Kenji Siratori on Fri, 14 Dec 2001 18:09:24 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> HARDWEB


Vital different-the avant garde functions as the human body emulator of the
surface that was controlled
Negative continuation nature of the surface is disillusioned with the era
Border herd of cyber space accelerates the genomewarable tragedy-ROM to the
surface that was encoded the body
Data surface that was done the mass of flesh-module is infected the
neuromatic biocapturing=plug of the existence-code acidHUMANIX
Data=mutant surface streams the hunting for the grotesque WEB_body encoding
on the border by passing the trash circuit
Digital=vamp system of the border group secretes the DNA structure of chaos
periphery to the data=mutant form
Border group of avant garde body encoding does the new data=mutant
processing organ of <cracking that loops> the browser to eject the
tragedy-ROM of the neuromatic surface
Genomewarable surface of the era respiration-byte that exploded does the
mass of flesh-module of the formation of the data=mutant to the
non-resettable WEB region of the human body emulator desire-protocol
Border group that accelerates the virus of the genomeware in data=mutant
processing space renders the trash sensor hyperreal vaio-code of WEB high
Cybercell of the data=mutant surface that was encoded the body outputs the
neuromatic border group that systematized the digital=vamp of WEB
Different vital-controller that tragedy-ROM surface was ejected cancels the
genomewarable border group on WEB and stream the avant-garde body encoding
of data=mutant processing space
Data=trash circuit that human body emulator was secreted explodes the
tragedy-ROM structure of the periphery of the genomeware that does the
script of the surface to neuromatic
Border group of the avant-garde body encoding of WEB streams and forms the
data=mutant processing space of the spontaneous generation of the neuromatic
Border group that emulated the human body does the data=mutant processing of
the genomewarable surface script
WEB that clone-dives of the surface reproduces the digital=vamp periphery
region of the human body emulator spiral

Data=mutant processing space that is possible the rendering of the
neuromatic existence-code forms the desire-protocol streaming of WEB by
encoding a trash sensor terror cybercell body
Hyperreal body encoding region of WEB transfers the neuromatic
disillusionment-module of the script by distributing data=mutant processing
space to trash sensor chaos periphery
Intermediate log-machine on WEB that emulated the human body does the
neuromatic different vital-controller of self coding out script
By processing the hunting for the grotesque WEB_human body emulator of chaos
periphery the data=mutant data=trash existence-code of cyber cytoplasm is
encoded to a desire-protocol form genomewarable scanner molecule body
Genomewarable data=trash circuit that WEB was rearranged encodes chaos
periphery the body and configure the desire-protocol state existence-code of
the script medium
Intermediate WEB structure that does the mass of flesh-module of the
data=mutant distributes the neuromatic streaming of chaos periphery and form
the clonic surface network circuit of the cybercell
Genomewarable surface machine that was mapped to the avant garde body
encoding region scans script HARDWEB of data=mutant nature
Liquidity of the existence-coding of HARDWEB synchronizes to the hyperreal
body encoding system of the cybercell and output the data=mutant/script
Script of the cyber cytoplasm of the chaos periphery UPLOAD to the
data=trash circuit that was reproduced the spiral of HARDWEB accumulates the
intermediate log-machine that different vital-controller was ejected the
desire-protocol while doing the genomewarable disillusionment-module noise

HARDWEB as the expansion body of the existence-code of the periphery of TAZ
streams and forms of data=mutant genomewarable body encoder that
synchronized and emulate the hyperlink system of the reproduction quality of
the cybercell human body
Desire-protocol genome wear of TAZ the secretion of the script of HARDWEB
diverges to the data=trash technocrisis of cyber cytoplasm
By forming and streaming HARDWEB that was processed the data=mutant of the
spiral reproduction quality of TAZ-art out script neuro-browser that
emulated the human body of chaos periphery is transferred

Hyperlink system of TAZ that turned HARDWEB of the human body emulator
streams the desire-protocol existence-code that was done the out script of
the data=mutant
Genomewarable body encoder of the cyber cytoplasm that does the mass of
flesh-module to the data=trash circuit synchronizes to the tragedy-ROM state
border group of technocrisis TAZ and diffuse the clonic existence-code of
the HARDWEB surface
Neuromatic spiral reproduction circuit of HARDWEB does the genome of the
desire-protocol=the body encoder of TAZ that was mapped the out script


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