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matthew fuller on Mon, 28 Jan 2002 20:20:37 +0100 (CET)

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Hyperstition: Element of effective culture that makes itself real, through
fictional quantities functioning as time-travelling potentials.
Hyperstition operates as a coincindence intensifier, effecting a call to
the Old Ones. - Abstract Culture. Swarm 4. Digital Hyperstition.

The Ccru web-channel has shifted to www.ccru.info.

New material includes:

- Ccru begins its descent into the decimal labyrinth of the Stillwell
Numogram, with a qabbalistic introduction to the ten megademonic Zones.

- Abstract Culture Swarm#4: Digital Hyperstition comes online.

- The Ccru Archive gathers more scattered signal from the datacombs.

- The Ccru id(entity) undergoes further decryption. (Who is the Nomo

- Occultures opens a portal into the hyperstitional matrix.

As a sign of the times Ccru has also been spawning mutant clone-monsters,
http://www.abstract-machines.com - Play the future.
http://www.diskontent.net - UK K-punk rantfest.
http://www.hyperdub.com - Sonic virology.
http://www.k-gothic.net - Gothic cyberspace.
http://www.k-punk.net - Essays on tech/sonikulture.
http://www.kode9.com - Audio Warfare.
http://www.uneasylistening.net - Edgy ambience.

www.ccru.info - ccru9 {AT} hotmail.com

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