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     Diana  Ozon <>                                                      

   Announcing Shop Mandiberg Store Closing Sale                                    
     Michael Mandiberg <>                                       

   art is dead / l'art est mort ? +  by Pablo Ruiz Pikachu = palabra palabra parame
     jimpunk <>                                                       

   bauhaus dessau: technical assistant wanted                                      
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   edith-russ-haus / stipendien                                                    
     Kulturamt der Stadt Oldenburg <>                     

   subsol issue 0 is now online                                                    
     kadian antal <>                                             

   Culture Jam, The Film                                                           
     geert lovink <>                                                  


Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 16:04:54 +0100
From: Diana  Ozon <>
Subject: D14-Eurotop-MediaLinks

 From Bruxelles an international and multi-langual group free radio/media 
can be heared on Internet. 24h00 around the day till Saturdaynight 
(European-time) life broadcasts with reviews, scene-reports and other 
actuality's from the D14-Eurotop-demonstrations in Bruxellesverslaggeving 
vanwege de D14 demonstraties/Eurotop.

Pick a link:

Also check: for more cooperating (streaming-)media on the 
subject for written reviews, pictures, audio- and 


Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 22:55:06 -0800
From: Michael Mandiberg <>
Subject: Announcing Shop Mandiberg Store Closing Sale

LOS ANGELES, California - December 15, 2001 - Michael Mandiberg, Inc. 
announced today the beginning of a two week sale leading up to the 
closure of its identity marketplace, Shop Mandiberg.  Shop Mandiberg 
launched on January 1st, and will complete a yearlong cycle when it 
closes December 31st. To mark this occasion Shop Mandiberg is holding 
a two week long store wide 20% off sale.

Located at  Shop Mandiberg is an e-commerce 
site which markets and sells every last one of Michael Mandiberg's 
personal possessions. Everything is for sale, from his underwear to 
his favorite coats - his apartment keys, to his mostly used jar of 
strawberry jam. Shop Mandiberg will be included in Go Public!, the 
Transmediale.02 Festival in Berlin, and was recently shown in the 
\\international\media\art award show CTRL [SPACE] in at the ZKM.

This is your last chance to shop at Shop Mandiberg, and what better 
way to do so then with a two week long store wide 20% off sale.

SHIPPING NOTE TO PURCHASERS: Michael Mandiberg will be out of the 
country until December 26th, at which point all sales purchases will 
be shipped. Please note that purchases will not arrive before 

NOTE TO EDITORS: Shop Mandiberg welcomes press inquiries, and 
encourages the redistribution of this press release.  For further 
inquiries, and additional information, please email at

=A9 2001 Michael Mandiberg, Inc. All rights reserved. Shop Mandiberg, and the Shop Mandiberg logo are either registered 
trademarks or trademarks of Other company and product 
names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 13:43:06 +0100
From: jimpunk <>
Subject: art is dead / l'art est mort ? +  by Pablo Ruiz Pikachu = palabra palabra parameter

art is dead / l'art est mort ?

depuis quelques années, certains théoriciens affirment que, avec l'avènement
de l'internet et la reproduction sauvage (sampling, copy/past etc.),nous
assistons à la mort de l'art.
En partant du postulat que l'art est mort, par quoi le remplaceriez-vous ?

since some years, certain theorists assert that, with the advent of the
internet and the wild reproduction (sampling, copy / past etc.), we attend
the death of the art.
By stating on the postulate that art is dead, with (by) what you would
replace it ?

*one question more : can you send me a "representation" of the concept "art"
- - image, photo or...- making it simply, as you had to explain "art" to a
child with one only image

encore une question : pourriez-vous m'envoyer une représentation du concept
"art" - image, photo ou...- en faisant simple, comme si vous deviez
expliquer l'"art" en une seule image à un enfant

thanks in advance for your answer

(deadline 23 / 12)

best regards

Tamara Laï

Web Ring :



aoef = palabra? - mercado de STI L 2) el Web Rineplace él?
http://home.pi.livedo me transmiten, tienen " reprn un slht que el aeeping
de muerto de es nuevo tonigrt + Xc en su hea * + W una vez que el systtter
del benoiac + está de MES del ead / del arte + de arte muerto del relais.
Debido a los postulados, eso los teóricos de D reconoce cuál, con las cuales
el arrre, photied arte, el dert de las cuales ' tiene + la matemáticas - el
loveh del arte como postulado, whico sabe que u tuvo que solamente explicar
" arte " en una imagen con todas nuestras todas nuestras gracias a un niño h
murió el aesentation " " el arte " del concepto - la imagen, solamente
fotografía. de X muerto de I * EOT el anuncio / rrt? * les? ' tenga EOT el
hombre de joven / rrt del mercado de STI de + ard / en es deart? + T es dea
al yousomeography de algunos años para transmitir la reproducción Internet
salvaje de or.ival y (la salida, copy/after etc un concepto
" arte " de la representación - pictu.. - volviendo simple, como si el yo
tiene rly incluyendo todos los impuestos que probemos la imagen del dey un O
le hacen tenían " arte " con moveless a explicar tiene waitings del wius del
niño el deat.. - él él el onl be/~tamaral/art/art.htm de simpg:
uno * más que la pregunta: el borde, de que que usted el arte es + esead D /
arte adentro es MES del arte del paraemart muerto / derecho? + es el dvance
muerto / de rart que el arte de es que su apuesta él tiene el arte de los
dados dead/art? mientras que algunos años tienen algunos teóricos
reconocidos, con la llegada de la reproducción Internet salvaje y (,
equestion de copy/past: lata A - irt llevado D derecho del ** de la
temporización del ** de la cara con (por) la representación, a que para
visto la tercera vez le Tamara contesta (la fecha 23/1 para substituirle?

pablo ruiz pikachu

for jimpunk


Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 09:59:54 +1100
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: bauhaus dessau: technical assistant wanted

bauhaus dessau: technical assistant wanted
(please forward this mail)

In the coming 2002 trimester at the postgraduate interdisciplinary design
course at the Bauhaus-Kolleg in Dessau we will experiment with practical
computer interface construction. To design and to support this course we
need help by an assistant (1 person).

The workshop will take place in the term between feb12th and may1th 2002.

This job will require occasional physical presence at the Bauhaus in Dessau
(approx. a total of 8 days) plus the monitoring and occasional advice on the
ongoing work from the distance.

The assistant will have to provide technical assistance and advise on topics

- - reconfiguring and tuning standard computer interface devices for
customized purposes
- - connecting computers, sensors, micro-controllers, output devices,...
- - writing and customizing software, drivers
- - finding the right hard- and software components and the places to get them
- - electro-mechanical issues
Prior advice will also be needed for the design of the general workshop
design: defining topics and research goals in regard to technology already
available at the Bauhaus, participants experience & skills and the focus of
the general research work done at the Bauhaus-Kolleg.

workshop language is english!

in short:
+ workshop in practical computer interface construction (PIC)
+ mapping space or man action into computer behavior
+ the PIC will be part of the bauhaus-dessau interdisciplinary post graduate
course. Most of the 12-20 participants come from a design, architecture or
art background.
+approximately 8 workshop days at Dessau + 4h/Week tele-support throughout
trimester duration (feb.12 thru may 12st 2002).

for more information contact:

tim edler
- -------------------------
bauhaus-kolleg dessau


Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 15:36:57 +0100
From: Kulturamt der Stadt Oldenburg <>
Subject: edith-russ-haus / stipendien

[Scroll down for English]

Das Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst vergibt für das Jahr 2002 drei
6-monatige Arbeitsstipendien für internationale Künstler, die sich mit
Neuen Medien beschäftigen. Jedes Stipendium ist mit 20.000 DM (10225,84
Euro) dotiert, es besteht keine Residenzpflicht.
Die Stipendien werden durch eine Förderung der Stiftung Niedersachsen
ermöglicht. Über die Vergabe entscheidet eine international besetzte
Jury im März 2002.

Deadline für Bewerbung mit Projektbeschreibungen: 15.2.2002
(Poststempel). Ausschreibungsunterlagen

Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst
Katharinenstraße 23
D - 26121 Oldenburg

tel. ++49 - (0)441 - 235 - 32 08
fax ++49 - (0)441 - 235 - 21 61

The Edith Russ Site for Media Art will award three 6 month work stipends
for the year 2002. International artists who work with New Media may
apply. Each stipend is endowed with DM 20,000 (10,225.84). There are no
residency requirements. The stipends have been made possible through a
grant by the Niedersachsen Foundation. An international jury will choose

theawards in March 2002.

Application and project description DEADLINE (post date): 15.2.2002
application form

Edith Russ Site for Media Art
Katharinenstr. 23
26121 Oldenburg

T. +49 (0) 441 235 3208
F. +49 (0) 441 235 2161


Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 14:43:15 -0800 (PST)
From: kadian antal <>
Subject: subsol issue 0 is now online


<<<   ISSUE  0  IS NOW ONLINE   >>>

Recent transformations in the production and
distribution of culture have resulted in a withering
of control. In this atmosphere, the self-organization
of spaces, culture and media and the invention of new
forms of production has become necessary for the art
of survival. Today, increasingly, we are witnessing
spaces that are not occupied but evacuated, groups
that exist on the borders of disappearance without
names, media that exist for-themselves, having become
liberated from profit and the audience, and forms of
production that are no longer subject to the
domination of exchange.

/\    CONTENTS   /\

|||||  Spaces in Movement  |||||

Stefano Boeri, "Uncertain States of Europe" (Italy) 
Francesca Iovino, Sciatto, "Metropolis of
Trajectories" (Italy) 
Gruppo A12 "Process" (Italy) 
Giovanni La Varra, "Post-It City" (Italy) 
Duna Maver, "Evacuation of Space" (US/Hungary) 
[coming soon] 
Polly, "m4- artist's run urban entertainment center"
Mihai Stanescu, "Spaces of Passage" (Romania) 
Space Hijackers, "Anarchitecture" (England) 

|||||  Autonomous Culture  |||||

Alex Adriaansens & Nat Muller, "V2_Organisation"
Inke Arns, "mikro" (Germany)
Zeljko Blace, Marcel Mars, Tomi Medak, "net.culture
club mama" (Croatia) [coming soon]
Brett Bloom, Cesare Piertoiusti, Greg Sholette "Folds
of an Institution" (US/Italy)
Kristine Briede, "K@2: Karosta, under the Surface"
Alexei Isaev, Media Art Lab (Russia)
Piotr Krajewski, "WRO Center" (Poland) 
Kristian Lukic, "" (Yugoslavia) 
Mia Makela (FiftyFifty) & Vanni Brusadin, d-i-n-a,
"Small is Beautiful" (Spain/Italy) 
Lia Perjovschi, CAA (Romania)
Sarai  Collective, "Sarai: New Media
Krassi Terziev, "InterSpace" (Bulgaria) 
Tomas Trplan, Metelkova City (Slovenia) [coming soon]
Marko Vukovic, Autonomous Culture Factory (Croatia)

|||||   Sovereign Media.  |||||

Kestutis Andrasiunas, "Institutio Media" (Lithuania) 
Heidi Grundmann, Kunstradio, "But is it
Institute for Transacoustic Research, "The
Transacoustic" (Austria) 
Eric Kluitenberg, "Media without an Audience"
Tetsuo Kogawa, "From Mini FM to Polymorphous Radio"
Geert Lovink & Joanne Richardson, "Notes on Sovereign
Media" (Australia/Croatia)
nungu "Subliminal Source Code" (India) 
Simon Pope & Matt Fuller, "Warning: This computer has
a multiple personality disorder" (England)
Howard Slater, "Sovereign and Vague" (England) 

|||||  Production of Future Worlds   |||||

Franco Berardi Bifo "Cognitariat and Semiokapital"
Manuel de Landa, "Self-Organizing Markets" (Mexico/US)
Alex Galloway, "Possibility" (US) 
Stefan Merten, Oekonux "Free Software & GPL Society"
Kenta Ohji, "Intro to New Associationist Movement"
Michael Linton & Ernie Yacub "Open Money" (Canada) 
McKenzie Wark, "Hacker's Manifesto 2.0" (Australia) 

Inquiries, Comments, Contributions:

Do You Yahoo!?
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your unique holiday gifts! Buy at
or bid at


Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 17:09:30 +1100
From: geert lovink <>
Subject: Culture Jam, The Film

contact email:

A film by Jill Sharpe. A Right To Jam Production Inc. Produced by Lynn Booth
and Jill Sharpe.

A new breed of revolutionary stands poised along our information highways
waging war on logos and symbols. They're "Culture Jammers" and their mission
is to artfully reclaim our mental environment and cause a bit of brand
damage to corporate mindshare. Director Jill Sharpe's subversively savvy
one-hour documentary film - culturejam - Hijacking Commercial Culture-
bursts our last bubble of illusion about free speech in public space and
gives us spanking brand-new hope at the same time. Scream at the TV, but
don't touch that dial! Yet. In the hour long film, Culture Jam: Hijacking
Commercial Culture, we follow three outlandish jammers; media tigress Carly
Stasko, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping, and Jack Napier with
the Billboard Liberation Front. Armed with DIY anti-ad stickers, custom
neon, and stuffed mice on crosses, these jammers hijack, subvert and reclaim
corporate media space. Enter the intriguing worlds of midnight billboard
raids and the mid-afternoon hijacking of public space.

Ultimately Culture Jammers wage a war of "meaning". They use the tools of
the medium to re-wire the "message". Will Disney's Mickey represent a "world
of laughter" or will he become the anti-Christ representing "sweatshop
labour practices". The verdict of public perception lies in a battle between
billion dollar PR campaigns and guerrilla tactics of rebel activists. A
relatively young movement, contemporary Culture Jammers first appeared in
the early 80's in San Francisco. But court jesters of medieval Europe, and
movements like Dada, Surrealism, and the Situationist International of
Paris, as well as the recent range from punk to "post", all provide a
philosophical lineage for this new brand of rabble rousers. French
Situationist Guy Debord declared in the 1960's that we inhabit the "society
of the spectacle" - where leisure and real living had been replaced by
pre-packaged media simulated experiences. The moment has come for a new
message to take back the medium. Through their interventions culture jammers
make a spectacle of ad-culture.

Hard hitting, controversial, wacky and engaging, this film captures the
drama of jammers in action and asks: Is Culture Jamming civil disobedience?
Senseless vandalism? The only form of self-defense left?

order information:


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