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<nettime> Nettime-zh: Chinese Nettime Announcement
李士傑 on Sun, 3 Mar 2002 10:42:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Nettime-zh: Chinese Nettime Announcement

dear nettimers,

I am glad to share this info with all of you. Please pass it to
any Chinese reading people to join our action.

best regard, ilya


Chinese nettime information exchange and relay, beta-test initiated in
2001, October. Hybridity of cultures of geeks and activists, local and
global, mailing lists and other internet services. Providing UTF-8
chinese writing/reading people a platform for net activation. (see
announcement below)

Nettime-zh Announcement

Nettime-zh aims to be a global list and weblogging platform discussing
the 'something-in-common' between the transnational digital new medium 
territory and net.local reality, for the Chinese reading / multilingual

Here we use our native language, Chinese, to discuss and exchange
opinions, but this time not (only) to translate and import, nor to broke
and resell culture to a place yet uncovered by the digital tide, but to 
engage actively in building the informational backbone across encoding 
barrier and technology literacy boundries. Zh is our effort and symbol to
overcome the border/separation of Traditional/Simplified Chinese and the
dialects, like "Chinese" in its original sound, Zhong-wen, shared,
listened and read by the global Chinese community.

Zh is also place to contain the local pressure, displacement sorrow,
sentamental tension of the globalizing hurricane. A place to hold the
confusions and also the progressment. It starts from Taiwan, the only
government dare to turn its back against globalization and China,
continues its own solitude isolation in its independent dilemma. From
its twisted closure/openness and poverty/abundant in history/culture and
language, we, as part of the digital diaspora, depart to construct

Mark it as a new RAM injected into the glocal cultural brain, we want to
evoking new circuits of hybrid interaction, turning the displaced
finding its homeland /new departure-point  {AT}  cyberspace. 

Multiple Entry Points

Nettime-zh features a multitude of entry points and medium:

In http://zh.nettime.org/, we feature selected topics and annotations
into the metalist project, a slashdot-like discussion and content
syndication platform for the general audience. The zh {AT} wiki is the first
stage of our presence ---- it works as FAQ, whoswho, and the jargon file,
the collective memory of nettime-zh.

In cvs://zh.nettime.org/, we'll share the building code of the nettime-zh
platform. We'll also discuss related projects, coding practices, cultural
impact, and utilization methods.

In mailto:nettime-zh {AT} geb.elixus.org, we hold an interview-oriented
activity zone. Modeled after the "Ask Slashdot" events, we aim to sharing 
URLs and express what we've learned about recent events, and find clueful 
persons to talk with. In order to initiate discussions, we will take a "critical
media space" position, routinely annotate mainstream media coverages in
different angles, to locate the contents absent in the current news.

As a related project, nettime-zh also aims to be a presentation backstage
of teach-and-learn in-and-of cyberspace. Whilst we hack around Taiwan,
leaving our trajectories across high schools and universities, orgs and
studios, we want to document these hacktavistas, vision and experiences
of those precious moments.

So, welcome to zh, and make yourself  {AT} home.

autrijus, ilya and umberto

nettime-zh initiators

Autrijus Tang
Ilya Eric Lee
Umberto Chen

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