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<nettime> overview of nettime lists and activities

Dear nettimers,

because of the very exciting launch of nettime-zh, the Chinese nettime list
and webforum, here an overview of the nettime lists and current activities.

Ciao, Geert


In 2001 the nettime server (partially) moved from Cologne (KHM) to
Amsterdam. The Society for Old and New Media ( is sponsoring
the server and traffic. A new machine was bought which now easily accessible
for Michael van Eeden, the sysop, who is based in Amsterdam. One technical
detail: unlike in the past the nettime search engine does not automatically
search the entire database if you type in a key word. It only looks in the
information of the last month. The database has become too big.


The english-language list is the oldest (created in 1995) and largest of all
nettime lists. nettime-l is moderated, currently by Ted Byfield (NYC),
Andrea Mayr (Vienna), Scott McPhee (Sydney), and Felix Stalder (Toronto). In
its normal and digest format, the list has close to 2500 subscribers. In
addition, there are some 100 brave subscribers of the un-moderated version,
nettime-bold.  Nettime-l runs on majordomo, a long list of procmail recipes,
and goodwill. Email facilities are sponsored by The Thing
The most recent paper publication to come out of nettime-l was initiated by
Vuk Cosic as part of his catalogue for the Slovenian Pavillion at the 2001
Venice Biennale (


Started in late 1996 nettime-nl is the first non-English nettime list. It
had a slow started in the first years but picked up in a really interesting
way in 2000-2001. Nettime-nl now has almost 500 subscribers, is still open
and found a good balance between announcements and debates. Menno Grootveld
( has been its moderator since January 2000. Because of
recent debates about globalization and the role of indymedia there are plans
to organize a public debate around these topics.


The Romanian language list - launched in the beginning of 2000, now has over
300 subscribers. The list is based mostly on the Romanian contemporary art
scene debates and announcements. It is proud to announce the publication of
the first 'nettime-ro / text book' with texts from the list, produced by the
list moderator, Alexandru Patatics (


nettime-fr was launched  in november 99. The moderators are Nathalie Magnan,
Nicolas Maleve and Aris Papathéodorou. Traffic on the list is rather low.
There are currently 260 subscribers. Nettime-fr almost died in 2001 but then
picked up again after 911. The discussion list closest to nettime-fr would
be multitude, but which does not have either an Internet or new media arts
focus. If you would like to get involved in nettime-fr and would like to
give the list a new direction, please contact one of moderators.


Nettime-lat:  In August 2000 the Spanish/Portugese nettime list started and
has had a turbulent life ever since, creating a network of communication
within people of such different realities and tones of latinidad (and
spanish/portuguese speakers) from New York to Barcelona, México and beyond,
all the way to East Europe. The list now has over 500 subscribers from
America and Europe, and is moderated by David Casacuberta, Ricardo
Dominguez, Fran Ilich, and Ana Viseu.


After a period of beta-testing the 'Chinese' nettime list has now officially
been launched (see seperate announcement).


Preparations are under way for a nettime list in the Japanese language.
There is a nettime-j meeting planned in Tokyo for early March. The list
could be launched in two months from now.

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