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<nettime> White Overalls Declare War As Well

[Antecedents: the outgoing "centre-left" government announced that
during the G8 summit strategic places in Genoa such as the harbor
will be garrisoned by special corps of the Italian army (including
the infamous paratroopers of the "Folgore" [Thunderbolt] division who
tortured guerrillas in Somalia during the "Restore Hope" mission).
This caused that even more people are deciding to go and demonstrate
against this absurd muscle-flexing move. This is the official
statement by the movement of the White Overalls]

To the Global Civil society
To the Italian Defence Committee - Chief of Staff
To the Italian Government - The Prime Minister - The President of the
Republic of Italy
US Army Chief of Staff - American Embassy in Rome
CIA Office - SISDE headquarters


We learn from the Italian media that in a meeting held in Rome on May
24, the Italian and the US government have decided to declare war to
the multitude of brothers and sisters that will gather in Genoa
against the G8 meeting scheduled for July.
Your choice to deploy your armies and special forces against
humanity, takes you closer to your allies in the global south where
everyday they kill, starve, and persecute those who donít accept the
neoliberal exploitation.
All over the planet your soldiers use guns against the ideas and the
dreams about a different world, a world that would include other
In your Genoa meeting too, you want to impose a world that is
exclusive, a world where the only ideology is that of money, profit,
market, goods and bodies. Your world is an empire, you are the
emperors and billions of people are simply your subjects.

>From the outskirts of this empire, from the several worlds that
resist and grow dreaming of a better life for all, today, we, rebel
subjects, formally declare war on you.

This is a choice that *you* made because we do prefer peace and this
decision will mean defying your arrogance and your power, but we have
to do it.
It is our duty to try to stop you in order to end injustice.
It is our duty to give voice to our brothers and sisters of the world
who are suffering because of you.
It is our duty not to surrender to the fear of your armies and to
raise our heads.

It is our duty because we declare wars only when we are obliged to do

But if we have to choose between fighting your occupying troops and
passive acceptance, we have no doubts. We will fight.
We formally announce we are going on the war-path too. We will be in
Genoa and our army of dreamers, poor, children, indios of the world,
women, men, gay, lesbians, artists, workers, old and young people,
whites, blacks, yellows and reds will disobey your impositions.

Our army was formed to be disbanded but only after your defeat. Today
we say 'YA BASTA!'.

>From the outskirts of the empire.
White Overalls for humanity against neoliberalism
26 May 2001 - Genoa - Italy - Planet Earth

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