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art is scam (was: <nettime> "China:Imitation Nation"-Salon)

> People who are holding on to that "anachronistic" copyright mentality 
> (owning ideas as if they can be owned personally) is wishful 
> thinking, ignorant and those people might as well starve.  but no one 
> HAS TO hold on.  Everybody else, who sheds this old school stuff will 
> just move on, do whatever they think of.  It's not like anyone either 
> depends on money from residuals or never sees a cent again.

The obvious separation of rich and powerful from artists (do you know rich and
powerful starving artist ?) makes me think that art is just a surogate for
being rich and powerful. If you can't have minions, harems, servants and hired
guns, try to make others notice you by creating attractive pieces of
information and attaching your name to it. Instead of being honestly and
obviously powerful, you sneak into people's minds by using lures and dirty
tricks. Disgusting.

It is no wonder that artists hate when public just consumes lures without
paying. Tough shit. 

> But as an alternative, the general public will NEED art.  The people 
> who fulfill that need we can call "artists".  Nobody IS fundamentally 
> an artist.  But if the publics' needs are being fulfilled, folks will 
> have to bite the bullet and start paying for it.

Well, maybe they don't.

Maybe there is no inherent need for art anymore than inherent need for the Big
Mac. Art scam is just older so one can dig out many examples to prop up the
theory that there is "need", while there were no Big Macs 100 years ago. 

As religion has been parasiting on peasants for several millenia, artists have
been parasiting on unsuspecting public for many times more. Recent
consolidation in the last few centuries is a natural process, not an
aberration. MPAA, MGM and others are rightful descendandts of cave wall

Boycott art and let the fucking starvers starve already. It will be easier than
weaning from religion.

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