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<nettime> Virus-type digest [sondheim, soc]

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   Re: [7-11] Virus-type shit?                                                     
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              

   Re: [7-11] Virus-type shit?                                                     
     Stupid Octave Cat <>                                             


Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 02:39:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: Re: [7-11] Virus-type shit?

This is the season for it. I've gotten a lot of this - haven't seen any
evidence of the code red stuff or the net slowing down at all for that
matter. I'm still getting SnowWhite stuff as well. One big advantage of
using unix is that almost nothing hits you -

Alan -


Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 00:04:23 -0700
From: Stupid Octave Cat <>
Subject: Re: [7-11] Virus-type shit?

on 7/31/01 11:26 PM, at wrote:

> ++
> I've been getting lots of attachments with the greeting below.  Haven't
> opened any and don't plan to.  The greeting is always the same.


The "virus" is a tad clever.  Those attachments you're getting are random
files from the infected computer, and the subject line of the email is the
name of the file it has attached.  If I had time I would have created a nice
little net-art project from the 269 infected mails I've received so far...

...since macintoshes aren't affected by the virus, those attachments are
fair game, and quite easy to explore.

So far I've been mailed the following, among many others:
A person's grandmother's will
Directions to a barbeque
A recipe for cake
The lyrics to a bjork song
A gear list for someone's studio
Another gear list for someone's studio
An apology to an aunt, I think
Instructions for installing a hyperprism vst plugin

The will and apology were definitely highlights, of course.

So I imagine if you a) have a mac and b) have some free time, you could get
creative with the assets.  On the other hand, there's a bit of moral
implication of invading someone else's privacy.

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