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<nettime> For those interested: KissingerWatch #2

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Subject: KissingerWatch #2

KissingerWatch #2       - Please circulate this bulletin as widely as

Kissinger Watch ( )
a joint project of

East-Timor Action Network
International Campaign against Impunity
Instituto Cono Sur

Dear readers,

We have been pleasantly surprised by your overwhelming response to the first
issue of KissingerWatch and are very grateful for your encouraging words.
Thus far we have received more than 360 subscriptions, from across the
globe. Since the launch of KissingerWatch, our website has had on average
more than 300 hits per day. Among you are journalists, law and political
science scholars, and many human rights professionals.
We are publishing KW #2 earlier than planned to draw attention to
Kissinger's appearance at the "Southern Methodist University Ethics
Conference" on March 27 in Dallas, Texas, USA. This issue is - as promised -
more concise and contains four articles that focus on protests against Henry
Kissinger's public appearances.
Regarding Kissinger's upcoming speeches - in Dallas on the 27th of March and
in London on the 24th of April - we urge you to support the planned protests
and to initiate other public actions. If you have any information on his
future travels or speech calendar, please let us know. We also welcome your
academic contributions, including legal assessments, foreign policy
analyses, and other submissions. These could serve us to increase the
profile of our campaign and contribute to a more detailed and accurate
picture of Henry Kissinger's machinations as foreign policy advisor,
secretary of state, or consultant.

Thank you again for your readership,

Michael Schmitt
The International Campaign against Impunity (

John Miller
East-Timor Action Network (

German Westphal
Instituto Cono Sur ( )


1. Dallas/USA: Henry Kissinger to speak at SMU Ethics Conference March 27

2. London/UK: Protests planned against Kissinger's visit to London in April

3. Sao Paolo/Brazil: Kissinger cancels visit in fear of protests and
possible charges

4. Cork/Ireland: War Criminal met with huge protests

5. Fair Use Notice


Henry Kissinger will be speaking at the SMU conference "Ethical and Moral
Dimensions of America's War on Terrorism". Send protest e-mails (e.g. KW #1
& KW #2) to following addresses:, Press Contacts, Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public
Responsibility, John G. Tower Center for Political Studies
DALLAS (SMU) -- Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be the
featured speaker at a conference, "Ethical and Moral Dimensions of America's
War on Terrorism," at SMU from 1 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 27, in
Hughes-Trigg Student Center Theater.
The conference is being presented by the SMU Cary M. Maguire Center for
Ethics and Public Responsibility and the John Goodwin Tower Center for
Political Studies in the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. Although
the conference is not open to the general public, media may attend. Media
will have an opportunity to hear Kissinger's remarks in three different
* 2:45 p.m. Kissinger will hold a news conference in the Hughes-Trigg
Student Center, lower level, Promenade Room B. (media should be in place at
least 10 minutes early).
* 3:15 p.m. Kissinger will appear on a panel with other scholars to discuss
the changing nature of American power.
* 4:30 p.m. Kissinger and will deliver the keynote address in which he is
expected to talk about national security in the wake of Sept. 11.
Also appearing at the conference will be five leading scholars in the area
of ethics and international relations: Joseph S. Nye, dean of the Kennedy
School of Government at Harvard University; Stephen Krasner, Graham H.
Stuart Professor of International Relations at Stanford University; J. Bryan
Hehir, president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA; Albert Pierce, director
of the Center for the Study of Professional Military Ethics at the U.S.
Naval Academy; and Charles E. Curran, Elizabeth Scurlock University
Professor of Human Values at SMU.
The following is the schedule for the day:
* 1 p.m. "Ethics and America's War on Terrorism" with panelists Curran and
Pierce. Robin Lovin, Cary M. Maguire University Professor of Ethics at SMU
and dean of the Perkins School of Theology, will moderate.
* 2 p.m. "Morality and the Use of Force" with panelists Krasner and Nye.
James Hollifield, director of the Tower Center and professor of political
science at SMU, will moderate.
* 3:15 p.m. "American Power and Its Uses" with panelists Hehir, Kissinger,
Krasner and Nye. Lee Cullum, columnist with The Dallas Morning News, will
* 4:30 p.m. Keynote address by Kissinger.
In the history of American diplomacy, Kissinger is considered one of the
nation's most influential statesmen, having served Presidents Nixon and Ford
as National Security Advisor from 1969 to 1975 and Secretary of State from
1973 to 1977. He was a leading architect of American foreign policy during
the era of the Vietnam War, detente with the Soviet Union, Middle East wars
and the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and the
People's Republic of China.
Originally a supporter of escalating the fighting in Vietnam, Kissinger in
1973 became the key negotiator in the withdrawal of American troops. His
efforts at resolving the war won him the 1973 Nobel Prize for Peace, also
given to the Vietnamese negotiator, Le Duc Tho.
Much of what high-level American diplomats routinely do today can be
credited to the skills of Kissinger. He invented the practice of shuttle
diplomacy, which he used to disengage the combatants in the Israeli-Arab War
of 1973. In addition, he was responsible for the resumption of diplomatic
relations between Egypt and the United States, severed since 1967.


Plans are taking shape for a protest against Henry Kissinger's visit to
London where he will address the Institute of Directors' Annual Convention
in the Albert Hall on Wednesday 24 April.

For more information on the protests visit:

Resistance to Kissinger
The Guardian
Thursday March 7, 2002
Christopher Hitchens describes Henry Kissinger as the US's leading war
criminal and laments that London is one of the few capital cities in the
world that he "can visit with impunity" (Justice is just too expensive, G2,
March 6).
This is not entirely true. An ad hoc Justice for Kissinger committee,
comprising human rights activists and various Chilean and Timorese
representatives, is being coordinated by Globalise Resistance to picket his
next public speech in Britain at the Royal Albert Hall on April 24.
The hosts, the Institute of Directors, shamelessly brown-nose on the website
advertising the conference: "Enjoy the rare opportunity to learn from, and
be inspired by, Dr Henry Kissinger - one of the world's most respected
Given that the event includes speakers from leading companies such as Shell
that have invested a lot of effort in developing policies on corporate
social responsibility and that one of the seminar's main themes is "the
relationship between globalisation and CSR", I would be especially
interested in hearing from the growing number of individuals involved in CSR
and ethical investment how they feel about the invitation to Kissinger.
Surely one can be entirely in favour of capitalism and globalisation, but
still be morally appalled that the IoD wishes to give such a prominent
platform to a known war criminal?
Niaz Alam
Head of social issues, Ethical Investment Research Service


Due to fear of protests and possible legal complications, Henry Kissinger
cancelled a recent visit to Brazil. He was invited to Sao Paolo to give a
talk on "Peace in the World after September 11" and was to receive the
"Ordem Do Cruzeiro do Sul" from the Brazilian President Cardoso.
Kissinger cancelled his planned trip to Brazil, citing  "conflicting
engagements", but Brazilian officials say his decision followed a phone call
with Brazil's new Foreign Minister Celso Lafer, during which it was
suggested that a postponement would avoid "mutual embarrassment." Lafer, who
was in Washington to prepare in for President Fernando Henrique Cardoso's
visit, is concerned  by the threat of Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon to bring
"crimes against  humanity" charges against Kissinger,  just as he did
against Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet. Garzon is now looking at
Kissinger's role in the Indonesia's takeover of East Timor (see KW #1),
which like Brazil was once a Portuguese colony.

To protest against the award to Henry Kissinger, send e-mails to President
Cardoso's office:


By Olivia Kelleher
The Irish Times, February 28, 2002
Former US Secretary of State Dr Henry Kissinger denied he was a war criminal
yesterday, saying it was an insult to human intelligence for protesters in
Cork to compare him to Slobodan Milosevic. Protesters at University College
Cork chanted and waved banners bearing the words "The Milosevic of
Manhattan" prior to the arrival of the 56th US Secretary of State, who was
in office during the controversial Nixon administration. Dr Kissinger said
he was pleased to discover that even in Ireland people were not indifferent
to him. However, he said he was incensed at comparisons made between him and
known war criminals. "These people are throwing around allegedly criminal
charges without a shred of real evidence. I don't know who they [the
protesters\] represent, but I wish their knowledge equalled their passion."
Dr Kissinger, who was visiting the university to deliver a speech at an MBA
Association of Ireland business conference, said he had never replied to
derogatory remarks made about him in the media. "I consider them [the
accusations] fundamentally beneath contempt. They are based on distortions
and mis-representations."
by Mary Kelly

28 February 2002

Dear Everyone.

We had not even expected to get inside UCC, Cork university, so we were
amazed to even get up to the door of the Aula Max where a banquet for
Kissinger was about to begin. A friend was already was already leafletting
the guests entering the hall with a brilliant letter titled "Guess who's
coming to dinner?" It documented SOME of K's skullduggery in Laos, Cambodia,
Vietnam, Chile, East Timor, ... and should have made their wine and food
harder to digest in the presence of this war criminal.
Stretched out on the grass in front was an enormous black and white poster
of that famous "Vietnam" picture of a boy and girl running screaming, she
with her clothes burnt off by napalm, courtesy of Kissinger. There was not a
large Garda (police) presence and the weather was stormy, with hail and
snowstorms. About 60 protestors gathered outside the windows of the dining
could see surprised guests peer out at times, so it was good to know that
they could hear our drums and tribal war cries outside! The Garda only
stepped in when we tried to climb up to the windows. A regular protestor,
Pat the Picket who is usually incoherent and over the top at meetings was
given full reign to stride up and down like a Napolean ranting and raging
about all the millions of starving people in the world, and he would lead
full blooded chants that we joined in. Basically the guests were given a
full on history lesson and we let them know that K should be in the Hague
After 3 hours we retired to the pub then to bed and then up for 7am where we
gathered in the campus again this time outside the Boole library where 300
punters paid $300 to hear him speak. Loads of drummers were there keeping
the heartbeat going and loads of new/old activists who usually don't come to
demos and have not been out in the streets since the 60's and 70's turned
out to show their disgust and shout SHAME at all those people entering the
building. We did several press interviews and there were about 50 protestors
at this stage. I had spent some time working on the legal aspect and had
written to the DPP asking him to initiate legal proceedings. He replied
stating that it was a criminal matter so I faxed 20 pages to the Garda
Comissioner and the Local Garda asking them to take the initiative. I hope
they might take a leaf out of CID's book in the UK where it was the Police
who began the thing about Pinochet.
There was a huge Garda presence. I asked to be let into the building, and
spoke to the Garda in charge, asking were they going to take action? I got
an answer that said it was not up to them they would be thinking about it
and I would be contacted in due course. I politely expressed my
dissatisfaction at such a pawn like answer and asked that they make history
NOW and take initiative! One Garda called Simon actually stepped out of line
and came over and HUGGED me ! It felt lovely, but they were still saying
they had no power. I had asked a Chilean friend to be part of the legal
angle and to give the whole thing more weight, but he was too scared to as
he wants be able to return to Chile some day. He and his wife were lucky to
get out and fled to Ireland 27 years ago. Her brother was disappeared. They
are a lovely couple. We have seen him speak at public talks and he always
breaks down and cries when recounting that horrific time. So I was delighted
when they made the journey from Shannon for the protest. Enrique gave a
brilliant radio interview spelling out exactly Kissinger's involvement in
the massacres and tortures and disappearances in his country.
A guy came up to me shaking and stuttering saying he was a Barrister who was
willing to give us legal backup. That felt good as he gave me a copy of the
exact article in our Irish Constitution that said that war criminals could
be tried in Ireland even if there was no direct Irish involvement. A
journalist had tried to trip me up on that one so it was good to have the
chapter and verse to hand.
I had assumed that Kissinger was inside the Boole Library as the conference
was due to start at 8, and was really amazed that we were allowed right
inside the campus. Then I heard that K had given a interview from his hotel
at 8 30. So Becky and I started patrolling the 3 entrances trying to suss
which one would they choose to get him inside. We joined up with some
student/activists from Limerick and this is where mobile phones are so
The main body of protestors were swelling to 100, and kept up a ferocious
onslaught of blood curdling chants and BOO's . It snowed and rained but
spirits were very high. I tried talking to the cops guarding the entrances.
Some of them said they were not born during the Vietnam days so we educated
them and had serious chat about the limitations of their union.
At 11 am we got the vibe and sure enough a red Special Branch car drew up
followed by a limousine with himself inside. Then followed a scene where I
saw an old man struggle to get out of his car attempting to look dignified.
There was a huge cordon of police but there was only one Garda between me
and HIM. I stretched through my hand and caught him by the arm for a few
seconds. I was like a terrier and would not let go. I shouted CITIZEN'S
ARREST and he turned to see who had hold of him. Next I got a punch in the
neck from a Garda and was sent reeling . People were baying for his blood
and he looked seriously rattled. The Gardai JUST about got him in the doors
and slammed them shut. We were elated at having got so close, and milled
outside exchanging impressions. I asked some people to give me cover and
undid the dust caps on his tyres, shoved in a biro and HISS the sound of the
air coming out of 2 of his tyres was drowned in our noise till the driver
got wise and called the cops and had to get a machine to quickly inflate
them again.
The next hour we spent closely watching the Garda and Special Branch moving
around cars and trying to suss where he would exit. They erected loads of
fencing to keep us back. Inside, Tracey, a student and fellow TP2000
activist had managed to get inside with other students. She started
screaming there is a MURDERER IN HERE and created a huge disturbance inside.
At noon about 400 protestors had gathered, our numbers quickly swelled by
students who received accelerated education through our leafletting and the
noisy demo which brought the campus to a standstill.
A large body of us were blocking the road. The police started coming on
heavy, saying if we did not move we could be arrested under section blah
blah. The students angrily said but this is OUR campus. I said under Section
34 of our Constitution they should be arresting that war criminal. One guard
said 'But Mary, two wrongs don't make a right and you are breaking the law.'
I said 'Yes but you are breaking a bigger law by not arresting HIM.' He sort
of nodded his head in agreement and I grabbed his walkie talkie and said
'Hey! this guy is stupid!' into it. Everyone cracked up laughing including
himself. Becky engaged with the Guarda about Tristan's murder, saying that
her son had been killed by policies made by people like Kissinger. The
friendly Guard Simon was very affected by this.
Very soon they insisted we move as the Special Branch wanted to go for their
lunch and we were blocking the road, and go home now , ye have made your
point etc. I said 'NO WAY.' We all have jobs and kids and had to take a day
off to come and do this and we were not leaving till they put him in the
paddy wagon with handcuffs on. With that Becky and I linked arms and sat on
the road . Some students joined us and we were nose to nose with the car of
the head of the Special Branch, who looked like Fred Moloney!
The Garda said they had to arrest us. We said 'Fine! Go ahead.' Then all of
a sudden they walked away and we got word that K had left by another exit.
We then got off the road satisfied that our point had been truly made.
That is the bones of what happened. The positive side is that protest is
alive and kicking in Cork, and many students feel they are now able to
protest effectively. It has been suggested to have a forum where UCC are
forced to answer WHY they have these bastards there to speak. Also some of
the professors we were in contact with said that they were threatened that
funds for their Faculties could being cut just for protesting about this
visit. A lot of good strong new links have been made. Since 9/11 we have not
had a focus in Cork to vent the collective outrage, so that was a brilliant
opportunity. For me personally it was being able to make a dent into the
elite power structure, that is causing all the wars and suffering in the
world, even though it is small effort it felt good.
Just reading the newspapers today , I. see that we got some good coverage
but I am dismayed to read at the amount HE got. He said he would not lower
himself to answer any accusations as he was too intelligent to engage at
that level, and that we protestors had got it all wrong and he wished we had
as much intelligence as we had passion and that HE had been misunderstood.
There was a huge report about his conference, where he says he is 'Impressed
with Ireland's progress' in the last 10 years. and that we have built
relationships with companies that have a 'global reach'. The head of
Aerospace, Bombardier Shorts, the biggest employer Arms factory in the
country, was there encouraging more 'foreign direct investment'. There was a
lot of focus on DNA, microchips, Genetic Engineering and Technology. Also he
has been sent by the US to galvanise support for the war on terrorism. But
we know that the US are the greatest terrorists. It is sinister and very
worrying that he has wormed his evil mind into 300 stooges yesterday. It is
a huge task we protestors have ahead of us.
On the negative side, it is disappointing that no solicitors or
professionals were willing to get their act together for this event. They
are the ones who should have been doing the legal work.
Also I phoned a Cork Senator I know to congratulate him on an excellent
article he had written in the local Cork paper against UCC for inviting
Kissinger to speak. I asked him, would he be at the protest? He said , No
Mary, I don't agree with arresting old men! So as usual we have no
politicians with balls. A Green TD turned up but skulked away in the shadows
in case he was seen to be too directly involved. The Dail is a disease. Any
good people that go there loose their teeth.

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