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<nettime> Rogue States - Call for Content to Nettime Peoples...

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Subject: Rogue States - Call for Content to Nettime Peoples...


We are producing a Reader with a working title of 'Rogue States' for the
upcoming Media Circus.

The Media Circus is a gathering of people who create, consume, critique and
distribute media content that challenges, questions and expresses our
culture, our society and the way we live. The event happens in Melbourne
from the 13th to 15th July, 2001, and will be comprised of screenings,
workshops, forums and exchanges.

Call for content:

This is a call for printable content to be considered for inclusion in the
Reader which will aim to present a snapshot of the state of the
international media circus and provide views and ideas on how we can
identify and tackle the sensorial bombardment, establish mental defence
shields and develop our own media to challenge the established and propagate
new stories in our community.

Here are a list of words and phrases which will provide further guidance as
to the nature of content we are calling for: transnational protests and the and machines; counter-culture-corporations and their
tricks; public relations, think-tanks, robot-artists, automatic journalists
and traitor academics; getting nasty  surveillance and censorship;
misrepresentations, deceptions and lies; new and converged media, hackers,
viruses; political arts, hip-hop, graffiti, and comedy.

We are especially keen to give space to stories from the invisible  from new
people and people who are outside the outside  from the colonies, the remote
regions and  the developing and 3rd worlds.

So we ask you to go berserk. We do not have much time. Maybe you know of
content in the public-domain compatible with being re-published in Reader or
maybe you want to write something fresh. Don't forget images.

Our deadline for content is 15 June 2001.

Here's how you get involved:

If you have content which you want to be considered for inclusion or have
any queries relating to content  please email:


All messages sent to this address will be sent to the editorial collective.

If you have any other queries, please contact

Once printed, the Media Circus Reader will be distributed internationally to
key media activist groups and cultural organisations. The publication will
be in English however its content will call in to 'copyleft' and we would
welcome repurposing and translations as long as the moral rights of the
author and the publication is respected. We will also upload the content to
the net.

If you are part of a media or cultural organisation and are interested in
receiving copies, please contact us.

Who is behind MediaCircus and the Reader?

There is a small collective of volunteers who are organising MediaCircus and
the publication of Reader. We are genuinely interested in fostering a strong
progressive and critical media culture and come from various places but are
currently based in Melbourne. Our past and current involvements cover a
broad range of media and cultural practice and activism, including
melbourne.indymedia, S11 protests, National Young Writers Festival,
exploring the sociology of activism, investigating surveillance, organising
screenings and events, and facilitating email lists. We are students,
academics, media makers, writers and people wanting to create a more
sustainable future. Some of us do stuff with SKA TV, Voiceworks, Radio 3CR,
Friends of the Earth and The Paper. Some of our names are Nik Beuret, Marni
Cordell, Sam de Silva, Aizura Hankin, Alex Kelly, Rachel Maher, Lachlan
Simpson  and Karen Eliot.

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