brian carroll on Tue, 29 May 2001 02:17:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> question regarding text-filtering

 nettime, moderators et al.,

 having tried many times to address ideas
 in the realm of textual discourse, i have
 found myself faced with a limit, as others,
 of being able to delineate a multi-linear
 idea in the flow of words, without the
 ability to compose their relationships
 graphically. for example, when trying to
 describe a concept like 'cyberspace' in
 text, there is a certain fuzziness that
 an iconic graphic could supplement, and
 clarify the words that are important,
 while using the visual icon to edit the
 needless details of an idea. as there is
 no HTML e-mail sent to the list, due to
 many related problems with it, i imagine,
 i am left wondering if an image were indeed
 primarily a text/written work, but also had
 needed visualization of relationships, if it
 could be considered a text and be sent onward
 to nettime, given constraints.
 for example, i have created 4 maps which detail
 the conditions faced by many nations right now
 with regard to electronic internetworking and
 the electrical power system which sustains it.

 i ask for consideration that these be sent
 to the list, or at least discussed. this is
 because, one, nettime is the audience that
 they are most applicable, in the realm of
 discussion, spanning issues of globalism,
 politics of the networks, power structures,
 the flows underlying major movements and
 friction holding back change between the
 online and offline spaces. they are of a
 small .gif format, roughly 30k each, and
 are mainly textual, and designed as such.
 and could not be presented in words alone,
 because of the complexity of the topics.

 from my perspective, this request brings up
 an issue of what is considered a text, and,
 if words are the limit to textuality in this
 nettime. i am attaching 3 of the maps, which
 the moderators can please hold back, and which
 i hope will go onward to the nettime-bold
 archives, hopefully not getting bounced because
 of being attachments. this is not a mere request,
 it is a necessity of communication, to get these
 ideas out in the world, where nettimers are, as
 without a conceptualization of this space, we
 are left to theorize on what otherwise is a
 very concrete medium. angels on a pin, or,
 theorists on a network, yes.

 please consider this request. many thanks.
 (maps are from the soon to be launched
 'seeing cyberspace' project)

 for image links.--mod]

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