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<nettime> Google Gagged -- Daily E-mail Edition

The Web version of this report can be found at news briefs for March 22, 2002

Scientologists gag Google
North America, General News March 22, 2002, 13:12 gmt / 05:12 pst
The <>Church of Scientology (CoS)
persuaded Web search service <>Google to delete links
from its database directing users to certain pages maintained by a CoS
critic, <>The Register reported. The church
convinced Google that it was liable for copyright infringement under the
<>Digital Millenium Copyright Act
(DMCA) because it had links to <> pages that
mirror excerpts from sacred texts considered by CoS as its intellectual
property. According to The Register, the DMCA is ambiguous. Fair use
"ensures that we may [...] quote a passage from CoS scripture and ridicule
it, but not re-publish it," The Register wrote. "But there is no pre-defined
limit to how much copyrighted text may be reproduced for purposes of
analysis, criticism, satire or argumentation."

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