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Re: <nettime> stiglitz is not the second digest [geer, hart]

> You may be right.  But there are still a lot of people who don't even know
> what `neoliberalism' means.

stop me if i mistake and if you can, but the neoliberalism grow in brittain
as well apple in normandie er is it not neoliberalism is based a simple
global consensus as  it's the so called maximalisation of (west) global
wealth i.e. when a brit worker read for instance bill gatez earn a new
billions, is it not he has to be happy cause it's the shorter way for his
0.002% increase economical situation?. is it not what tony achieve to make
believe ?. so when the brit truck driver read some filth fuck the
shareholder of their compagny and subsidiary the law, it's just some market
crosssubsidisation among the active & sleeping rich, is it not just kind of
affirmative action of taking merited stockoption?..and worst when french &
italian add their salt in such maximal schwein zuppe, when such corrupted
guys are politicazi they are reelected in more..due to their so well prooved
evident skilfullness in bizness: it's not a bad joke it's true, chirac but
also some french left caviar winging are vivid belle nature of that.. we are
there beyond simple 'collaboration of class' beyond some machiavelism, cause
machiaveli believed in the political entity of the 'people'  he believed in
its collusion aside 'the prince' aside the alienation of the political
power. avter all the last bone of individualism that remain in its old panz
after all deconstruction are the young exist for preserving the ROI of
penzion found..hmm zis guy foucault said somezing as 'soon the face of human
being would be erased from this earth as some weird print in the sand & then
one will forget untill its souvenir'..ha foucaldian old devil ! always the
word for laughing ! and with the right leather outfit and the right
dickhead..i am sure confucius even with his long nail and whipped like plait
would be secretly jealouswould be secretly jealous

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