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<nettime> Refugees in Australian detention centres
ben moretti on Mon, 28 Jan 2002 23:12:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Refugees in Australian detention centres

Here is the list of refugees being held in Australian detention centres. 
As they say on the website

> Write to some refugees: it
> will help them realise that someone in Australia is thinking of them.  
> If you really want to help them, send
> them a phone card: it is their lifeline to the outside world.  Click 
> here to get
> the names of some refugees in various detention centres.  [NB: no phone 
> cards can be used at Woomera]


In Maribyrnong IDC
54 Hampstead Rd
Maribyrnong 3032

Mr Hossein Iran
Mr Ali Bakhtiarvandi
Mr Bahram Peyrow
Mr Abdul Baig
Mr Muksin Brik Bin Said
Mr Alfred Azizaj
Mr Oleksandr Prystay
Mr Yun Sen Liu
Mr Al Mufadal
Mr Rakesh Nedunuri
Mr Janko Canyi
Mr Caner Guler
Mr Hossein Iran
Mr Ali Bakhtiarvandi
Mr Bahram Peyrow
Adela Hashemy
Sumaya Hashemy (4yrs)
Samy Hashemy (2)
Zohara Hashemy (1 month)

In Woomera IDC:  [NB: no phone cards can be used at Woomera]
Woomera, SA 5720

Mr Davood Hosein Amira
Mr Saed Mohamad Abdarahmani
Mr Javad Rajabi
Mr Mahmood Gaholami
Mr Mehran Behrooz
Mr Ali Ayad Shoani

In Port Hedland IDC
Port Hedland

Mr. Joni Baltega  NBP 447 from Burundi (detention for 16 months)
Mr. Maqbool Hussein JOO 029 from Afghanistan (detention for over 2 years)
Mr. Mourad Hamdi VAN 006 (detention over 3 years) from Algeria

In Perth IDC
c/- DIMA
Locked Bag Number 7 Northbridge
W.A. 6865

Mr. Steven Khan (in detention for over 3 years) Kashmir
Mr. Thomas Asamoah (in detention for 8 months) from Ghana
Mr. Khamosh (in detention for approx 12 months) from Afghanistan
and one who is currently in hospital and quite ill he is from Curtin
Mr. Pejman Namderi (C/- Ward 4A, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth WA 6000)
from Iran

ben moretti
mailto:bmoretti {AT} chariot.net.au

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