Geert Dekkers on Wed, 26 Dec 2001 06:24:18 +0100 (CET)

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Re: Re: <nettime> design


"Design follows content" is as much of a fiction as "form follows 
function". Perhaps content producers could leave the production of 
the actual stuff to others.  Without ever taking a second look. But 
would they actually do that? Would they dare? I certainly wouldn't.

Designers and content producers work together to make something that 
conveys meaning. Sometimes the designer and the content producer is 
one and the same. Sometimes not. Content is formed and the form forms 
the content. I admit, its a bit of a mess.

But don't try unmuddling this mess by ranking content above design.

Geert Dekkers
(not a designer all of the time)

>>  Over the past decade the world has changed. Designers found new ways for
>>  communication. Globalization succeeded. Everything is connected to
>>  everything. We enjoy all this. It's beautiful! One planet, one network, one
>>  style.
>>  We did it!
>You, dear designer, did nothing of the sort. The idea of networks, of
>connecting people and machines, originated among technologists tampering
>with the technology they were allowed to put their hands on, among
>idealistst (read the history of the Fidonet for example) who used this
>technology to spread content and meet others, and among traders of all kinds
>who wanted to expand their markets. All the originators of the global world
>had either a clear 'problematic' or a clear idea of content.


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