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Re: <nettime> Learning from Prada? [bbrace, rosler, Demers, Evans]

> Perhaps one distiction between art/design lies in the intention. Designers
> and engineers respond to needs and precise questions, to which they must
> provide adequate solutions.

javol but i see huge collusion & contaminatzion wiz the common use of
'project' bull sinz for some 20 yearz . project has the purpose to do
decision among predefinied actorz (some wealthy) but project ztuff are zings
terribly esoteric for the common of the mortal and it's really something to
contemple the eye who look at an unique scale model of an 'abort' project (i
say 'abort' then it could be a complet one, but with a nada decision
'realisation' ) it's as weird as the male eyes who look at some 'unknown'
woman in the street : a real mystery, a rare moment in the life where one
could really work out 'virtuality', cause virtuality is an heartbreak or it
is not, such wrench is specially well known by terrorist.
notice i highly sexualized here & dont say it could be symetrical for womanz
look in the eyes of the males etzeteraz, cause it'z beyond all
wittgensteinian speaking knowledge to dare to tell loud about..but the phuck
i cant only do the dumb girl no more..so i would say low i when i am as the
girl in the street diving my eyes in his unkkown eye, why do i am sometimes
amuse, what make i am affected, attracted indifferent, disgusted.. but who
would dare to ask me what i could definitely think about his 'project' ..ta!
it's the more tranzparent banal thing it could deduce down the age et then
the word 'project' is just another one for vutur horror show, an ask of my
abdication my sumission my slavery and worst more odious etzeteraz..in artz
itz as in sex, when i hear the word 'project' i raise back my sharp pump for
kicking right in his balls
(in singing '..l'étendard sanglant est levé & qu'un sang impur abreuve nos

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