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Table of Contents:

   Streaming: Oswald Wieners Verbesserung von Mitteleuropa                         
     hans wastlhuber <>                                        

   [transmediale] Joe Davis: Undiscovered Genomes, 3. Juli 2002          
     transmediale <>                                             

   Call for participation - RADIOTOPIA                                             
     Kunstradio <>                                                

   Magische Maschinen                                                                                                                   

   [For Announcer] The Pleasure of Language                                        
     "Cur.][O][va.ture" <>                                    

   dorkbotlondon - wednesday 3rd July                                              
     alex <>                                                            

   open_digi_latino_party > julio 12 > BRADYS, BRIXTON, LONDON                  (atty)                                                         

   ++ CityState Forum - Surveillance and Social Control ++                         
     Surveillance Unit <>                                        

   netstrike per l'arte - accademie occupate                                       
     "Tommaso Tozzi" <>                                               

   urban drift poster call reply:                            
     Urban Drift <>                                               

   HM Seminar no.2                                                                 
     =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=E9bastien?= Budgen <> (by way of ric


Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 09:58:19 +0200
From: hans wastlhuber <>
Subject: Streaming: Oswald Wieners Verbesserung von Mitteleuropa 

 From Monday to Wednesday, from 10.a.m. to 1.00p.m
Oswald Wieners cybernetic classic "Verbesserung von Mitteleuropa" will be read
by Studio B 11 and Nils Röller and send as a live stream under:



Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 11:45:01 +0200 (CEST)
From: transmediale <>
Subject: [transmediale] Joe Davis: Undiscovered Genomes, 3. Juli 2002

transmediale salon: Joe Davis (USA): Undiscovered Genomes

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 3. Juli 2002, 20.00 Uhr

Podewil, Klosterstr.68-70, Berlin-Mitte
Reservierungen: 030-2474 9777

Eintritt: EUR 5

(in Englischer Sprache)

[English text below]
Die Grenzen zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft werden selten so spannungsreich
bearbeitet wie im Werk des Kuenstlers Joe Davis, der sich seit 20 Jahren
mit den Moeglichkeiten des Codierens und Decodierens der menschlichen
Biologie beschaeftigt. Beruehmt wurde er vor allem durch Projekte, in denen
er in die DNA von Kleinstlebewesen Botschaften eincodierte, um diese dann
in den Weltraum zu schicken. Freilich laesst Davis selber offen, ob diese
transgenischen Botschaften eher fuer ausserirdische Intelligenzen bestimmt
sind, oder vielleicht doch eher die menschliche Selbstreflektion befoerdern
sollen. Davis gibt eine Einführung in das genetische Codieren von DNA und
zeigt Projekte wie 'The Microvenus Icon' und 'Microbe Fishing'. Er ist
Research Affiliate am Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rarely have the borders between art and science been transgressed with such
intensity as in the work of the US-American artist Joe Davis who has dealt
with the possibilities of coding and decoding of human biology for the past
20 years. He came to fame mainly through projects in which he encoded
messages into the DNA of micro-organisms in order to shoot them into space.
Surely, Davis leaves it open whether these transgenic messages are meant
for extra-terrestrial intelligent beings, or whether they are a way of
speeding up human self-reflection. - Davis will give an introduction to the
genetic coding of DNA and will present projects like 'The Microvenus Icon'
and 'Microbe Fishing'. Joe Davis is a Research Affiliate at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge/Mass.).

Next dates:

transmediale salon: David Behrman
Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2002, 20.00 Uhr

transmediale salon: NUGU - Litauische Transaktionen
Donnerstag, 29. August 2002, 20.00 Uhr

transmediale salon: Underground Zero
Mittwoch, 11. September 2002, 19.00 Uhr

- ------------------------------------------------
transmediale.03 - Play Global! - 1-5 february 2003
international media art festival berlin
- ------------------------------------------------
transmediale - Klosterstr.68-70 - 10179 Berlin
tel. 030-247219-07 (fax -09)
- ------------------------------------------------
Member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals.
the information list of transmediale
international media art festival berlin


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 17:03:39 +0200
From: Kunstradio <>
Subject: Call for participation - RADIOTOPIA

Call for participation!

Radioactive Communi(ty)cation
on air - on line - on site

on air: OE1 Kunstardio, Radio Oesterreich International (SW), Radio 
1476 (MW) and others...
September 8th, 11:05 pm CEST
September 10th, 11:05 pm CEST - 05:00 am CEST

on line:

on site: September 8th - 12th, Ars Electronica Festival, 
Klangpark@Brucknerhaus, Linz, a.o.

Radio in its many forms is still the most globally accessible medium for
both local and long-range communication and information sharing. In the
digital age, it is often dismissed as an outdated technology, and yet
millions of people turn on and tune in worldwide. Despite the current
configuration of radio (often limited by commercialization and state
regulation), radio has great potential as a tool that can reach out across
cities and remote areas alike as a means for building local and
international community. Transmitters can be easily assembled from readily
available technologies, enabling radio to operate independently and to be
community-based, experimental, political; giving voice to those who are
rarely or never heard in the mounting commercial static of corporate
globalization. These transmitters may not have a wide range but when
networked by any and all means available,  their impact can be amplified.

Radiotopia will be, literally, a radio-place; instead of the homogenized
drone of corporatized globalization, Radiotopia will be the sound of a
varied world, emanating from people engaged in widely diverse cultural
practices. Initiated by the AEC and coproduced with OE 1 KUNSTRADIO,
RADIOTOPIA proposes to create a temporary network aimed at linking
disparate parts of the globe on many realtime and virtual levels,  creating
a multi-media network grounded in radio transception (both sending and
receiving), culminating in a large open-air installation and an overnight
broadcast (Long Night of Radio Art) during the Ars Electronica Festival

The Ars Electronica Center and Festival for Art, Technology and Society,
Linz, Austria was established in 1979 as an open meeting-place for artists,
scientists and researchers. The Ars Electronica Festival is one of the most
important festivals for electronic art and media theory.
The festival  2002 focuses on the blind spots of globalization with
UNPLUGGED, a theme indicative of how the issue of the political element in
art has returned with a vengeance to the agendas of intellectual 
discourse and artistic practice.

Artists of all fields and from all over the world are invited to become
participants/nodes in this network.

There are many ways of communicating/participating/exchanging:

- - INPUT:
Send your sounds/poems/scores etc. in a pre-recorded form to Kunstradio via
snail mail (on cassettes, CDs, MDs) or Internet (live streams, files,
images) or send your texts/poems/statements (in all languages) in a written
form to:

ORF Kunstradio
Argentinierstr. 30a
A - 1040 Vienna
Phone. ++431 50101 18277 or ++43 732 7272 60
Fax: ++431 50101 18065

Become a node in the network by collecting part of the sound inputs from
the project website, from shortwave services, or from participating local,
community, pirate or national radio broadcasts, and process/remix these
sounds to re-input into the network.

Create your on own on-air or on-site version of the project: broadcast
sounds from the network on your radio station or stream from your website;
or incorporate sounds into a public concert or installation.

Combinations of all the above mentioned are possible and very welcome.
Mixing, re-mixing, re-broadcasting etc may also happen before and after the
period of the Ars Electronica Festival)

All kinds of sounds are welcome; however, to help create the unique
soundimage of Radiotopia - Radio as a worldwide medium for communication/
exchange/dialogue supporting and amplifying the often unheard multiplicity
of voices-- we propose a strong language or vocal element in your
contributions. Diverse and regional voices also includes the "voices" of
specific landscapes, cityscapes, and ecosystems around
the world.

We may attempt to classify your contributions on the homepage of the
project according to their emotional
atmosphere, their type of language (human everyday, poetic etc.,
environmental sounds, urban rhythms etc) to make your contributions easily
accessible to those musicians, sound artists and radio artists who will be
composing on-site, on-air and on-line versions of the project during the
Ars Electronica Festival. You are invited to classify your own

The main platform of the project will be a website which serves several
- - it will offer informations on the project and depict its progress.
- - it will make all individual contributions accessible worldwide in low
tech formats and if possible high quality sound formats.
- - it will feature live webcasts and their documentations from all the
versions of the project rendered on-site and on-air during the festival
- - it will host documentation and archiving of the project, allowing
interested people to continue mixing and re-mixing beyond the timeframe of
the Ars Electronica Festival.

All of the incoming contributions (sound, images, texts), also those 
arriving by letter or cassette, CD etc will be put on this webpage 
and thereby become part of the projects archive.

The versions planned so far for realisation during the renowned
international Ars Electronica Festival
(taking place for the 23rd time  in Linz/A from the 8th to the 12th of
September 2002)

on site:
- -  specially invited international musicians/sound artists will
compose open-air mixes using submitted and streamed audio material to be
presented on a huge loudspeaker system along the banks of the river Danube
at Linz/Austria, in front of the Brucknerhaus, one of the main venues of
the Ars Electronica Festival. Webcasts and "soundreports" of these versions
will be available on the project website - live and as documentation.

on air:
- -  an overnight radio art broadcast live on the National Austrian Radio on
the September 10th (11pm CEST - 5:00 am CEST) will have artistst/musicians
present in the studio composing your contributions into a very unusual many
hours long radio-event. This event will be streamed live online and
documented afterwards.

on line: (as above)
The on-site and on-air events of/at the Ars Electronica Festival will be
webcast and documented on the website of the project, which will become an
archive of all submitted contributions, as well as their different uses in
either the installations or the radio broadcasts by fellow artists during
the festival and after....

- -- 


ORF Kunstradio
Argentinierstr. 30a
A - 1040 Vienna
phone: ++431 50101 18277


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 14:35:35 +0200
Subject: Magische Maschinen

[Scroll down for English]


Magische Maschinen

Freitag, 5. Juli 2002, 20 Uhr

5. Juli - 8. September 2002

Gregory Barsamian (USA), Marcel Duchamp (F), Christoph Keller (D), Paola
Pivi (I), Steina Vasulka (USA/Iceland), Herwig Weiser (A)

Der Wunsch nach dem Besonderen, der der Entwicklung einer fantasievollen Maschine immanent ist, schwingt in dieser Ausstellung mit und überträgt sich oft als sinnliche Erfahrung auf den Betrachter. Gerade in einer Zeit, in der sich der Begriff der ‚Virtualität‘ konstant und beharrlich im Kunstdiskurs hält, bringt das Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst Skulpturen und Apparate mit einer starken physischen Präsenz zusammen. Hier geht es um die Möglichkeiten der künstlerischen Erfindung - von der Dynamisierung des Objektes bis hin zur Entwicklung utopischer Ideen für eine bessere Welt mittels mechanisierter Kunstwerke. Die 'Magischen Maschinen' sind ein Testament der Hoffnung auf die unerschöpfliche Quelle des erfinderischen Geistes.

Exhibition Announcement

Magical Machines

Opening Reception: Friday, 5 July, 2002, 8 pm

5 July – 8 September, 2002

Gregory Barsamian (USA), Marcel Duchamp (F), Christoph Keller (D), Paola
Pivi (I), Steina Vasulka (USA/Iceland), Herwig Weiser (A)

A desire for the extraordinary, which is at the core of any fantastic machine, travels through this exhibition as an undercurrent – and is often transferred to the viewer as an experience for the senses. At a time when the word ‘virtual’ constantly slips into the discourse on art, the Edith Russ Site for Media Art has brought together sculptures and apparatuses with a strong physical presence. They are possibilities of artistic invention – from the dynamism of the object to the development of utopian idea for a better world through mechanical artworks. The ‘Magical Machines’ are a testament to the hope for the endless source of the inventive spirit.

Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst / Edith Russ Site for Media Art
Katharinenstraße 23
26121 Oldenburg
t. +49 (0)441 235 32 08
f. +49 (0)441 235 21 61


Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 09:53:51 +1000
From: "Cur.][O][va.ture" <>
Subject: [For Announcer] The Pleasure of Language

>From: "Marieke Istha" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: The Pleasure of Language
>Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 15:02:23 +0200
>Reply-To: "Marieke Istha" <>
>Press Release
>The Pleasure of Language
>August 24 - September 28 2002
>Opening:  August 24, 17.00 hrs
>Brandon LaBelle, Péter Frucht, MEZ (Mary Anne Breeze), Netochka Nezvanova &
>Jaine Evans, Imogen Stidworthy
>The popularity of chatrooms on the internet and the speed of electronic mail
>have led to an enormous growth in communication, and with it, changes in the
>use of language and the creation of countless vernaculars. The Netherlands
>Media Art Institute organises from August 24 untill September 28 The
>Pleasure of Language. In this exhibition the artists are concerned with
>language in various manners. By employing new technologies a number of works
>reflect the body of thought and ways of working of artists at the beginning
>of the last century - like Hugo Ball, Marcel Duchamp and Theo van Doesburg -
>, placing these ideas in a contemporary perspective. The artists respond
>through image, text and sound to and participate in the ways language-use as
>well as the communication process are changing.
>In his installations the audio artist Brandon LaBelle focuses on the
>dynamics of spaces, objects, bodies and language. His interest is primarily
>in the harmonic possibilities of language: how the various consonants and
>vowels collectively form an architectural whole that enables us to form
>words and sentences, and subsequently how they achieve and influence
>The misunderstandings which arise in communication are central to the work
>of Péter Frucht. Influenced by his long presence in chatrooms on the
>internet, in Frucht has selected snippets of various internet conversations
>in ‘iow…’. He has then styled the texts by replacing certain letters and
>automatically reordering the words left over. The result is a wave of live
>chat that can be mixed and linked together by the visitor, through which new
>dialogues become audible.
>MEZ (Mary Anne Breeze) produces e-poetry on the internet which she herself
>terms m[ez]ang.elle. M[ez]ang.elle is a game with language, supported by
>sound, symbols and text, which arises from abbreviations that are current in
>e-mail and SMS communication. The words are altered in a manner that
>reflects the fundamental meaning of the word and lets new associations
>arise. Her language is based on English and contains mathematical,
>programming and other language codes, in order to develop a language
>specific to internet.
>In her newest quasi-documentary video Substitutes (2002)  Imogen Stidworthy
>shows us two young singers from Romania who meet each other by chance. As
>she shows the tape to friends, it evokes all sorts of commentaries,
>explanations and interpretations. Stidworthy mixed the reactions with the
>original Romanian folk songs that were sung in the video. The acoustic
>linking of the reactions with the folk songs provides that the work changes
>into a hybrid soundtrack, a patchwork of illogical connections and
>grammatical discrepancies.
>In addition to current works, a number of works from the early days of video
>art from the Montevideo collection will be shown on monitor. Recordings of
>performances by Laurie Anderson and Carolee Schneeman, and video works by
>Vito Acconci and others will show how artists employed language in their
>work in the past.
>Opening hours gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 1-5 pm, free entrance
>For more information/images please contact Marieke Istha (communication)
> <>
>Brandon Labelle
>Péter Frucht
>Netochka Nezvanova, Jaine Evans
>Marieke Istha
>Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts
>Keizersgracht 264
>1016 EV Amsterdam
>The Netherlands
>T +31(0)20 6237101
>F +31 (0)20 6244423

.           .    ....         .....
collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt
.... .               .???  .......


Date: 02 Jul 2002 20:31:40 +0100
From: alex <>
Subject: dorkbotlondon - wednesday 3rd July


dorkbot is a meeting of artists (sound / image / movement / whatever),
designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from who are
involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the

for information about dorkbots in other cities and countries, check


7pm, Wednesday 3rd July 2002  
(that's tomorrow at the time of writing - sorry about the lack of

the talks will start very soon after 7pm.


state51, bethnal green, east london (directions below)




Saul Albert   - the dicshunary
James Larsson - Life's big questions explored through the wearable ZX
Spectrum, CD players and microwave attitude adjustment technologies.
Jeremy Ruston - BBC Micro reminiscence session

plus!  opendork - let us know if you'd like to give a 5 minute

plus!  dorkbotlondon orchestra - bring along a electronic noisemaker of
some description and join in

let us know if you'd like to give a talk at the next dorkbot.

the arrow points at state51.

factory surrounded by metal fence and with 'state51' in big letters on
the gate.

directions from liverpool street tube:
walk north up bishopsgate (which becomes shoreditch high street), then
turn right into bethnal green road, left into brick lane and first left
into rhoda street.

directions from the number 8 bus:
it goes along bethnal green road - get off at the brick lane/bethnal
green road crossroads and go north up brick lane and first left into
rhoda street.

from bethnal green tube:
walk west along bethnal green road, about 15 minutes later you should
hit the brick lane crossroads - turn right then first left into rhoda


.........dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity..........


Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 22:15:44 GMT Daylight Time
From: (atty)
Subject: open_digi_latino_party > julio 12 > BRADYS, BRIXTON, LONDON

OLA nettime-l people,

open_digi latino digital night will happen July 12th from 8.30pm BST till very late at BRADYS of BRIXTON, Electric Lane, London SW9. The open_digi team along with the squat residents are working 24/7 to prepare the main bar of this famous venue for its first opening in over three years Should be one awesome and memorable night, south london brixton style drifts even futher south, down mexico way > and further south still > even up the amazon!

Partly due to the delay after expulsion from the commercial Dog Star venue, the programme for the evening has built up extreme momentum. Not only do we have plethora of projects, new and old from Arcangel Constantini to demo, but also the videoemail collection of Fernando Llanos 'mi video es su video' along with work from brian muckern in Montivideo and andres burbano in Columbia. Alongside these, recently completed video documentaries of people's struggles in Argentina this year, plus videos from Bolivia and Ecuador will also be shown. There will also be opportunity to experience a very special musical voyage, digital and analog up the AMAZON. 

Additional sounds will be selected from recent work of the nor-tec collective of Tijuana and other digital latin american resident music people.

The full programme (so far) can be checked at


donation of £1 to party costs will be asked for on the door

the second BRADYS open_digi_party will take place August 2nd

open-digi is organized in conjunction with the residents of BRADYS,, OFFLINE and


Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 00:44:59 +1000
From: Surveillance Unit <>
Subject: ++ CityState Forum - Surveillance and Social Control ++

CITY STATE - flow / capture / control / rupture
a critical forum on surveillance and social control

20 July 2002 - Horti Hall - Melbourne

CITYSTATE is a one day  public event to critically discuss surveillance and
social control in our society.

Through workshops and forums, CITYSTATE will map the different ways surveillance
is changing social space, power and the ways we live.

Topics covered include:

- - Our surveillance societies
- - Electronic Bodies
- - CCTV
- - Militarisation of everyday life
- - Biometrics
- - DNA Tactics
- - Counter-surveillance

Featuring David Lyon, author of 'Electronic Eye' and 'Surveillance Society' and
Research Director of  the international Surveillance Project.

Other speakers include Jenny Hocking, Roger Clarke, Angela Mitropoulos, Jude
McCulloch, Dean Wilson and David Sutton.


Saturday 20th July, 2002
10am for 10:30am start


Horti Hall
31 Victoria Street
(near the corner of Victoria and Lygon Streets, Melbourne - opposite Trades

COST: $5 / $10 by donation

For more information check out (program available soon)

Supported by Melbourne City Council and UTS Community Law and Legal Research
Centre and SpaceStation Media Lab 


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 20:16:06 +0200
From: "Tommaso Tozzi" <>
Subject: netstrike per l'arte - accademie occupate

> dalle ore 18 alle ore 19
> del giorno 1 luglio 2002
> al sito :
> Il 1° luglio 2002, dalle ore 18 alle ore 19, gli studenti
> delle Accademie di Belle Arti in mobilitazione  vi invitano a un corteo
> virtuale contro il sito del Ministero dell'Istruzione,
> dell'Università e della Ricerca, in difesa della tradizione artistica
> italiana.
> La penisola italiana è  famosa in tutto il mondo come culla dell'arte. 
> La
> figura stessa dell'artista contemporaneo, così come si è andata 
> delineando
> fino ad  oggi, è una creazione originale della cultura  italiana. Ancor 
> oggi
> sono numerosi gli artisti affermati e quotati a livello mondiale
> usciti dalle nostre Accademie e molti studenti stranieri continuano con
> profitto a
> venire in Italia per studiare.Eppure l'Arte  è in pericolo, e rischiano 
> di
> sparire le istituzioni
> preposte alla sua salvaguardia.Siamo all'inizio di un processo che 
> porterà a
> breve alla fine delle
> Accademie Artistiche italiane. La mancata applicazione della riforma 
> delle
> istituzioni Artistiche , il ruolo subalterno all'Università, il taglio 
> degli
> stanziamenti a livelli da quarto mondo , l'annunciato e ingiustificabile
> aumento delle tasse, la "professionalizzazione" delle attività 
> artistiche
> contro la libertà garantita dalla Costituzione  non lasciano dubbi sul
> futuro dell'Arte e delle istituzioni Artistiche in Italia .L'Italia 
> senza
> Arte è un pezzo in meno per un futuro mondo migliore.
> Questa manifestazione nasce quindi con l'intento di salvaguardare
> l'autonomia e la libertà dell'Arte, negata dalla politica attuale, e
> soprattutto per contrastare l'abbandono della cultura da parte del 
> nostro
> Governo.
> Noi studenti delle Accademie di Belle Arti riteniamo indispensabile che 
> per
> il decreto sull'autonomia e le modifiche alla legge 508/99 vengano 
> prese in
> seria
> considerazione le nostre proposte,in quanto le uniche a salvaguardia 
> delle
> istituzioni
> artistiche e dell'arte e non di interessi di parte.
> La nostra voce da sola verrà difficilmente ascoltata, la voce di tanti
> conta molto di più. Per questo abbiamo bisogno della collaborazione di
> tutti, anche tua. Basta un semplice click da casa, assieme a centinaia
> di altri in tutto il mondo, per intasare il sito, mandandolo in tilt.
> Lo scopo della manifestazione è fare pressione su Parlamento e Ministero
> affinché le nostre richieste vangano ascoltate.
> Il netstrike e le sue motivazioni verranno comunicate sia ai
> rappresentanti della Settima Commissione Cultura della Camera, sia ai
> principali media, organizzazioni e persone in grado di diffonderne,
> preventivamente e successivamente, la notizia.
> Un vostro ripetuto collegamento all'indirizzo:
> dalle ore 18 alle ore 19 del giorno 1° luglio 2002
> avrà l'effetto di intasare e bloccare pacificamente in segno di
> protesta il suddetto sito, allo stesso modo di ciò che avviene quando
> migliaia di persone scendono per scioperare nelle strade, bloccandone
> il traffico. (vedi di seguito i CONSIGLI PER UN BUON FUNZIONAMENTO DEL
> Per chi vuole seguire le fasi della mobilitazione e commentarle in Rete 
> in
> tempo reale può mettersi daccordo con altre/i partecipanti per 
> ritrovarsi
> durante l'ora del corteo elettronico in una chat o canale irc (un 
> ritrovo
> storico dei netstrikers e' ad esempio il canale #Hackit99 sul server
> E' ora che anche tu faccia la tua parte: basta un click da casa - 
> insieme a
> centinaia di altri in tutto il mondo - per intasare il sito, mandandolo 
> in
> tilt.
> --------------------------------------------------
> Per una partecipazione più efficace al netstrike e' consigliabile per 
> chi
> se la sente di seguire le seguenti indicazioni tecniche:
> - Non impostate proxy per la vostra connessione.
> - Settate a 0 la cache del vostro browser.
> - Continuate a schiacciare il tasto Aggiorna o Reload continuamente.


Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 18:34:42 +0200
From: Urban Drift <>
Subject: urban drift poster call reply:


Join the drift ­ position yourself

To urbanists, artists, architects, designers...

For Urban Drift 2002 we would like to draw together diverse and
international statements in the form of posters to be shown in the urban
drift nicht space and in the open workspaces around Berlin between the 9th
and 13th October 2002, and to be included in an urban drift publication.

Urban Drift offers a broad scope for statements, slogans, images,
impressions ­ and we hope that the response will be extremely varied. Our
intention is to make use of a relatively cheap and direct medium to gain an
overview of attitudes to urban realities ­ here and now.

Themes can be gleaned from the website and are
briefly outlined here:

on the state of our cities, on new urban strategies for peripheral, residual
and overlooked public spaces /  on the city as a medium / reflecting the
paradigm shift in architecture and urban design in the age of global
mobility / the repoliticisation of architectural practice / the backlash to
the global technology hype, and the global mobility debate / real versus
virtual space and architectures / specific, local versus global urban
contexts /  tactical mobility and urban interventions / displacement and
urban nomadism / connective urbanism / reforging urban identities / the
inexhaustible inventory of the streets...

The posters will be seen throughout Berlin, and will be exhibited from the
9th to the 13th October 2002 in the urban drift nightspace in Café Moskau on
the Karl Marx Allee.

A special selection of submitted posters will be published prior to the
urban drift event by way of our media partners.

Posters should be sent to us in their final, printed form ­ at least 2-3
copies (and more are welcome)­ one to be shown in the night space, one for
documentation and publishing purposes. The urban drift logo should be
integrated in the design.

26th August 2002

Urban Drift c/o
flora&fauna media GBR
Heike Blümner / Lizzy Fichtl
Wollinerstr 18/19
10435 Berlin

Please confirm your participation via e mail to


Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 00:07:20 +0100
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=E9bastien?= Budgen <> (by way of richard barbrook)
Subject: HM Seminar no.2

HISTORICAL MATERIALISM invites you to a seminar by PATRICK BOND (University
of Witwatersrand, South Africa and author of UNEVEN ZIMBABWE, GLOBAL PLUNGE
and FANON'S REVENGE ) on "Uneven and Combined Development in Southern
Africa" on Tuesday 9th. July at 17.00 in room B202, Brunei Building, at the
School of Oriental and African Studies. [near Russell Square, on Thornhaugh
Street, London WC1]
Nearest Underground: Goodge Street [Northern Line] or Russell Square
[Piccadilly Line].

All welcome

Please circulate


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