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Re: <nettime> ... next week in porto alegre
Renata Aquino on Sun, 27 Jan 2002 22:32:23 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> ... next week in porto alegre


I will be at PortO ;) Alegre next week. I am mainly
participatin on the Communications Democratisation
debates (focusing on Technology) but will be also
looking forward for the more general discussions. 

I haven't written to nettime before but I think this
info might be of interest.

There will be a great movement of media activists in
the forum, especially online media activists. 

Two communities have gathered beforehand and are
planning to link their forces/participation in the
event. Most of the action will be centered around the
Anti-globalisation camping places. There will be
personalities such as Richard Stallman (Gnu.org) and
Marcelo Tosatti (Brazilian developer of Conectiva,
highly regarded Linux kernel "guardian").

So, the communities I spoke of are:
www.jornalistasdaweb.com.br (Web Journalists - Brazil)
and CMI (Center of Independent Media).

Of interest to nettime could be the CMI people, which
will are mainstream journalists producing independent
and voluntary reports about the Porto Alegre Forum. 

Sorry if the post is too long. I'll be happy to answer
more about PoA in pvt. 

Renata Aquino

--- geert <geert {AT} xs4all.nl> wrote:
> (next week the second porte alegre meeting takes
> place. if there is anyone
> going there, please drop a note. I heard that there
> will be indymedia
> caravan starting from porto alegre, visiting social
> movements in latin
> america. what else is happening? ok, attac is going
> and the personalities,
> but how about the media activists, for instance?
> ciao, geert)
> ---

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