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<nettime> Felix: A book by Franco Berardi Bifo

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Subject: Felix A book by Franco Berardi Bifo

A book by Franco Berardi Bifo
Luca Sossella editore
Roma 2001

The proliferation of the Internet, the emerging of a bioinfo paradigm in
science and in biotechnology, the birth of the global movement against
corporate capitalism are the visible forms of the becoming rhyzome of the
world, mapped in advance in the works of Deleuze and Guattari. The specific
contribution of Guattari to the creation of the rhyzomatic thought is
analysed in this book by Franco Berardi who was a close friend of Guattari,
and worked with him during two decades.
The book is simultaneously a narration of events of friendship, struggle and
wanderings, and the reconstruction of the conceptual building that Guattari
contributed to create.

In the first chapter (Maps of Becoming) the Author outlines the ability of
the rhyzomatic thought to explain and conceptualize the present developments
in technology, economy, and in the social mind.

In the second chapter (Depression Felix) the problem of psychic sorrow is
considered in the frame of the personal life of Guattari, and in the context
of the philosophy of desire.

In the third chapter (World integrated capitalism) the political thought of
Guattari is considered as an anticipation of the present process of

In the fourth chapter (Psychopathic world) the Author takes a shizoanalytic
look on the re-emerging of fascism as a form of re-territorialisation in the
age of globalisation.

In the fifth chapter (Postmedia sensitivity) the aesthetic approach of
Guattari is considered in relationship with the becoming-net of the
Infosphere, and the proliferation of techno-devices in the daily life and

The second part of the book is dedicated to the relationship of Guattari
with Gilles Deleuze, the specificity of their distinct contributions to the
creation of a rhyzomatic thought.

The chapters are dedicated to the AntiOedipe in the context of the '68,
Kafka and the birth of the concept of hypertext, Mille plateaux and the
concept of tantric egg, Chaosmose and the singularity of psychogenesis.

In the last chapter (The temporary eternity of friendship) the Author writes
about the last book of Deleuze and Guattari (Qu'est-ce que la philosophie?).
The bridge on the abyss of Meaning is frienship, thas is connection of
desires and concepts, proliferation and projection of singular ontologies.

Luca Sossella editore
via Morgagni 32
00161 Roma
vox 0644252989
fax  0644260372

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