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<nettime> The Revolution Drops Trou: Act 3

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Status:  U
From: "Sandy Sandfort" <sandfort@veraxgaming.com>
To: cypherpunks@lne.com
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 19:51:29 -0800
Sender: owner-cypherpunks@lne.com


Because of CRYPTIC SEDUCTION's Cypherpunk connection, I thought it would be
appropriate to present you with a unique opportunity.

The adult film market has been flat for some period of time and I see no
signs of an upturn any time soon.  I'm tired of waiting for the right market
and so are some of my shareholders.  So we've decided to bring this chapter
to a close--even at a loss--rather than drag it on any longer.  So have
decided to sell off the movie and dissolve the company as soon as possible.

To that end, I am soliciting bids for the purchase of all the assets of
Desdaemona--the remaining rights, documentation and inventory of CRYPTIC
SEDUCTION.  To insure a quick sale, I am setting a deadline for bids of noon
PST, March 20, 2002.

I think it's only fair that Cypherpunks--the inspiration for CRYPTIC
SEDUCTION--should get a "bite at the apple."  Attached, is a Word document
you may use to bid on CRYPTIC SEDUCTION.  Who knows?  If you are the winning
bidder, you may end up owning CRYPTIC SEDUCTION for a fraction of the
$30,000 it cost to produce it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone
(510-839-3441).  Remember, the deadline is noon, one week from today.

 S a n d y

P.S.  If the list chokes on the Word attachment, here it is in text form.


March 13, 2002

Dear Cypherpunk:

Thank you for your interest in bidding on all rights (less TV rights),
documentation and inventory for the adult feature, CRYPTIC SEDUCTION.  In
order to participate in the bidding, you will need to fill out the bid form
at the bottom of this letter, sign it and mail or fax it to us at the
address/number, below.  To quality for consideration, it must be received by
noon PST, Wednesday March 20, 2002.

If yours is the highest bid, you will be notified at that time.  To complete
the purchase of CRYPTIC SEDUCTION you must immediately remit payment to us
via wire transfer, cashiers check or the equivalent.  If full payment is not
received by noon PST, Friday March 22, 2002, we reserve the right to void
the sale.


Sandy Sandfort, Trustee

I hereby bid $_______________, as per the terms listed above, for the adult
motion picture, CRYPTIC SEDUCTION.

Name:		____________________________________________

Address:	____________________________________________

Phone/fax:	____________________________________________

E-mail:	____________________________________________

123 BAY PLACE, SUITE 301  OAKLAND, CA  94610
PHONE: 510-839-3441  FAX: 858-630-4116

Signature 	__________________________   Date __________

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name of Bid--Cypherpunks.doc]

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