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Re: <nettime> The Case for An Environmental Friendly Airport....
Michael H Goldhaber on Thu, 11 Oct 2001 23:41:51 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> The Case for An Environmental Friendly Airport....

Why stop here if we are to rethink air travel from the point of view of (a)
making terrorism more difficult, and (b) having better effects on the
environment, as well as (c) making it easier on the traveler. Rather than
being accelerated by their own power, perhaps aided by sloping runways,
planes could be boosted toward take off speed or braked for landing, by
external electromagnetic accelerators of various kinds.  and instead of hub
airports, which require travelers to land, change planes and again become
airborne, which requires double expenditure of the energy needed to rise to
high altitudes, hubs could be high latitude, permanently airborne,
dirgible-like yet fast moving (in the thin atmosphere) at which ordinary
planes would dock. these airhubs would move at typical jet speeds in
clockwise or counterclockwise motions over large land masses or seas or
oceans, with departing flights  heading toward destinations only as the
moving hubs neared them.

Michael H. Goldhaber

mgoldh {AT} well.com

"Paul D. Miller" wrote:

> Sitting here in Sweden and seeing the huge amount of airplanes grounded
> and just plain old almost weeping at the basic sense of bad design that
> pervades the whole airport scene worldwide - not to mention the vast
> amounts of additonal pollution that bad design causes... I thought about


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