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<nettime> invent for struggle with terrorism
Victor Koldun on Sun, 27 Jan 2002 23:10:55 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> invent for struggle with terrorism

Dear americans,

I support sincerely the struggle with international terrorism and wish 
you full and unconditional victory. Your victory will be the victory of 
the whole human race.

 So I kindly propose you the followin idea:


DEVICE FOR INSTANT VIEW COVERING is designed for additional indirect protection of an object. In fact the device is an improved equivalent of smoke screens. However, unlike smoke screens, the device is localized in one place and can not be blown away by the wind. 
Besides, shell (5) may cause intimely explosion of a grenade of a bazooka on its way (fig.3), or will cause the trajectory of the grenade to deviate. 
The main goal of the device is to cover the view needed for aimed fire, so that the object's chances of unnoticedly escaping to a safe place are increased. 
The device consists of a large sack (5), which is packed into the container together with gas generator (4). If required, the catapulting charge (1) shoots the device away in a given direction. The timer valve (3) makes sure the device gets expanded as soon as it reaches the place. 
With help of several devices for instant view covering it is possible to create corridors for unnoticed retreat or attack. 
Even with bullet holes in its shell, the device during a reasonably long time will remain functional. Additionally, the gas generator can keep feeding the shell. 
If made of fabric with high strength, the shell can also protect the object from grenade splinters and low-energy bullets. 
The device can be mounted directly in a vehicle. A portable version (carried in a case) is also possible. 


Best Regards,

Victor Koldun.

Khvylovogo str. 39 / 43

koldun {AT} inventnet.com

tel. + 380.322. 93.30.91 /GMT + 2.00,  Rus./


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