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<nettime> open footage of milosevic trail (B92 statement)

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B92 statement


BELGRADE, March 14, 2002 - In view of the amount of false information in
circulation on this matter, B92 presents the following facts:

. No one has exclusive rights to live broadcasts of the trial of Slobodan
Milosevic at The Hague.
. Any television station wanting to broadcast the trial may subscribe to the
Eurovision live coverage broadcasts.
. Any television station with mobile satellite access can connect to the
Tribunal's internal television system and broadcast the trial free of
charge.  This is how B92 is obtaining its live feed.

B92 has a correspondent, a technical team and a satellite van in The Hague.
The company is also preparing to broadcast other proceedings of interest
during the examining of protected witness and during longer recesses in the
Milosevic trial.

B92's program is rebroadcast by the more than thirty local television
stations in the Association of Independent Electronic Media network.  These
same stations also rebroadcast other programs produced by B92 which deal
with the issue of truth, responsibility and reconciliation and which shed
light on the causes of wars and crime in the former Yugoslavia.

B92 began preparing for live coverage from The Hague a year ago by applying
to a number of foundations and international organisations for assistance.
This made it possible for us to be prepared when the trial begun.  We have
already secured coverage of the trial for the next twelve months, thanks to
IREX, an organisation which deals with improving the quality of media and
information.  This coverage will continue regardless of whether the domestic
audience is interested in the trial or not.  In addition to the live
coverage, we also produce a program at 7.00 p.m. each day which is a review
of the most important events at the Tribunal.

B92's editors believe that the trial itself, and all other proceedings
against people from other nations, deserve the attention of people in Serbia
as part of the process of facing the recent past and as one of the ways to
learn the most important facts from our past.  In the same way we shall also
strive to cover trials in local courts once they begin.  We shall also
attempt to provide as much information as possible on the ways in which the
proceedings are conducted, and also produce short critical analyses as part
of our attempt to influence the proceedings in the sense of seeing to it
that they be fair and correct.  Regardless of the proceedings, the role of
the media and journalists is to try, through professional investigative
journalism, to assemble as many facts as possible which shed light on all
the relevant events.  Just how complete the picture of our past will be
exactly depends on this, because it is clear that we won't get this picture
just by watching the pro!
ceedings at the Tribunal.

In addition to the live coverage, B92 will also produce documentaries and
organise ongoing debates on the crimes and the causes of violence.  The
"Wars 1991-1999" documentation centre operating within B92 is very important
in this role.  Its aim is to collect and preserve documentation on wars and
the testimonies of those involved in them: soldiers and victims, silent
observers and those who opposed the wars.

We are convinced that the processes of democratisation, reform and economic
prosperity, the renaissance of the country, will be slowed down if we fail
to face the evil of the past with a heavy dose of criticism and show our
willingness to accept unpleasant truths about ourselves.

We shall do everything within the power of our profession to expedite those
process which can improve the quality of life of each and every individual.

Veran Matic
Editor in Chief

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