porculus on Tue, 29 May 2001 03:23:01 +0200 (CEST)

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> Searched the web for "Why is there being rather than nothing?".  Results 1
> - 10 of about 17. Search took 2.41 seconds.

probleme hombre it's why coming in your mind first this leibniz question
and not 'will i tomorrow buy some fish for diner' hum it sounds as some
irrepressible need to do some sacrilegious as last compulsive acts of faith
you know, as some funny gothic guys who are dreadfully enraged that million
of others have already had a shit in all ciborium of the world before them,
such despair is too atrocious. cause really after mimicing esoteric
symbolist you can't do else to chose the more sealed philosopher..  be more
relax..and if you want to remain the reflexive voice of america stop to
speak about what say leibniz..nobody even know his fucking name and
understand his fucking problem..or is it you want to lick some finished
glasses in doing the buffoon in some upperclass diner ? but of course not,
cause i know you are a good one, reput your cap front back on and make some
hiphop google and yahoo sommersault about what the surgeon general has said
at tv last week about danger of overabuse of vazeline or something: there
is and will remain for centuries the very and only fondamental question.
and please do a better score than 10/17 it's not good for american
technology image  and in less than 2.41 seconds, it was a very bad time you
know, that was not fit at all to a sheer autoreferent american performer 

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