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<nettime> [Berlin, 29.12.] Towards a European Privacy and Cyberrights Union



Meeting Of European Net Activists: 
		Towards a European Privacy and Cyberrights Union

Speakers: Sebastian , Andy Müller-Maguhn
Language: english
Where: Saal 2
When: Day 3, 10:00
Duration: 03:00h

Recent developments such as the Cyber-crime convention and the EU
initiatives for data retention have shown the need for a European
organization for the protection of human ("cyber") rights in the
information age. Additionally, this organization should be able to
represent all interested national privacy organizations in Europe, since
there often is only limited space in public hearings of the EU.

This workshop is intended to focus efforts of the different groups working
on a European organization. The goal is to agree on a legal framework and
to arrange a timetable and work packages for the prompt implementation of
such an organization.

If you have already formulated a mission statement, a framework or other
discussion paper, please e-mail it to We will make the
material available prior to the workshop and use it for discussions.


VIBE!AT - Verein für Internet-Benutzer Österreichs (.AT)

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