balint on Wed, 16 Oct 2002 16:58:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> From Mail Art to Net.art (studies in tactical media #3)

I also remember a story about Ray Johnson: a journalist kept asking him
for an interview and a visit at his studio at 44 West 7 Street Locust
Valley. After ten years he was admitted in the house. The art critic was
very surprised to see that there was nothing but a bed in the whole house.
It took some other years for the journalist to understand that Ray Johnson
emptied his house intentionally on that day when his visit was expected.
Retrospectively, i understand that this behaviour might have been Ray
Johnson's way to avoid to have his art called "tactical", "camp", "no
positive doctrine at work", "quotidian politics at work", "craft, not
grand design".

anna balint

10/11/02 9:21:12 PM, "McKenzie Wark" <mckenziewark {AT} hotmail.com> wrote:

>>From Mail Art to Net.art: Ray Johnson and the Lives of the Saints.
>McKenzie Wark <mw35 {AT} nyu.edu>
>A review of:
>How to Draw a Bunny, directed by John Walter, Film Forum, 209 W Houston st.
>Ray Johnson: How To Draw a Bunny, Feigen Contemporary, 535 W 20th st. New 

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