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>>OLD BOYS NETWORK proudly announces

kartell eros cha!rz

pl!z hav a zeat. 4 01 addtl tea part!.


>>in occasion of the VERY CYBERFEMINIST INTERNATIONAL, hamburg, dec 13 to dec
>>16th, the very
>>famous data masqueradeuse netochka nezvanova will celebrate her very last
>>public appearance
>>as ms. n.n. to come out as a comitted cyberfeminist

accch tzo. do not rkl akzept!ng ur !nv!taz!e = 0+0 !ncccent!v.
cyberfeministz = plaztr fulf!ld !n 01 !ndoor muzeum.

ma! az uel kan!bal!sz dze z!ntet!k 

nn - feel!ng ku!te zpoond

>>as our very special guest the very important cyberpersonality and charming
>>cracker n.n. will join us at the VERY CYBERFEMINIST INTERNATIONAL,
>>connecting our main
>>conference topics ≠ "net work ≠ knot work - not work", " new border
>>concepts", "border
>>transgressions", and "the borders of terror ≠ media and war techniques",
>>netochka nezvanova
>>will give insight in her effective strategies and processing modes that ≠ as
>>she convincingly
>>argued in her abstract she handed in ≠ necessarily would have led her to
>>finally become a
>>donít miss n.n. at the
>>join us live or via live stream at the
>>hamburg, lichtmesz-kino, gauss-str. 25, hamburg/altona (germany) dec 13th to
>>dec 16th
>>GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.
>>rohrpost - deutschsprachige Liste fuer Medien- und Netzkultur
>>Archiv: Info:

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