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Re: <nettime> slashdot chooses its battle and complies to scientology cl
Carl Guderian on 27 Mar 2001 15:14:34 -0000

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Re: <nettime> slashdot chooses its battle and complies to scientology claims

I think the *real* test would be what Slashdot did if
the clams were to demand the identity of the poster.
If the poster's anonymizer wasn't up to snuff, then
Xenu help him/her. And if Slashdot delivered up the
poster, then all Xenu's legions of body thetans
couldn't save Slashdot's reputation.


--- Drazen Pantic <drazen {AT} opennet.org> wrote:
> <
> Last Saturday a comment was posted here by an
> anonymous reader that
> contained text that was copyrighted by the Church of
> Scientology. They
> have since followed the DMCA and demanded that we
> remove the comment.
> While Slashdot is an open forum and we encourage
> free discussion and
> sharing of ideas, our lawyers have advised us that,
> considering all
> the details of this case, the comment should come
> down. Read on to
> understand what this means.
> ...

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